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ServiceDesk Plus 8.2 ReadMe

Issues Fixed in 8217 (Released on: 16 January, 2014)

  • SD-49319, 53651 : Additional Email Signature gets added while selecting reply template for request reply has been fixed.
  • SD-53435 : Upon replying a Request created into servicedesk without any CC emailid, CC field is populated as 'Not Provided', has been fixed.
  • SD-53778 : Performance memory leak identified while performing continuous Servlet / REST API calls on the server has been fixed.

Issues Fixed in 8216 (Released on: 6 January, 2014)

  • SD-55108 : If the CI type 'Switch Port' or the relationship type 'Includes-Member Of' got edited to any other language, then not able to scan switch.
  • SD-54910 : Cannot upgrade from the build 8212 if local credential configured with the public key authentication.

Issues Fixed in 8215 (Released on: 16 December, 2013)

  • SD-50215 : In PGSQL database, Technician's cannot able to create a request for a requester if the requester name contains single quotes.
  • SD-53756 : If default product type got edited to any other language, then not able to scan the asset of that product type in 8213 build.
  • SD-54460 : Unable to add notes using the External Action plugin.
  • SD-53648 : Technicians unable to add/edit worklogs when technician count that is trying to do the same exceeds certain limit (eg 150 technicians and more).
  • SD-54408 : Unable to login randomly on peak hours when there is more number of project members logged-in.
  • SD-51070 : Technician with "All in group & assigned to him[Requests only]" role not able to edit task assigned to him/group when the parent request is not in his permitted scope.

Issues Fixed in 8214 (Released on: 19 November, 2013)

  • SD-53170 : Request catalog section is included with scroll bars each on left side and right side panel. This will allow to display the Request catalog templates easily even when the Template Categories are scrolled down and selected.
  • SD-53414 : In some cases, NullPointerException upon performing the upgrade to 8213 is fixed.
  • SD-53500 : After upgraded to 8213, Column Chooser is not working under Assets tab is fixed.
  • SD-53855 : While closing request through Servlet API,close Accepted, close comments, closure code and closure comments not get set.(From build 8213,Servlet API operation parameters supported only in lowercase)

New Features in 8213 (Released on: 22 October, 2013)

  • SDF-50501 : Option to configure multiple credentials for each subnet in Network scan. If a subnet has Windows, Unix, VMWare and Network devices, different credentials can be configured based on the protocol (WMI, Telnet/SSH, SNMP V1/V2 & VMWare) used for scanning. These credentials are stored in a central credential library and can be associated to Network scan, individual machine scan and remote control.
  • SDF-51483 : All Network devices with SNMP enabled can be scanned for inventory.
  • SDF-34689, SDF-47612 : The threaded contents in conversations will be hidden by default for better and quick readability.
  • SDF-52555 : Option to configure the max file attachment size that can be allowed from the Admin > General Settings page.
  • SDF-52741 : While importing fields from LDAP, only one field from LDAP can be mapped to a field in ServiceDesk. Option has been provided to map multiple LDAP fields to one ServiceDesk field.
    Insert into SDLDAPFieldMap values ('[Max ID + 1]', '[LDAP_ID]', 'displayname', 'cn+sn', 't');
    [ MAX ID + 1 ] should be replaced with the max id of the ID field in SDLDAPFieldMap + 1 [ LDAP ID ] should be replaced with the LDAP ID from which the data has to be retrieved displayname is the field in SDP to which the value from LDAP has to be imported. cn+sn indicates that the value of 'cn' and 'sn' that are present in the LDAP should be combined and used for the "displayname" attribute of SDP.
  • SDF-52829 :In Requester login : OnBehalfOf user field is added for raising request on behalf of other user.
    • Initially OnBehalfOf user field will be disabled. Inorder to configure this field we have to set paramvalue as 'true' for parameter 'ON_BEHALF_OF_USERFIELD' in globalconfig table.
    • OnBehalfOf user list view in requester login will list only requester's department users as default, which can be modified in globalconfig table through parameter 'SHOW_OBOUSERS'.
    • Need to restart the servicedesk plus service inorder to take the above changes into effect.
  • Known Issue : If requester is not allowed for OnBehalfOf user's site then group and technician will not be populated.
  • SDF-51607 : $Reporting_To$ place holder has included in service request workflow similar like $DEPT_HEAD$. By configuring it in Service template workflow or in new service request page, can send the approval notification to the 'reportingto' or 'Manager' person..
  • SDF-40203 : Email Signature is able to configure in Notification customized template for the following notifications.
    • Request : Reply
    • Request : Forward
    • Request : Approval
    • Problem : Notify to Incident Technician\Requester
    • Change : Send Notification
    • Change : Send CAB Recommendation
    • Solution Approval
  • SDF-47663 : Under Admin-> Access permission for Roles, It is possible to allow assigning specific advanced permissions without activating the main access permission. For example: Now it should be possible to activate the option delete/update own notes, without giving technicians full delete rights on the request.

