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    Requesters as Project Members


    Before going into details regarding projects let us view the roles you might occupy as Requesters in Projects along with the rights you'll be entitled to.

    Based on the role assigned by the administrator a requester can be anyone of the following:

    Role Works On Access Permissions Restrictions
    Project Admin All projects available in the module
    Can Add/Edit/Delete Projects
    Can Add Members
    Can Assign Roles to Members
    And more
    No Restraint

    Project Manager

    One or more projects Can Edit Assigned Projects
    Can Add project members
    Can Add Milestones, Tasks & establish relationship between them
    Cannot Add/Delete Projects
    Cannot view all the projects available in the module
    Team Leader Assigned Milestones Can Edit/Work on Milestones
    Can Add/Delete Tasks to Milestones
    Can Reassign Tasks
    Can Establish relationship between Tasks and organize them
    Cannot Add/Delete Projects
    Cannot Add/Delete Milestones
    Cannot Add Project Members
    Team Member Assigned Tasks Can Edit/Work On Tasks Cannot Add/Delete Milestones
    Cannot Add/Delete Tasks to Milestones
    Cannot Establish relationship between Tasks
    Cannot Add/Delete Projects


    Note: Project members cannot be assigned to two different roles in the same project; but they can play different roles in different projects.



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