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Managed service providers often struggle to manage all their clients' accounts. ServiceDesk Plus MSP is here to change that. As IT service desk software designed specifically for managed service providers, ServiceDesk Plus MSP helps businesses of any size boost technicians' productivity, cut costs, and better serve their clients.

See what advanced features like ITIL management processes; IT asset management; powerful native and third-party integrations for accounting, billing, analytics, and more; and easy automations and customizations can do for your business. 

Manage multiple clients from one place. Deliver personalized IT services.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP doubles as professional services automation (PSA) software. It offers all the features you'd expect in a PSA tool, along with state-of-the-art ITSM and ITIL functionality. 

PSA accounting software

Account and contact management

Personalize, organize, and manage individual accounts and their contacts for all your clients from a common platform.

  • Easily convert requests from email, phone call, SMS, and other communication channels to tickets in each account.
  • Create a unique, account-based knowledge base with relevant user permissions.
  • Scan and discover individual clients' assets easily.
  • Monitor KPIs for accounts with custom and built-in reports.

IT project management

Customize projects for clients, streamline workflows, and improve team performance and productivity.

  • Get a holistic view of existing projects in the project overview map; use color-coded Gantt charts and the calendar view to track the progress of projects.
  • Create projects for each client with associated milestones and tasks using the account-specific dashboard, and provide roles with customized access permissions.
  • Drill down into projects to see milestones and tasks.
  • Choose from predefined templates to create projects quickly.
  • Record costs with work logs and time sheets.
IT PSA tool project management
professional services automation (psa) software

Easy automations and service level agreements (SLAs)

  • Use business rules to automatically route tickets to the right technicians and groups, and assign SLAs for incoming tickets based on set parameters.
  • Set up account and site-specific response and resolution SLAs, SLA escalations, and proactive and reactive technician notifications.
  • Get a quick overview of SLA-violated tickets and their statuses with SLA violation reports.

Automated billing and contracts

  • Use predefined service plans for clients that includes the plan type, bill cycle or period, allowance, and usage charges for each plan.
  • Prevent new service requests from getting logged beyond a client's fixed plan. 
  • Review the technician work logs to figure out how much to charge clients.
  • Let your technicians easily track their working hours and improve their overall productivity through work logs. 
  • Generate account-specific bills automatically, and save time spent on creating recurring bills.
  • Create contracts with specific service plans, renew them automatically with expiration alerts, and maintain records of all contracts for reference.
  • Record request details for customers using templates, and print out job sheets easily.
  • Make client site visits and approvals easier for technicians with quick access to the history of requests. 
PSA contract management
PSA remote monitoring software

Integrated remote control

  • Instantly access clients’ sites from anywhere by installing the remote control agent.
  • Set up account and site-specific response and resolution SLAs, SLA escalations, and proactive and reactive technician notifications.

Advanced analytics and dashboards

  • Easily identify SLA-violated tickets in the request view by looking for the overdue alert flag.
  • Gain useful insight on your service desk's performance with predefined reports based on requester, technician, request date, category, priority, and other parameters.
  • Generate customized reports following the Reports Wizard's suggestions in tabular, summary, matrix, and audit formats, and save them for later.
  • Make better decisions by visualizing data as charts or graphs, and easily see help desk performance patterns in the dashboard.
  • Schedule and view reports right from your inbox.
PSA software for small business
PSA integration

Integrations with native and third-party software

  • Access ManageEngine, Zoho, and third-party software right from your service desk. 
  • Integrate with software for desktop management, network monitoring, accounting and invoicing, computer telephony, and more.