Issues Fixed in 8213

  • SD-46524 : Agent : Unable to take Windows backup if AssetExplorer agent is installed.
  • SD-48805 : Agent : If agents are deployed using GPO, agents are downloaded to workstations even if same version of the agent is installed.
  • SD-30393 : Scan : Service packs are not detected while scanning Windows Vista machines.
  • SD-44569 : Scan : Unable to scan a linux workstation from linux server installation.
  • SD-47252 : Scan : IPV6 address is not shown properly in the workstation details page during scanned xml import.
  • SD-29711 : Scan : AIX machines getting added with name as
  • SD-51419 : Scan : Fetching Oracle installation details for linux machines during scan.
  • SD-48679 : Agent : Issue in starting the agent service when scan at boot is set to true while installing the agent.
  • SD-50917 : Scan : CentOS machines are detected as Redhat machines.
  • SD-50775 : Unable to paste images from clipboard in chrome
  • SD-51957 : Unable to delete support group(s) which are associated to Copy/Custom site.
  • SD-51346 : Null pointer exception while taking backup, when the fileattachments/archive folder is empty.
  • SD-51305 : When user(s) Email-id having upper case letters, Public/Private icon is not set properly in conversations section.
  • SD-48111 : Unable to access 'Impact' option under Admin-Helpdesk after applying addon license for change Module and problem module is fixed.
  • SD-51943 : User Additional Fields page is not shown after the attribute name of CIType changed is fixed.
  • SD-51452 : Support Groups : Exception occurs when same group mailId is given to the different support groups.
  • SD-52381 : Issue while updating a site marked as inactive.
  • SD-52277 : Professional & Standard Edition-Common & Requester UDF fields are missing in user csv import wizard.
  • SD-51157: SDSiteAdmin(s) are not able to update requesters.
  • SD-41831: Unable to duplicate the custom -> matrix report using 'Save As' option.
  • SD-50815: During hotfix upgrade, backup is not getting skipped even when we click on 'No' in the confirm dialog.
  • SD-52846 : Request Case sensitive fields not getting added through E-mail Command.
  • SD- xxxx: Vulnerability issues fixed.

New Features in 8212 (Released on: 17 September, 2013)

  • SDF-52310 : Group Notification - Notify the selected Technician in the group for the following operations of the Request.
    • PickUp
    • Assign
    • Merge
    • Link\DeLink
    • Problem Associate\Dissociate
    • Change Associate\Dissociate
    • Add\Delete Attachment
  • SDF-52415 : REST API support for Service Request. Below are the additional operations provided for Service Request.
    • Add\Update Resource Section
    • Add\Update Common Additional Fields and Service Category Additional Fields
    • Add\Update Editor Field
    • Add the Select Approvers Field
  • SDF-50167 : Calculation of Task Scheduled Endtime based on Starttime and Estimated Effort. Calculation of Endtime will consider site's operational hours and sla( if request's task ).
    • Cannot complete child task before parent task is completed.
    • Cannot mark dependency between Closed child and UnClosed parent task.
    • Scheduled Starttime will be set for child task when all the parent tasks are closed.
    • Scheduled Starttime will be set for Request's non dependent tasks while creating request from request template based on Self Service Portal Setting under Request Feature list.

Issues Fixed in 8212

  • SD-46837 : In IE 8 and 9, "Portal Usage" area in self service portal does not load after the user goes to a different Module and returns back to the Home page in Requester Login. After refreshing it loads properly.
  • SD-51315 : Currenttime will be set as endtime while creating new worklog.
  • SD-51623 : Work log description is not "Word Wrapped" in Worklog list view.

