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README for Version 7.6

Issues fixed in 7611 (Released on: 13 August, 2010)

  1. SD-30877 : NumberformatException occurred while fetching the memory details of the Linux machine hardware has been fixed.
  2. SD-30439 : Unable to scan the Vista / later Operating System installed in non english version has been fixed.

Issues fixed in 7610 (Released on: 28 July, 2010)

  1. SD-25177 : Login Credentials where passed through the URL when the Pass-through Authentication is enabled and the user tries to login as different user issue fixed.
  2. SD-29143 : NullPointer Exception while dissociating a technician from a site, When 'None' is selected as a value of a condition under business rules.
  3. SD-29834 : Problem while restoring the backup data in Spanish MSSQL has been fixed.
  4. SD-29835 : DueByTime not getting updated when the requester replies to the resolved tickets using the Reply option from the self-service portal has been fixed.
  5. SD-29844 : UDFColumns from UDF_CHAR13 to UDF_CHAR24 column values are not saved under the preventive maintainance request has been fixed.
  6. SD-24351 : EmailID of Purchase order owner is not set in the sender email id, when an email is sent to vendor, instead the out-going mail id configured in the servicedesk is set as sender has been fixed. If the Purchase order owner do not have the email id configured, then the email configured in the out going mail server settings will be sent.
  7. SD-28965 : Unable to import users from AD in an NON-English OS environment has been fixed.
  8. SD-29060 : Unable to fetch emails when the scheduled scan has been enabled has been fixed.
  9. SD-29368 : Problem in viewing the solutions in non-login view has been fixed. Now the solutions can be searchable,sortable and page navigation is possible in the non-login view.
  10. SD-29386 : Unable to view the task details of a request under Home->scheduler in the Professional edition of ServiceDesk plus has been fixed.
  11. SD-29613 : Based on a configuration in the GlobalConfig Entry, searching the short description can be disabled from the left hand side search. By default searching the short description will be enabled.To disable execute the query in the database : update globalconfig set paramvalue='false' where CATEGORY='SearchShortDescription'. This has been included to improve the performance while searching.
  12. SD-30398 : RedirectURL entry in GlobalConfig table for mobile client redirection gets removed, after upgraded to 7608 has been fixed.
  13. SD-30484 : Handling of the database connection was not proper while executing the query report and resulting which all the database connection may gets exhausted has been fixed.
  14. SD-30428 : CPU being maxed out while parsing the email content to remove unwanted html codes has been fixed.
  15. SD-29588 : Problem in displaying the date field in Workstation for the logged in user if the user do not have personalized time zone settings, but the timezone is fetched from the user associated site, where the DST is not considered and resulted in displaying a date with one day delay has been fixed.
  16. SD-29366 : Unable to perform Remote control in Firefox browser has been fixed.
  17. SD-28212 : Unable to edit and save the changes by the technicians having roles without "Add Requester" privilege has been fixed.
  18. SD-30399: When we duplicate the closed request, completed time will be set to zero, has been fixed. Now we will be updating the completed time same as that of the created time of the duplicated request.

Enhancements in 7609 (Released on: 23 July, 2010)

  1. SD-23982 : E-Mail CC option while creating a request into servicedesk has been included. This will be set through webform / api / email parser.
  2. SD-26402 : Multi approver for the Purchase order has been implemented.In which all the PO approvers has to accept the po to get approved.If any one of the approver reject the po, then it will be moved to rejected state.
  3. SD-29911 : Provision to mark the PO additional fields as close mandatory fields. This is a required fields when the po is getting closed.And when we change the po status to close, and these fields are not marked, then we will popup to fill the mandatory fields, and upon filling it the po gets closed.And will not moved to po life cycle again.

Issues fixed in 7609

  1. SD-29964 : Problem in archiving the request based on the request status criteria. If we change the default status name for ( Closed / Resolved to non-english name ) and then archiving the Closed/Resolved request, then it takes request with all status for the specified date criteria has been fixed.
  2. SD-26224 : Job title field value is not getting auto filled while creating a requester through 'Add requester' option in 'search requester' window has been fixed.

