ServiceDesk Plus


    View Request Approvals


    If the administrator has enabled the option Show the Approval Tab to requester in the Self-Service Portal Settings, then you can view the Approvals tab when the request is submitted for approval.


    The Approvals tab lets you keep a track of the progress and status of your requests, once it's submitted for approval. The Approvals tab shows information such as the approver's e-mail address, the date when the request was submitted for approval, the status of the request (whether the request is approved, pending approval or denied), the date when the concerned authority recorded their decision and the comments provided by them.


    NOTE: The Approvals tab is shown to requester who has initiated the request and to the requester who can approve requests. The Approvals tab is shown for both, Incident and Service Requests.


    To access the Approvals tab,

    1. Click the Requests tab in the header pane.

    2. Click the Subject link of the request for which you want to view the approvers.

    3. In the View Request page, click the Approvals tab in the center pane. You will find the list of approvers for the request. For Service Requests, the multi-level approval details will be displayed.




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