New Features in 8211 (Released on: 28 August, 2013)

  • SDF-50707 : New field 'Reporting To' is included for Requesters and Technicians, using which the 'Manager' of these users can be marked manually. ReportingTo/Manager field can also be imported using CSV import of users.
  • SDF-26639 : Reminder email will include link to the corresponding entity (Request, Problem, Change)
  • SDF-43514 : Earlier users included in the 'Email Id(s) to Notify' field will be included for Request Acknowledgement, Resolved, Closed notifications. But for requests created through email, the email CC recipients will not be included in those notifications. Now Request Acknowledge, Resolved, Closed notifications will also include Email CC recipients. Note : If those notifications should not include the Email CC recipient, it can be disabled in database table 'GlobalConfig' for the entry (category = 'Request_CC_Notification' and parameter = 'Include_CC_From_Email') and set the paramvalue = 'false'.
  • SDF-51994 : In ServiceDeskPlus-DesktopCentrol integrated mode, option to invoke the remote desktop using DC's agent instead of SDP's agent. By default, in integrated setups, DC agent will be used. [ Needs DC build 80260 and above ].
  • SDF-51914 : After an incomplete restore of backup data, the start-up of the server will be restricted.
  • SDF-51762 : SLA can be configured with Support Group based criteria.
  • SDF-52039 : Business Rules can be executed based on Operational hours.
  • SDF- 52040 : Business Rules List View Enhancement - Criteria and Actions for Rules is shown in List View.

Issues Fixed in 8211

  • SD-49171 : Links present in request description / conversation opens in the same window / iframe instead of a new window.
  • SD-49734 : Assets of 'Not associated to any site' is not shown, if the logged in technician have associated sites as 'Not associated to any site' is fixed.
  • SD-50369 : Assets based on 'All sites' is not shown to requester on clicking the more asset link in Request create page is fixed.
  • SD-26690 : Custom report generated based on range of date criteria upon editing will not show the date range criteria has been fixed.
  • SD-51823 : Time spent of request is incorrect while changing the status from OnHold to Resolved.
  • SD-50781 : Under Admin-> Notification Rules, while editing some of the request notification templates, it opens up a different template has been fixed.
  • SD-52020 : After upgrading the application to 8210, Mail fetching gets stopped when there is no Domain name in the sender mail address.
  • SD-52012 : In Native App, HTML contents shown in request description field.

New Features in 8210 (Released on: 7 August, 2013)

  • SDF-43916 : Option to "close/resolve" parent request under "Admin > Helpdesk > Request Closing Rules", when all the associated tasks are closed.
  • SDF-24328 : Task escalation notification can be configured under "Admin > Notification Rules > Tasks" and sent to entity owner, task owner / group, when a task is overdue.
    • Task overdue will be marked, if a task is not completed within schedule.
    • Task's % of Completion will be set as 100, when a task is moved to any completed status.

Issues Fixed in 8210

  • SD-51837 : Email fetching problem after upgrading to 8209 has been fixed.

New Features in 8209 (Released on: 29 July, 2013)

  • SDF-51472 : Technician Space - Showing some of the technician related notification alerts on the application screen. The supported notifications are listed below.
    • Notify Technician when a request is assigned.
    • Notify Technician when a task is assigned.
    • Notify Technician when there is a new reply from requester.
    • Notify Technician when a note is added.
    • Notify Approver when a request is submitted for approval.
    • Notify Technician when a request is approved.
    • Notify Technician when a request is rejected.
  • SDF-51401 : Any resources of an request can now be set in the request notifications template. Earlier, only the workstation name can be set in the templates. For this, now the variable $WorkstationName is replaced with the $ResourceName in the request notification templates.
  • SDF-27604 : Introduced a new option to disable the new requests from being created through email but existing ticket notifications will be appended properly.
  • SDF-51426 : Notify the requester when a technician is assigned to a Request.
  • SDF-51486 : Support for additional operations in REST API for Change module. The following new operations are supported.
    • Add Change
    • Update Change
    • Get Change
    • Get All Changes
    • Delete Change
    • Add Attachment

Issues Fixed in 8209

  • SD-50574 : On creating a custom view with criteria site, the site is not listed in the select data pop-up window when the database is MSSQL has been fixed.
  • SD-49667 : Earlier, for a service request, if the CreatedBy and RequestedBy are the same user, the approval action mail was sent twice. Now it has been intelligently handled to send once.
  • SD-47531 : In the resolution tab of the request, the status is not getting updated when an image is being inserted in the resolution description area along with the status change, has been fixed.
  • SD-46533 : Under Asset custom report's advance filter options, the User list is listed as Ids instead of User name has been fixed.
  • SD-51274 : Users imported from LDAP having no department field or if the department is not marked to import, and having the site field marked for import will now gets imported with department as General along with the site.
  • SD-49697 : In the Project & Milestone Details popup, the sticky positioning of color indicators for 'Status' and 'Priority' inputs against page scrolling are getting fixed.