Issues fixed in 7608 (Released on: 27 May, 2010)

  1. SD-28975 : Problem in starting the servicedesk plus if we have tables other than the default tables say systeminfoowner, systeminforequester or if any other systemtables present has been fixed.
  2. SD-26658: When a request is created with resolved status, resolved notification is not getting sent to requester has been fixed.
  3. SD-28761: User can able to view the private notes added by technicians in the history information. Now this has been modified in such a way that the notes related history will not be displayed to the requester.This is a behavior change.
  4. SD-28929: Non-English conversations and notifications content of an archived request are shown garbled has been fixed.
  5. SD-28982: After upgraded to 7606, in the new request form, groups and technicians are not listed if we select "refer" site in the site drop down. This happens only the servicedesk is configured with refer site settings, has been fixed.
  6. SD-29141: In requester login, some of the field details like status, priority, level, mode, request additional fields etc., are shown as not-auth in the list view, even though those fields are set with Requester can view privilege in the request template has been fixed.
  7. SD-29258:If the size of the description exceeds 64k, and if the descripton do not have any inline images, then the description is not getting attached as FULLDescription has been fixed.

Issues fixed in 7607 (Internally Released on: 15 May, 2010)

  1. SD-28893: When we forward the system generated notification / technician reply notification, we apply the forward notification template. Due to performance constraint in applying the forward notification template, we will not be using the forward notification template for these notifications. This is a behavior change.
  2. SD-26173,SD-28888: When the request is created and assigned with an SLA and its DueByTime, and then editing the request and update in such a way that the request do not fall under any SLA. Then the overdue flag gets set has been fixed.

Issues fixed in 7606 (Released on: 13 May, 2010)

  1. SD-25099 : TimeSpent becomes zero when holiday(s) falls between the on-hold starttime and endtime issue has been fixed.
  2. SD-28219 : When the request is created and assigned with an SLA and has first response due by time, and upon changing the request to different SLA, the first response over due will be set has been fixed.
  3. SD-26437 : Unable to edit worklog. If the technician has Request View-Add-Edit Role has been fixed.
  4. SD-27901 : Inline images are missing in the acknowledgment notifications for the Request creation has been fixed.
  5. SD-26445 : Inline images are missing while moving the description as an attachment when the content exceeds 64k has been fixed.
  6. SD-25839 : When 'Work Log' is enabled under request closing rules, and upon closing the request, Improper error message displayed as 'Request cannot be closed. Please fill the following details - Tasks' has been fixed.
  7. SD-27772 : Performance problem in loading the technician list in the request listview drop down if we have 2000 sites and 100 technicians has been fixed.
  8. SD-26435 : Vulnerability issue by SQL injection through URL in SDP has been fixed.
  9. SD-27773 : In IE8, if we do spell check in the html area, spell error highlighed with red dotted lines are retained in the email sent has been fixed.
  10. SD-26788 : Unable to reply to a request containing an E-Mail address starting with an underscore has been fixed.
  11. SD-27892 : Searching a request by requestId in the merge request listview will not fetch the requestid has been fixed.
  12. SD-27890 : Every time a change request is sent out for CAB approval, when the relevant CAB member responds it sends notification email to the email configured in the Organization details settings has been fixed.
  13. SD-27770 : Solution comments are missing in the solution details has been fixed.
  14. SD-22809 : Improper error message, when saving the PM Task if numeric additional fields having decimal value has been fixed.
  15. SD-27547 : The character and numeric additional fields are not listed in the column chooser of the technician list has been fixed.
  16. SD-25630 : Problem in loading the images like that of navigation buttons in the mobile client has been fixed.
  17. SD-25070 : Based on a configuration in the GlobalConfig Entry, mobile client redirection can be disabled. By default redirection will be enabled. To disable execute the query in the database : update globalconfig set paramvalue='false' where parameter='REDIRECTURL'.
  18. SD-28317 : Same Date appears twice in the pop calendar, when the DST is enabled has been fixed.
  19. SD-22385 : The product details are not displayed when viewing a purchase order after updating a purchase order with the same component but for different vendor has been fixed.
  20. SD-26798 : Passwords containing non-english characters are unable to login using AD Authentication has been fixed.
  21. SD-27927 : Problem in archiving the data if we have null description has been fixed.
  22. SD-28150 : Upgraded version of the software will not be reflected in the software details has been fixed.
  23. Following list of issues addressed in Remote Control
    1. SD-22245,SD-23888 : Not able to do Remote Control when a machine is already connected via MSTSC.
    2. SD-24574 : User confirmation prompt is not coming automatically in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server and later os and hence unable to perform Remote control.
    3. SD-28035 : Ctrl+Alt+Del is not working in Windows Vista and later os .
    4. SD-28036 : Remote Control does not respond during Log off/Log on of the target machine.
  24. SD-27691,SD-28182: Following list of issues addressed in fetching the Mac Machine Details
    1. Error when fetching the software details when the software description exceeds more than one line.
    2. Memory size is not fetched when the size exceeds 2GB.
    3. Memory module sizes are not parsing properly when the size is in GB.
    4. Serial number is not fetched when the command is having (System) in command out put.
    5. CPU speed is not fetched when it contains comma in between numbers.

