Minimize ITAM blind spots with
a comprehensive IT asset discovery tool

With ServiceDesk Plus, IT asset discovery has never been easier! With a wide range of discovery techniques available out-of-the-box, total visibility of your IT infrastructure is no longer a pipe dream. Build a central inventory of all the assets in your environment, including hardware and software attributes.

Discover, track and manage all your IT assets
from a single window using ServiceDesk Plus

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What you can achieve with
ServiceDesk Plus' PinkVERIFY-certified * ITAM capabilities:

  • Discover

    Discover all Windows, Linux, and macOS systems with the unified agent for asset discovery. Track and manage all IT and non-IT assets in your enterprise.

  • Control

    Take remote control of any Windows or macOS workstation from within ServiceDesk Plus.

  • Automate

    Schedule automated scans and configure notifications to stay on top of any changes to your IT environment.

  • Report

    Leverage out-of-the-box reports to keep tabs on KPIs, or create new custom reports.

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Other key features of ServiceDesk Plus
to establish a robust ITAM strategy

  • Software asset management:

    Discover and import all installed software assets, and manage them in a central database.

  • IT asset tracking:

    Track IT assets with periodic audits, and keep tabs on depreciation.

  • Purchase and contracts management:

    Manage new purchases and renew existing contracts.

  • Asset loans:

    Track loaned assets over their entire life cycle, from when they were first issued to their return.

  • Inventory catalog:

    Build an inventory catalog, and categorize all your assets.

  • UEM Remote Access Plus add-on:

    Offer remote assistance in real-time by leveraging the unified agent's ITAM capabilities.

Trusted by 100,000+ IT service desk teams across the globe

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*The ITAM module of ServiceDesk Plus has been certified as ITIL®-compatible by Pink Elephant, the world's leading ITSM education and consulting provider.

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