ServiceDesk Plus


    View Request Details


    Follow the steps given below to view a request available in the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP Request module:

    1. Click the Requests tab in the header pane. The next page lists all the requests raised by you in the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application. If there are any requests that have not been assigned any technician then they will appear in bold font.

    2. Click the Subject link of the request that you want to view. The Request details page is displayed.

    3. The request header has the Request ID, the Subject of the request, its Status and Priority. The Request tab consists of the Requester name, Created Date, Due Date, Request summary and Request Description. If there is a conversation thread, then the same can be viewed under Request Conversations. Below this, the details of the request such as the mode, request type, assigned technician and group, and so on are displayed. You can also view the details of the requester from the Requester Details block. If there are any attachments to request, click the file that is attached to view the same.

    4. Click the Resolution tab to view the resolution for the request.

    5. To view the history of the request, click the History tab.

    6. To view all the replies that have been sent to you, click the Conversations button. All the notifications will be listed in the ascending order of the date and time when they were sent.

    The Created Date field displays the time when you created the request. Based on the priority of the request, the Due Date is calculated and is displayed beside the Created Date in the request details block. If you have received any response for the request, then you will see the Responded Date also in the view request page.


    The Notes added to the request are appended below Task Details. The notes are displayed in the descending order, with the recently added note displayed first.






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