Enhancements in 7605 (Released on: 20 March, 2010)

  1. SD-25985 : Quick search to view the request details based on Request ID from the request list view.
    NOTE : Behavior change : Request ID based search has been removed from the request search in the left panel.
  2. SD-25168 : Adding 'Employee id' column in the requester search window which appeared on clicking the 'search requester list' icon in new / edit request form.

Issues fixed in 7605

  1. SD-26708 : If pass-through-authentication is enabled, then problem in merging / pickup / delete requests from request list view has been fixed.
  2. SD-26104 : Problem in parsing the description with inline images which leads to high CPU usage while sending a notification has been fixed.
  3. SD-25602 : Attachment option in the Preventive Maintenance Task is missing after upgrading to 7.6 has been fixed.
  4. SD-26604 : Task added through 'Add task from template' is not getting listed as soon as it is added. We have to refresh the page to see the added task in the list has been fixed.
  5. SD-27200 : Problem in viewing the task by clicking on the task link sent in the Task assigned to technician notification has been fixed.
  6. SD-26054 : Problem in saving purchaseorder, if the price adjustment is more than the total amount and less than net amount has been fixed.
  7. SD-26704 : Backup is taking long time after upgraded to 7.6 has been fixed.
  8. SD-25907 : Problem in reset password for domain requesters has been fixed.
  9. SD-24261 : While running a simple/advanced matrix report with the date format as "month" / "Month,Day", the months are displayed in alphabetic order has been fixed.
  10. SD-27049 : Problem in displaying the server time which is 1 hr less than the actual server time. This shows with out considering the day light savings time has been fixed.
  11. SD-26641 : Countries like 'El Salvador' and 'Kosovo' are included in country list while creating site has been fixed.
  12. SD-25331 : Issue in Swedish translation - 'Contact Number' in requester detail is translated wrongly, which should be 'Telefonnummer' instead of 'Avtalsnummer' has been fixed.
  13. SD-27167 : Issue in displaying the page in chinese version due to the default style getting applied in the RoboTechnician and Technician Auto Assign pages has been fixed.

Enhancements in 7604 (Released on: 12 February, 2010)

  1. SDF-25908 : Auto Assigning of technicians to the requests in a round robin manner. Technician Auto Assignment can be enabled/disabled by a configuration setting under Admin -> HelpDeskCustomizer-> Technician Auto Assign. By default it is disabled.
    Technician Auto Assignment can be configured to assign only on unassigned requests or on all requests while creating a request, editing a request or both.
    Configurable option to exclude few technicians from the Technician Auto Assignment.
  2. SDF-25909 : Both the Asset and Workstation additional fields has been increased to 24 Text fields, 10 Numeric fields and 10 Date/Time Fields.
  3. SDF-25910 : When creating/editing a request, the Job Title of the requester is displayed under requester details section of the request.

