Deliver spectacular managed service experiences using ServiceDesk Plus MSP


Deliver personalized managed service experience to your clients

Utilize our multi-tenant architecture to efficiently customize account-specific automations, service-level agreements (SLAs), knowledge bases, assets, reports, and more.

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Account management platform
Automated billing system

Make billing easier with automated recurring payments

Create predefined service plans to bill your clients automatically. Save time on recurring tickets and flexibly bill your clients.

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Streamline operations with visual workflow builders

Establish standard operating procedures and automate operations by constructing visual workflows using intuitive, no-code workflow builders.

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Visual workflow builder
Chatbot for MSPs

Minimize response times with Zia, our conversational AI support agent

ServiceDesk Plus MSP now offers Zia, the AI assistant from Zoho, to serve as a virtual support agent. Zia can act as the first point of contact between the service desk and end users, thereby decreasing response time and enhancing client satisfaction.

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Customizations tailor-fit to your ITSM practices

Create customized business processes using no-code and low-code capabilities that incorporate last-mile customizations. Automate repetitive tasks throughout the ticket life cycle and seamlessly integrate external tools through ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

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No-code and low-code capabilities
PSA integrations

360-degree service management for better visibility and control

ServiceDesk Plus MSP can function as the central console for your managed services operations, offering a comprehensive 360-degree view of your business and IT management efforts, thanks to its integrations with ManageEngine's various IT management solutions and third-party business integrations.

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Did you know this
about ServiceDesk Plus MSP?


    Serving MSPs for 10+ years


    Available in 41 languages


    Native PSA capabilities


    Deployable on public cloud (AWS)


    Flexible editions for varying levels of ITSM maturity


    Capabilities to achieve privacy compliance


ServiceDesk Plus MSP supports






requests per day



IT assets



number of end users








Essential PSA capabilities in a single platform for a holistic approach towards
managed IT services

ServiceDesk Plus MSP provides a wide range of PSA capabilities that deliver significant assistance to MSPs without the need to switch to multiple software.


Billing and contracts management

Simplify billing and invoice processing by automating bill creation using client-specific service plans. Bill clients accurately and keep services organized and invoiced promptly.

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Project management

Effectively plan, organize, and assign tasks for every project and associate them with other ITSM processes to boost your IT service delivery.

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Time Sheets

Track technician efforts by converting worklogs into time sheets for client invoicing, with an approval process in place to ensure accurate billing.

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Resource management

Obtain all technician-related information at a single glance. Gain a comprehensive overview of technician activities to ensure even workload distribution and efficient resource utilization.

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Field service management

Efficiently manage field staff by prioritizing jobs based on proximity. Achieve higher performance, provide consistent quality services, and reduce unnecessary and cancelled visits.

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Get an affordable plan that scales with your managed service business

Industry-recommended ITSM framework to implement best practices in IT service management


Incident management

Minimize interruptions, enhance technicians' efficiency, and ensure ticket resolutions without any SLA violations.

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Service catalogue

Utilize a customizable self-service portal and user-friendly forms to display and provide available services to your clients' end users.

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Problem management

Get to the root of a problem and mark known errors to prevent/contain service downtime.

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Change enablement

Rollout changes while ensuring minimal risk and streamlining the change enablement process.

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Asset management

Remotely manage your clients' IT and non-IT assets to maximize asset utilization, identify, and mitigate potential vulnerabilities, and ensure license compliance.

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Visually track IT assets over their life cycle, analyze business impacts of outages or changes, and depict CI relationships.

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Project management

Create projects, manage resources, track progress with milestones and tasks, and associate the related changes and service requests.

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Knowledge management

Build a categorized database of knowledge for each account and deflect recurring ticket.

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GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets specific guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from individuals residing in the European Union, which must be adhered to by companies that collect this information regardless of their location.

ServiceDesk Plus helps enterprises stay GDPR-compliant by:

  • Marking PII for encryption.
  • Meeting users' right to be forgotten.
  • Anonymizing deleted users' data.
  • Enabling password protection while backing up data.

What do our customers say about us?

"As a Managed Service Provider who has been in the IT Help desk industry for over 18 years, and has used a number of different help desk applications to support over a hundred customers, we believe that we have finally found a solution that fulfills our requirements. ManageEngine allows our customers to be kept up to date on a three-tier level (telephone, web, and email), provides excellent SLA options based on customers, allows our technical staff to be kept update instantly on all requests and, most of all, provides easy to use reporting [capabilities/features] which can be scheduled giving me the time to concentrate on other business requirements! It has all the features an MSP needs at a very affordable price. Now I can focus on my customers without worrying about the software, features or prices."

-Jason Roberts,

technical manager, TCNS - IT and network support provider

"ServiceDesk has held improve our IT Operations"

"The upside of ServiceDesk Plus MSP is that you can modify workflow that matches your organization's needs. This way, you can streamline the work process and make things easier."

-Brennon F

"ServiceDesk Plus [MSP]- Nice multi-utility tool"

What helps the most is the possibility of keeping in one place all the incidents reported by users from different companies or company names, also as part of the incident survey, all the information required is provided so that they are easily traceable. The licensing system is easy to understand and support, its prices are affordable, its service desk is very friendly and respects the contracted SLAs, which gives us confidence and security that when needed they will be there, in the same way their engineers support staff helped us set up the software on our own network.

-Abhishek A

joint director, PCRA



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