ServiceDesk Plus


    Search for a Solution


    When you login to the Self Service Portal, you can search for your desired solutions using the Keyword Search or the Column-wise Search.


    To perform keyword search,

    1. Click Solutions tab in the header pane.

    2. In the Search block, enter a keyword relevant to your solution like laptop or printer.

    3. Click Search Solutions button or hit Enter key in your keyboard. The search results display all the solutions that match the search string.


    To perform column-wise search,

    1. Click the Search icon search at the end of the solution list view headers. This opens the search field just below every column in the list view as shown below,


    1. Enter the search key in field under the column of your choice. You can enter keywords in more than one column to perform a combined column search.

    2. Click Go. The search results matching the search string(s) are displayed.




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