Issues fixed in 7604

  1. SD-25448 : When Pass-through Authentication is enabled, the issues like unable to select a domain from the domain list in the new scan page, unable to add resolution to a request has been fixed.
  2. SD-26026 : After enabling the SSO (pass-through authentication) when the user tries to connect ServiceDesk, the same is not under his trusted sites then, the browser will popup a dialog for username and password. If the user gives a valid username and incorrect password it will redirect to the HomePage for that username. The above vulnerability issue has been fixed.
  3. SD-24467 : When changing a request's site to a referred site using the request bulk edit,the group and technician of the request got reset to unassigned has been fixed.
  4. SD-26097 : When the requester replies for the requests which are currently in completed state except Closed status, request is not getting reopened.
    NOTE : For Reopening the closed request, it will behave based on the configurations done in the Admin -> self-service-portal settings -> Request Feature List. like : Always reopen / Reopen based on the configured days / Append the email as conversation and notify technician / Always create as new request.
  5. SD-25720 : Close Comments given by the technician while closing a request will be displayed under request details section. Same will also be available in the printpreview of a request.
    NOTE : Behavior change : An icon representing the Requesters acknowledgement shown in the top right corner along with the status in the request details page, will be removed. As the same will be shown part of the request details along with the close comments.
  6. SD-25899 : Performance problem while updating a request when the request notifications are enabled has been fixed.
  7. SD-25817 : Unable to import users from Active Directory if the user personalization language is selected as French has been fixed.
  8. SD-26011 : When the purchase order is moved to pending approval state from the items received state. After that when we approve the purchase order it should move back to items received state if all the required items are already received has been fixed.

Enhancements in 7603 (Released on: 29 January, 2010)

  1. SDF-21860: Default status names like (Open / Closed / OnHold / Resolved) can be viewed based on the configurable Statusname. Configuration can be done in the Admin -> HelpDeskCustomizer-> Status. This configured statusname will be same across all the users even through their personalized language is different.
    NOTE : Default / Custom Reports and Custom filters which uses the status names as criteria need to be edited and re-configured inorder to reflect the configured Status name.
  2. SDF-25035: Few more status like Items received, Invoice Received, Payment Done are added under Purchase Order. Comments can be added while changing the status and the same will be recorded in the history details.
    NOTE : Behavior change in the purchase order is 'once the items are received the purchase order will be moved to "Items received" status instead of "closed" status'.
  3. SDF-22543: Based on a Admin - Self-service portal configuration, requesters are allowed to ReOpen their own Onhold request based on their reply.
  4. SDF-25059: Based on a Admin - Self-service portal configuration, requesters are allowed to ReOpen their own Resolved/Closed request from their self-service login.
  5. SDF-25058: Based on a Admin - Self-service portal configuration, requesters are allowed to Close their own Resolved request from their self-service login.
  6. SDF-23085: Based on a Admin - Self-service portal configuration, requesters are allowed to ReOpen the Closed request through email reply for the follwoing cases.
    1. ReOpen the request always .(default enabled).
    2. ReOpen the same request within Configured days from Closed time.Else, creaate as a New request.
    3. Append the reply as conversation to the request and notify technician.
    4. Create as a new request.

Issues fixed in 7603

  1. SD-24265: Based on a configuration in the GlobalConfig Entry, self notification can be enabled. By default self notification will not be sent. To enable execute the query in the database : update globalconfig set paramvalue=false where parameter='IntelligentNotification'.
  2. SD-24696: Problem in truncating the description, when requests are created from few email clients. ( say outlook 2007 client ).
  3. SD-24818: Problem in displaying the fonts in the Chinese language has been fixed.
  4. SD-24779: Hotfixes are added as software in Standalone audit has been fixed.
  5. SD-24773: Error while importing more than 1000 users from OpenLDAP has been fixed.
  6. SD-24256: In weekly / Monthly (with "on date") schedule scan configuration is configured and moving out of the configuration wizard and coming back will show the first schedule check box as unchecked has been fixed.
  7. SD-24492: When creating a request via Email, Technician mapped for the category is not getting assigned after the business rule applies the category has been fixed.
  8. SD-24456: Request which is not fall under any SLA, and upon reopening the request from onhold to open, application tries to create the Due-By-Time. And because of which such requests are displayed with Due-By-Time as Jan 1 1970 has been fixed.
  9. SD-24819: Request Templates which are marked for no further use. Are listed in the request template list of the Requester's login has been fixed. NOTE : Among which,For any Robo Tech license, Robo Technician Password reset template will still be displayed.
  10. SD-24904: If pass-through authentication is enabled, and also if accessing servicedeskplus using an url say http://host:port/, it authenticates but redirect to default instead of the accessed url has been fixed.
  11. SD-24905: Issue in connection establishment between Opmanager and Servicedeskplus when the pass-through authentication (sso) is enabled in servicedeskplus has been fixed.
  12. SD-24258: Urgency, Impact and RequestType are shown in Business Rule's Actions list of the Professional & Standard Edition of ServiceDesk Plus has been fixed.
  13. SD-24896: Problem in updating assets, when trying to modify the fields of the assets a window pops-up: "Kindly select an Asset" has been fixed.