New Features in 8208 (Released on: 8 July, 2013)

  • SDF-48361 : Info related to Project Member Addition/Update/Deletion now gets listed in the project's history.
  • SDF-49532 : Logged-in project members and Project owner cannot reassign themselves to lower ranked project roles.
  • SDF-49646 : Project members cannot delete themselves from the project
  • SDF-49029 : Attachment related activities - add/delete attachment - now get listed in the project's history..
  • SDF-50817 : Project-Change association and dissociation details too get listed in the project's history.
  • SDF-49025 : Bulk closure of Tasks now possible from Tasks List View page
  • SDF-32049 : Global configuration available to enable/disable of task group members notification once the task is assigned to a group.

Issues Fixed in 8208

  • SD-48759,45799 : While forwarding the request conversation and selecting the reply template will set the conversation description as null.
  • SD-50722 : Display of Projects Tab for Technicians who have been assigned Project Roles/ having a Project membership.
  • SD-49923 : Gantt bar Status 'Open/Closed' changed to 'Pending/Completed' in Gantt chart.
  • SD-50283 : Worklog description trimming issue fixed in Worklog list view page.
  • SD-50119 : Visibility issue related to Task icon in Project Overview Map.
  • SD-49917 : Difference in 'delete messages' of projects, milestones & tasks, from their respective details page and the list view page
  • SD-49654 : Project and Milestone related attachment descriptions now appear beside the attachment
  • SD-50550 : Issue related to appearance of worklog 'description' field while printing requests
  • SD-50845 : Inability to display HTML tags in Worklog description in Worklog list view page
  • SD-49842 : Undesired selection of Advance Permission 'Edit Options' (in the roles page) while unchecking Access Permission 'View Checkbox' of Requests.
  • SD-50156 : Issue related to 'date field population' while creating additional fields in Incident Templates.
  • SD-50457 : Appearance of unwanted HTML tags in problem/change notifications.
  • SD-50986 : Total cost associated with worklog changes to zero (while updating worklogs post 8026 migration)
  • SD-50985 : Inability to edit worklogs post 8026 migration
  • SD-50834 : Incorrect listing (or ordering) of Milestones based on 'created date' in Gantt chart.
  • SD-50354 : Appearance of comments - related to tasks - when in reality no comments have been added (occurs when a task is newly assigned to a technician)
  • SD-50857 : The configured text color for the section headers in Admin > Themes is not getting applied in the Request, Problem and Change Detail pages
  • SD-50367 : When a request is submitted for approval, then viewing the browser page source of the approval page reveals all the technician names
  • SD-49235 : Even though a notification template is configured in RTL, the notification is always sent in LTR format.
  • SD-50810 : Bullet styles now made visible in the list views under Description box.
  • SD-51066 : Lack of synchronization between PO Approval Status and PO Status. (ie. PO Status indicating Approval, while Approvals tab suggests something else)
  • SD-50670 : Inability to dispatch mails related to purchase orders
  • SD-50818 : Error message display on clicking CI Name of the CI Relationship dialog box (availale in the CI Relationship page)
  • SD-46323 : Disappearance of Asset Description field upon Server/Workstation scan
  • SD-38820 : Inability to populate Vendor E-Mail address during Purchase Order creation
  • SD-51062 : Issue related to DNS Caching
  • SD-51049 : Issue faced by Purchase Order Approvers in accessing PO Approval links (sent via mail)
  • SD-50575 : Time between the Incident creation to Service Catalog conversion will not be considered as onhold.
  • SD-51218 : Performance issue while loading approvals and cab for change is fixed.

