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What is Live Chat?

When MSP technicians are faced with multiple L1 tickets at the same time, it can be challenging to triage them due to time constraints. This can cause frustration for end-users, as it may lead to longer wait times and disrupt their work.

This is where a live chat feature comes in. It allows requesters to communicate directly with technicians through a chat interface, simplifying the process of obtaining information without consuming too much of the technicians' time.

Why is Live Chat important?

Live Chat enables quick and efficient resolution of issues, as well as providing a more personalized and interactive experience.

It enables technicians to handle multiple conversations simultaneously, improving the overall efficiency of the service desk. Overall, Live Chat is a valuable tool for MSPs to enhance their customer service and improve client satisfaction.

Live Chat in ServiceDesk Plus MSP

The Live Chat functionality in ServiceDesk Plus MSP enables users to directly communicate with technicians in real-time, offering a quick and effective method to convey their requests and issues.

Additionally, requesters can conveniently attach relevant resources within the chat window to provide more information to the technician, thereby enhancing the troubleshooting process.

Live chat for technicians

A technician's chat window when a new chat arrives.

Live chat for customer service

A technician's chat window when the technician accepts the chat request.

Live chat features

Actions available within a chat window.

Chat request for technicians

Convert a chat into a request while closing the chat.



Live Chat for technicians

  • Send auto-responses to requesters with customizable welcome, missed chat, and transfer messages.
  • Initiate a chat with requesters directly from the request details page.
  • Set up predefined time frames where technicians must pick up tickets.
  • Transfer or close chats and quickly create tickets from chat conversations.
  • Capture all conversations in the searchable chat history.

Live Chat for requesters

  • Enable requesters to initiate live chat for new ticket creation or progress updates on existing ones.
  • Allow requesters to share files, screenshots, and other relevant resources as attachments within a conversation.
Requester chat view

Requester chat view: A predefined welcome message is displayed when a requester initiates a chat.

Live chat for requesters

A missed chat message is displayed for the requester if a chat is left unpicked beyond a predefined time interval.