Enhancements in 7602 (Released on: 23 December, 2009)

  1. SDF-24124: Configurable option for the user to specify the mapper Active Directory field to the default fields like Phone,Mobile,Department,Site Name,JobTitle, Email while importing Users from Active Directory. This is applicable for both manual and scheduled Active Directory import.

Issues fixed in 7602

  1. SD-24470: Performance problem while searching a workstation from asset home page has been fixed.
  2. SD-24259: Unable to Edit/Delete his own notes under requests has been fixed.
  3. SD-24353: Spelling mistake in Spanish Language for the field 'department' has been fixed.

Issues Fixed in 7601 (Released on: 17 December, 2009)

  1. SD-24232: While saving the "Pass-through" authentication settings, we will try to create a Computer Account in the Active Directory based on the configurations. Currently if the Computer Account creation is through we will add the configured information into our database. Now it is modified in such a way that, irrespective of the Computer Account creation status, we will add the configured information into our database. With this, users who already have a Computer Account configured in Active Directory can also save the informations directly.
  2. SD-24344: Performance problem after enabling Pass-through authentication (SSO) has been fixed.
  3. SD-24244: Users are not imported when we do an Active Directory import without selecting the department has been fixed.
  4. SD-24272: Earlier users are requested to clear their Browser Cache after upgrading to view the pages properly, and now this has been addressed and now with out clearing their Browser Cache the pages will be loaded properly.
  5. SD-24318: Issue with accessing Solutions without a login has been fixed.
  6. SD-24269: Editing a Work Log, "Technician Resolving This Request" should be the assigned Technician whereas, now "currently logged technician" is selected.This issue has been fixed.
  7. SD-24257: On running the saved Custom report created with date filter criteria and without having advanced filters, data is fetched with out applying the date criteria. This issue has been fixed.
  8. SD-24268: Error "MssqlErrorCode is not accessible" while taking backup (manual / scheduled ) in MySQL database has been fixed.
  9. SD-24285: Archived requests are not included in the trimmed servicedesk backup.This issue has been fixed.
  10. SD-24330: Problem in typing few keys using non-english keyboard in the description area (Swedish Keyboard - @ symbol cannot be typed, upon typing increases the size of the font) has been fixed.

Thank you for installing ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 7.6 - a comprehensive and affordable IT helpdesk and asset management software. ServiceDesk Plus 7.6 release includes the following features below,

Fine Grained Authorization

Configure Roles such that a technician is allowed to perform specific tasks in requests and purchase modules. Some of the operations available in the initial cut are,
  • Adding/Editing Request Tasks
  • Adding Requester
  • Editing Requester
  • Reopening a request
  • Resolving a request
  • Closing a Request
  • Disabling Stop Timer
  • Assigning Technician
  • Merging Requests
  • Deleting Notes
  • Deleting WorkLog
  • Modifying Due By Time
  • Adding a new product
  • Adding a new vendor

Data Archiving

With Data Archiving one can archive old requests based on certain criteria like created date, completed date and so on.

  • Option to schedule data archiving.
  • Provision to specify exceptions while archiving.
  • Support to view archived data

Mobile Client

Mobile Client support for technicians who need to access SDP via iphone and other PDA's. The client will have support for the following actions

  • View 'My Pending', 'All Pending' and 'All Requests'.
  • Support for adding a resolution and closing the request.
  • Support for adding WorkLog.
  • Support for assigning requests to technicians.