Issues Fixed in 8207 (Released on: 18 June, 2013)

  1. SD-50809 : The certificates used for signing the add-ons for Remote Control are expired.
  2. SD-50768 : Unnecessary shortcut created in desktop while taking Remote Control of a machine through agent.
  3. SD-50969 : Issues while upgrading from 8202 to higher versions - a) Due to inappropriate data in DynamicTables table, b) FK missing between CItype Dynamic table and BaseElement table.
  4. SD-50537 : UI Issue in IE8 on project tab when we have more number of projects.

New Features in 8206 (Released on: 10 June, 2013)

  1. SDF-48842 : Whenever a Group request is updated, selected technicians for the group will be notified.
  2. SDF-41556 : Allowing technicians to create his own API key in personalize option.

Issues Fixed in 8206

  1. SD-50388 : When a ticket is assigned from unassigned state, assigned technician is not notified.
  2. SD-50871 : In a specific case, where isEscalated is marked prior to the request due-by-time, Overdue and First response flags are not set even after due-by-time/response time is elapsed.
  3. SD-50753 : When a request with task is edited, and changed to a different request template which is also having tasks, application will prompt for 'deleting the existing task or leave it as it is' for the user. Even if we choose, 'leave it as it is' option, deletes the existing tasks associated to the request.
  4. SD-50851 : Unable to add 'Worklog' and 'Task Comments' in some of the migrated environment.
  5. SD-50642 : Using Chrome and Firefox browsers unable to click on the 'Template' links and 'Template categories' from Home page.
  6. SD-48206 : Using Firefox browser with French locale, advance filtering in matrix report shows error alert.

Issues Fixed in 8205 (Released on: 27 May, 2013)

  1. SD-50683 : After 8121, some of the Preventive Maintenance Task schedules get changed to one time schedule has been fixed. This issue happens only for the servicedesk plus installation uses MsSQL and PGSQL database as backend.
    Note: The task schedule(s) which is changed to one time schedule will not be recovered automatically after this hotfix upgrade, and these schedule has to be reconfigured accordingly by editing them manually.

    To find the changed schedules:
    Select SW.WORKORDERID "PM Task ID",SW.title "Subject" from sworkorder SW where sw.WORKORDERID not in (select WORKORDERID from SREQTASK_INPUT)

Issues Fixed in 8204 (Released on: 20 May, 2013)

  1. SD-50675 : Problem in loading some technicians while adding a workllog has been fixed. The problem was due to some excluded technicians in 'technician auto assign'.
  2. SD-50677 : Problem in loading new work log form when there is more than 500 users.

Issues Fixed in 8203 (Released on: 10 May, 2013)

  1. SD-50570 : Migration failure when migrating to 8202 while SDP running on MySql version 4 series.
  2. SD-50502 : Unable to edit "Is Personal Asset" field of mobile devices(Smart Phone / Tablet).

Android app for ServiceDesk plus has been released (Released on: 6th May, 2013)

New Features in 8202 (Released on: 3 May, 2013)

  1. SDF-50337 : Option to configure actions on a Incident/Service Request to other external applications through a XML configuration. For eg. customer's can create action like 'Create a new account' to be displayed on the 'New Hire' template and when invoked from the Request details page, can plugin their own code to create an account in the ActiveDirectory by pulling the required information from the corresponding request. There will also be options to add notes, add resolution and to update a request upon response from the action.
  2. SDF-50417 : Option to convert a Incident to Service Request is introduced.
  3. SDF-50336 : Enhancement to the Admin > General > Theme section, where customer can now configure the color of the LHS and RHS section headers and their font colors.
  4. SDF-50415 : Request notes section has been enhanced from a textarea to a rich text area with options to make a text bold, underline and italic. This will be available for the Request module in the first phase.
  5. SDF-50412 : Mobile Devices (IPhone and IPad) once scanned through ManageEngine DesktopCentral can be pushed to ServiceDesk Plus and these devices would be added as assets in SDP under product types - Smart Phone and Tablet.
  6. SDF-50416 : In DC Integrated mode (DC version 80238 and above), option to start a chat session with the requester will be available. Also, the chat conversation can be added as note or as resolution or can be created as a new ticket.

