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Tailor chat experiences with Zia's Blended Conversations

Enhance the chat experience for users in ServiceDesk Plus with Blended Conversations for Zia. With the visual conversation flow builder, Blended Conversations help you craft responses for common user inquiries and streamline repetitive requests through the virtual agent, Zia.

Blended Conversations allow you to create various conversational paths to provide users with contextual interactions, enabling them to easily access the help they need. Furthermore, you can empower users to perform service desk actions, such as searching for solutions, creating tickets, and viewing existing tickets, all from within the Zia chat box.

Follow these five steps to establish and access Zia Blended Conversations:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

  • 1

    Enable Zia and create a new conversation by specifying a name and describing its purpose.

  • 2

    Once on the visual canvas, take advantage of Response Blocks and Action Blocks to customize the conversation flow.

  • Customize ITSM virtual agent
  • 3

    Utilize Response Blocks to personalize Zia's responses to user inquiries by displaying information, providing choices, or gathering additional details.

  • ITSM virtual agent conversations
  • 4

    Use Action Blocks to facilitate Zia's actions and interactions based on the user's questions or responses. You can perform actions such as Jump to lead users from one block to another within or across a flow, Fork to split conversations, Operation to perform arithmetic operations, and Webhook to send or receive data from external sources.

  • ITSM virtual assitant
  • 5

    Witness Zia in action as it enhances the self-service experience and streamlines service desk interactions.

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