Other Enhancements

  • Request Module
    • First Response based SLA - Option to specify a first response time for a given SLA along with support for 1st level escalation.
    • Option to list "Request Pending My Approval" in the request list view
    • Customizable request Print View
    • Templates for replying a request
    • Templates for resolving a request
  • Asset Module
    • Fetching software from Mac machine.
    • Support for scanning multi processor information in linux machine.
    • An asset can be connected to a number of services which can be captured in the Relationship section of an asset. This functionality, earlier available in Enterprise edition will now be available in professional edition also
  • Remote Desktop
    • Earlier remote desktop connection will be established without client acknowledgment. Now client should acknowledge remote desktop access initiated by technician.
    • Option to enable / disable Remote Desktop Access functionality in the application.
    • Option to enable / disable Remote Desktop Access permission for technicians.
  • Software Licensing
    • Support for Client Access License (CAL) and Volume based Software licensing.
    • Additional fields for Software license.
  • Problem / Change Module
    • Marking of a problem as Known Error is made configurable.
    • Earlier, changes of type 'Standard' are automatically considered to be pre-approved. This has been further enhanced so that any change type can be marked as pre-approved.
    • Problem/Change raised on an asset is displayed in the "Request" tab of the Asset details page.
  • IT service segment is made available in Professional Edition. Earlier this was available only in the Enterprise edition.
  • Support for NTLM v2 based authentication for pass through authentication (single sign on). Users who have configured single sign on before 7.6 need to reconfigure SSO after migrating to 7.6.
  • Option to select the Domain for a requester and technician.
  • Any modifications in the Admin section, an entry would be added in the log viewer.
  • Option to Thread Dump is available in the Support Tab.
  • Email Command
    • Ability to parse incoming mails on enabling E-mail Command under Mail Server Settings configuration.
    • Ability to parse incoming mails to set various request fields (like category, level, mode, priority and so on)
    • Operations like pick up request, assign request, close request, edit request can be performed through email itself.
  • Http form submission based API enhancements
    • Http form submission API support to add / update / delete Site, Requesters, Technicians.
    • Http form submission API support to add / update Assets.
  • Tasks Enhancements
    • Ordering of tasks
    • Groups support in tasks
    • Specifying the dependant tasks for a given task
  • Business Rule Enhancements
    • Option to send mail when a rule matches
    • Option to continue with the next business rule even after a successful match.
    • Option to apply the Business rule on editing the request also.
    • Option to mark a Business Rule as inactive.
    • Option to override the values with the ones in Business rules on successful match.
  • Notification Rules Enhancements
    • Notifications will not be sent to technicians when the operation is performed by the technicians themselves. New request creation, request assign, request close, task assign, task close notifications will not be sent to the technician, if the operation is performed by the technician himself / herself.

Behavioral Changes

  • Certain modifications has been made to enhance the performance of ServiceDesk Plus,
    • The time frame to auto refresh the request list view page is set from "Every 3 minutes". If the time frame is set to Every 2 minutes then on upgrading to 7.6, the value is automatically set to 3 minutes.
    • In all list views, the maximum number of rows is set to 250. If the number exceeds the maximum value and on upgrading to 7.6, the value is automatically set to 250.
    • Navigation buttons in the details page of request, problem and change has been disabled by default. If required, this option can be enabled in the database.
    • Column-wise search for requests on the bases of request template has been disabled.
  • While printing a request, the assets associated to the requester will not be displayed.
  • On reopening a request, the time frame from 'Closed' to 'Open' state is added to the due by time of the request.
  • While creating a new request, technicians associated to the selected site and technicians with permission to view "All" sites from Roles would have been listed earlier. Now, only technicians who are directly associated to the site will be listed.
  • On entering a solution/workaround for a Problem, the status of Known Issue must be marked manually from the Actions tab.
  • Ability to add and execute Business Rules and Service Level Agreement without selecting the criteria. These Business Rules and Service Level Agreement are executed when the none of the request values satisfy any criteria mentioned in other Business Rules and Service Level Agreement.
  • Access to Remote Desktop Control is restricted to technicians with AERemote Control role.
  • System Log under Support tab can be viewed only by the administrator and the site administrator.