Issues fixed in 8202

  1. SD-24903 : Cost Center Code(CCC) character length is increased from value 25 to 250 for user convenience.
  2. SD-49676 : Recently viewed Project's are not displayed in the recent items section.
  3. SD-49825 : During inline edit of requester's information from a request details page, if a numeric field value is submitted without entering a value, a NumberFormatException is thrown at the background.
  4. SD-50284 : Unable to add worklogs for a request.
  5. SD-49747 : If the request is created through e-mail with inline image(without extension), then mails sent from servicedesk plus with this request description will not be shown properly in their mail client.
  6. SD-46347 : Selecting a 'service category' from 'service catalog quick menu' in requester login throws http 400 error.
  7. SD-50086 : Reopened status set as wrongly when requester reopened any onhold tickets by replying from his login.
  8. SD-50236 : Slow Performance while creating and replying request.
  9. SD-48838 : Option to edit and close Purchase Order is opened for modify PO privilege technician.

Issues fixed in 8201 (Released on: 19 April, 2013)

  1. SD-50246 : Description column is added in work log list view.
  2. SD-50251 : Unable to login as local authentication when LDAP authentication is enabled.
  3. SD-50247 : Unable to search Request work log from global search.
  4. SD-50200 : Action button is missing under workstation list view in IE.
  5. SD-50243 : Request description is showing with HTML tags in iPhone native app.
  6. SD-50260 : 'Unexpected error occurred' issue while adding a work log after migration has been fixed
  7. SD-50197 : Gantt view horizontal scroll is not proper in Arabic language.
  8. SD-49439 : Agent uninstall from one device removes the agent software from the software list of all machines.

New Features in 8.2

  1. SDF-50162 : "PROJECT MANAGEMENT" Module is introduced
  2. SDF-50163 : Color code added to Admin > Status, which is now being used in Project Module alone.
  3. SDF-47522 : Ability to import Contracts from excel.
  4. SDF-47605 : Ability to localize or modify the names of default CI Types, Product Types and CI Relationship Types.
  5. SDF-47798 : Introduced Multi level approval support in Purchase Order.
  6. SDF-30497 : Ability to include the 'Associated Entity Id', 'Associated Entity Owner', 'Associated Entity Title, 'Associated Entity Link' & 'Associated Entity Module' in Task Notifications template.
  7. SDF-50165: Tasks & Work log Enhancements:
    • Separate Tab introduced for Task notification in 'Admin > Notification Rules' and some new task notifications were included.
    • Introduced 'Task Types' under Admin > HelpDesk. Task Types can be configured along with color code.
    • Work log can be added for Tasks (earlier work log can be added only for Request, Problems, Change).
    • 'History' [Task's] shown in Task details page.
    • Request, Problem and Change work log information will now be available in a single table which will allow customers to take a unified work log query report of all modules combined.
  8. SDF-50164 : Ability to generate reports for 'Tasks'.

Issues fixed in 8.2

  1. SD-48912 : From new request form, when the requester name having same names in different sites is typed and selected, wrong user details are getting populated.
  2. SD-48801 : NPE occurs in some customer environment while forwarding solution.
  3. SD-47618 : In servlet API, Exception occurs while adding the requester with requester view permission as DEPARTMENT REQUEST and SITE REQUEST.
  4. SD-46643 : Deleted users are listed in All Cis list view.
  5. SD-46811 : Global search filter's default text is not cleared while clicking in the search field.
  6. SD-47205 : Servers cannot be searched in global Workstation/Server search, now a new filter for server search is available.
  7. SD-47204 : Linux scan script contains invalid path for bash location.
  8. SD-47406 : License agreement's attachment functionality is not working properly.
  9. SD-47513 : Socket Exception while trying to scan a solaris machine.
  10. SD-47588 : No alert message while reconciling two workstations received from Purchase Order.
  11. SD-47688 : Complete asset scan history gets deleted when schedule audit history cleanup is enabled.
  12. SD-47524 : Error while reconciling workstations from workstation's list view.
  13. SD-49387 : NPE error when accessing link copied from web browser.
  14. SD-46379 : In report advance filter, site name is getting displayed for listing vendor name.
  15. SD-49890 : Spot edit of request, reset the selected category for that template request, if the Item field is moved out of the request template.
  16. SD-34268 : In the Admin-> Notification Rules, Request notifications, "Acknowledge requester by e-mail on receipt of the email reply" is modified to "Acknowledge sender by e-mail on receipt of the email reply" based on the functionality.
  17. SD-50095 : When customers configure their own styles, it will be added to a file UserStyle.css and included in the view pages. A file not found exception is thrown in the background for this file, when customers have not personalized the theme from Admin > Themes section.

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