Gain full-stack visibility into all your IT assets in one place with ServiceDesk Plus' IT asset tracking.

Make the best use of all your IT and non-IT assets by recording and tracking them in one place. Centralize information on all workstations, software, hardware, and licenses, and track assets and their changes with automatic, periodic updates. Predefine custom statuses for assets, configure cost and depreciation details, automate periodic scans on individual assets, and stay updated on the status of each asset.

With ServiceDesk Plus, transform the way your ticketing system works to enhance your ticket resolution experience.

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Essential IT asset tracking features available in ServiceDesk Plus

Asset inventory management

Record IT and non-IT assets, scan and discover new assets and update the inventory automatically, and monitor the entire life cycle of each asset, from procurement to retirement.

Asset discovery

Automatically discover IT assets using multiple discovery techniques, including Windows domain scans, agent scans, network scans, and barcodes. Stay on top of any changes through periodic, automated asset scans

Software asset management

Organize and manage software in different categories, such as managed software, shareware, freeware, and prohibited applications, and track them efficiently. Get notified of prohibited software.

Software license management

Stay updated on software licenses and their expiration with timely notifications. Ensure that there are no license violations so you’re always audit-ready. Keep tabs on software usage, get rid of unused licenses, and ensure software compliance at all times.

Business views

Track the dependencies of all your critical services and assets by creating visual relationship maps specific to a particular asset or service.

Configuration management database (CMDB)

Maintain an inventory of all configuration items (CIs), and build their relationships and dependencies easily on a drag-and-drop canvas, for better decision-making in handling incidents or changes.

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Best practices to establish hassle-free, effective ITAM

  • Maintain an inventory of all IT and non-IT assets, including workstations, hardware, software, and virtual agents.
  • Enable assets to be discovered through different modes, such as agents, Windows/network scans, and barcodes.
  • Organize your inventory with fine-tuned classifications between IT and non-IT assets, asset types, and product types.
  • Monitor assets during their complete life cycle, i.e, from procurement to disposal.
  • Determine and record the relationships and dependencies between assets and business services to understand the impact IT changes may have on assets.
  • Keep tabs on software licenses, their purchase details, expiration, and software usage to manage IT finances better.
  • Ensure that your ITAM integrates with ITSM processes.

Other ITIL® processes available in ServiceDesk Plus

  • IT incident management

    Ensure business continuity with efficient, tried-and-true IT incident management workflows.

  • IT problem management

    Handle IT issues and prevent further incidents effectively by identifying underlying issues. Log incidents as problems, automatically associate problems with incidents, record symptoms, provide work-arounds, and resolve IT problems easily.

  • IT change management

    Design and implement IT changes with minimal risk using customizable change workflows. Convert incidents and problems into changes easily, log new changes, and manage IT changes efficiently.

  • CMDB

    Build an inventory of all your CIs, track them, and define relationships between CIs with relationship maps. This helps with analyzing the business impact of downtime and outages during change implementations.

  • Enterprise service management

    Extend proven ITSM best practices to departments like HR and facilities with the rapid-start enterprise service desk capabilities.

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