Issues Fixed in 7600

  1. SD-12654: Problem in viewing attachments in Outlook 2003, when an email is sent from ServiceDesk Plus through exchange 2007.
  2. SD-13809: In Requester login, the requester additional fields such as multi line and pick list are shown as a single line text field under "My Details" tab.
  3. SD-13903, SD-14795: Due by time is not updated/recalculated when a closed/resolved request (within the due by time) is replied back.
  4. SD-13972: In Change Module, a technician with View and Edit change permission is unable to add work log since there is no Add button in work log.
  5. SD-13984: If the server is running in IST and the selected time zone in Personalize window is MST, then on editing the request details page the date values (created, due by) are displayed in IST.
  6. SD-14101, SD-14156: Saving a draft from conversation does not save it in the parent request. Instead the draft is saved in the child request. The drafts cannot be viewed unless the request is split.
  7. SD-14137: If a Holiday's description contains '&' then in edit holiday page, '&' is displayed along with 'amp;'.
  8. SD-14138: Forwarding a conversation does not follow "Forwarding a Request" email template under the Notification Rules.
  9. SD-14154: In IE 6 and IE 7 browsers, while associating department to a requester from requester list view page, an "Invalid argument" alert occurs but the department is associated to the requester.
  10. SD-14214: Unable to associate Incidents from Actions drop down list under Problems and Change details page.
  11. SD-14266: Change module -> Print Preview, the size of the attachment is improperly displayed in change print view.
  12. SD-14290: Unable to dissociate all the groups that are associated to the technician from the technician edit page.
  13. SD-14314: Unable to edit and update requests when the priority field is removed from the template. This occurs only in Inline Edit.
  14. SD-14365: List of all technicians is displayed while assigning tasks for a request in a site.
  15. SD-14337, SD-14388, SD-14424: Issue with navigation link in the site list view page. The first 100 sites are displayed, and neither selecting 'show 200 per page' option nor clicking the next button allows users to view the 2nd or 3rd page of sites. Also, selecting the view 25 or 50 sites fails to change the display.
  16. SD-14397: Reset the requester view permission to "Show all their site request". After an AD import the request view permission reverts back to "Show only their own request."
  17. SD-14423: Unable to select additional fields with quotes in Request Closing Rules.
  18. SD-14648: Duplication of requesters occurs while associating assets to users on Importing Assets from CSV.
  19. SD-14702: Duplication of assets on changing the Product Type of a Product.
  20. SD-14781: Unable to import users from Active Directory again if the department is disabled.
  21. SD-14817: If the change additional fields are set as mandatory under change closure rules, then on removing the additional fields, the change cannot be closed.
  22. SD-14861: On clicking "View All Conversations" link in Request Details page, the navigation buttons disappears.
  23. SD-14890: Bullets in description of Requests, Problem, Changes are not shown while viewing. This happens only in IE browser.
  24. SD-15303: Changes with Status as 'Rejected' and Approval Status as 'Submitted for Approval' are displayed under Unapproved Changes in the Home page.
  25. SD-15325: In Problem/Change module -> History tab -> Property View link, the "by" field is always blank.
  26. SD-15406, SD-15387: Editing the date/time additional field of a request will show the Request History values in a long format.
  27. SD-21039: Department field becomes empty when the department field is not mapped while importing requesters from CSV for second time.
  28. SD-21067: Failure in updating the requester' s password on performing CSV import for the second time.
  29. SD-21019: Malfunction in Scheduled Backup; when the backup location is in another machine and full rights of the backup folder is given to the user logged into ServiceDdesk Plus server.
  30. SD-21193: Line breaks in a WorkLog description is not shown in the request details.
  31. SD-21205: In a request template, though the value for the group is selected; while creating a new request with that template, the technicians based on the group is not displayed. Instead all the technicians under the requesters site is displayed.
  32. SD-21208: Unable to edit the technician details if "&" character is in phone number (or) Mobile number field.
  33. SD-21356: Request search works for the first 500 character of the request description.
  34. SD-15283, SD-21350: Some of the '$' variables are not replaced properly in Notes addition notification.
  35. SD-21414: Incorrect values displayed in the "Task" column of change list view page.
  36. SD-21748: Technicians with only 'View' permission for the change module are able to delete CAB members selected for approval.
  37. SD-22196: In SLA escalation for Non English language, if the $ticket owner is added in the escalation list along with other technicians, on saving the $ticket owner is not displayed in the list.
  38. SD-22217: While editing a requester, unable to set the department as None. This happens if sites are not configured.
  39. SD-22220: In IE 7; unable to perform Network Scan based on IP address range.
  40. SD-22256: Asset pre populated while creating a Preventive Maintenance task is not displayed while editing the Preventive Maintenance task.

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