Change management

Switch from firefighting mode to expert mode when handling IT changes.
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What is MSP change management?

The best change management practices involve a consistent tracking system that helps execute IT changes from the planning to the review stage, eliminating hiccups along the way. MSPs handle IT changes for different clients, and change management software with ITSM capabilities will help assess risks and minimize the impact on the business.

Why is change management important?

For organizations large and small, IT changes are inevitable. From minor to major, standard or emergency, changes without careful planning and streamlined execution can result in severe consequences that affect the business. A streamlined change management tool to monitor IT changes and plan every stage of the process is mandatory to accomplish successful changes.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP for change management.

Are business risks keeping you from making important transitions? Take control with a change management tool that allows you to manage IT changes for all your clients. ServiceDesk Plus MSP is built with features suitable for organizational change management. Manage and plan the various stages of a change, review completed changes, create templates for preapproved and standard changes, notify the change advisory board (CAB), and more in the ServiceDesk Plus MSP software.

Change management process in MSP software


Automate change processes. Enhance efficiency.

  • Configure unique workflows for standard, emergency, major, minor, or customized changes.
  • Define change stages for every type of change.
  • Associate tasks to changes and set up rules for a task to be triggered at specific events.
  • Set up preapproved workflows for standard and trivial changes.
  • Create custom change templates for frequently occurring changes and associate relevant workflows.

Make way for quick updates. Keep stakeholders informed at all times.

  • Configure automatic notifications for technicians and key account managers.
  • Create easy access to CAB recommendations and comments.
  • Notify the change manager automatically for quick authorization.
  • Make timely announcements about downtimes, unavailability of services, new processes, and more in the portal.
Change advisory board (CAB) in MSP solution


Change management metrics for MSPs


Keep tabs on metrics, associations, and dependencies. See the big picture.

  • Link related incidents and problems to a change for collective management.
  • Associate projects, milestones, and tasks to the change.
  • Create dependencies and trigger associated tasks automatically.
  • Identify and track potentially affected services and assets during the change transition.
  • Generate metrics automatically and email them to key account managers.

Partner with your clients to create streamlined processes. Enhance the change success rate.

  • Plan the projected service outage and schedule release windows to ensure minimal failed changes and business risk.
  • Review changes and create relevant closure codes.
  • Document processes automatically and be audit-ready at all times.
Change management success rate