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(Released on 16 July, 2019)

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(Released on 03 July, 2019)

Behavior Changes


(Released on 14 May, 2019)

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(Released on 6 May, 2019)

Issues Fixed






(Released on 30, April, 2019)

Issues Fixed


(Released on 25, April, 2019)

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(Released on 11, April, 2019)

Issues Fixed


(Released on 27, March, 2019)

Behavior Change

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Issues Fixed







(Released on 12 April, 2019)

Issues Fixed in 9427


(Released on 28, November, 2018)

Issues Fixed in 9426

  • SD-74184 : Mail processing time increases in IMAP protocol if the attachment size is huge.
  • SD-74263 : The Apple push notification certificate is updated in this build.


(Released on 31, October, 2018)

Issues Fixed in 9425


  • SD-61216 : Cross site scripting vulnerability in change password.
  • SD-73218 : Information disclosure vulnerability in Contact Support section under Help.
  • SD-73219 : Cross site scripting vulnerabilities in Language section of the Personalization menu.
  • SD-73928 : XSS vulnerability in Personalization menu.
  • SD-73929 : XSS vulnerability in View All Requesters API.
  • SD-70638 : Vulnerability: Inappropriate use of HTTP methods while resetting user password.


(Released on 30, October, 2018)

Behavior Change in 9424

  • SD-71761 : Earlier, while creating a request/ticket, the client machine's host name was stored in the request's history. Henceforth, only the client machine's IP address will be stored since the property 'enabledLookups' will be set to 'false' in 'server.xml' file by default.
  • You can revert to the old behavior by setting the property 'enabledLookups' to 'true' in the 'server.xml' file

    Note: This requires a restart and might result in performance problems since resolving the client host name depends on a call to the DNS server.

Issues Fixed in 9424


  • SD-22200 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of a technician being able to view all changes.
  • SD-22231 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of a technician being able to send announcements.
  • SD-22246 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of a technician being able to add reminders.
  • SD-22255 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of a technician being able to view add remainder page.
  • SD-22267 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of a technician being able to view change related reminders.
  • SD-69231 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of a user being able to view task template details.
  • SD-70610 : XSS vulnerability in Request Form description under Insert Image, reported by Hussien Yousef of Saudi Information Technology Company, was fixed
  • SD-71464 : Input value is not encoded in log files resulting in a XSS vulnerability
  • SD-71473 : Vulnerability found in file extraction during the restore process.
  • SD-72074 : Vulnerability present in the attachment path.
  • SD-72572 : Fixed CRC related issue in restore process.
  • SD-73217 : Information disclosure vulnerability present in home page.


  • SD-69831 : Able to view project tasks in Home tab's tasks list view after downgrading the license from trail version to standard/professional.
  • SD-71972 : Under Home >> Tasks >> Show All Tasks, the 'Owner' field doesn't populate the Project members for the tasks created under a Project.


  • SD-71090: OOM Error occurs while processing 'Unassigned and Open Requests' Dashboard widget if there are many Open requests.


  • SD-71095 : In Service Template workflow, sending of approval emails fails for requesters who do not have 'Service Request Approver' permission but are Department Heads.
  • SD-71458 : Unable to translate request list view columns in non-English languages.
  • SD-73323 : 9418 Breakage: The issue fix for 'When more than one approver has same e-mail id, error message shown for actual approver while taking approval action' is broken.
  • SD-73417 : The set field action of FAFR does not work for radio button field.


  • SD-70802 : Task bars are blank in PDFs exported from Projects Gantt view.
  • SD-70919 : While navigating from a project to the next project by clicking the right arrow in project details page, same project loads repeatedly.
  • SD-72812 : @PROJECT_OWNER variable fetches milestone owner in milestone comments.
  • SD-73169 : Project Dashboard is present for technician without project module permission.


  • SD-73852, SD-73859 : 9422 Breakage: Requesters are not able to view solutions.


  • SD-69169 : Technician and Support Group are not saved in task templates when the application runs in Internet Explorer 11.
  • SD-69664 : Server link in the Account Lockout email notification is not opened.
  • SD-70368 : While creating a copy of a site, the sender name and sender email of the default site's support group is copied
  • SD-73678 : Field and form rules binding does not work for resources in grid view.
  • SD-71882 : Security settings >> Security response headers: After updating the latest service pack, custom security response headers are lost.


  • SD-72306 : Default report: Time spent by technician on projects is not working in MSSQL.


  • SD-73572, SD-73579 : SDP mobile app: When trying to reply to a conversation, the 'To' field is not auto-populated in mobile app version 4.7.1.


  • SD-69465 : Option to download digitally signed service packs
  • SD-70502 : Secondary installation configured for Fail Over Service (FOS) does not start if the application runs in the HTTPS mode.
  • SD-70646 : Files uploaded on to the application through UI are not replicated in the secondary installation configured for Fail Over Service (FOS).
  • SD-70739 : No proper authentication error message is shown for incorrect non-login URLs.
  • SD-70751 : Tasks added by changing the task template are not shown for technicians in calendar view(Home -> scheduler) in foreign language setups
  • SD-70947 : A grammatically wrong message is displayed while accessing a deleted task ID.
  • SD-71005 : Update manager heap size is set to 512M even after migrating to BIN setup
  • SD-71721 : Group is removed while editing a task using the 'Edit icon in task details page' from the comments tab.
  • SD-72857 : For instances enabled with Active Directory authentication along with dynamic user addition, user login fails if the username is in upper case
  • SD-73041 : Out Of Memory error occurs during the backup of directories with large number of files. If you adjust the memory size and complete the backup, Restore will still not be possible.
  • SD-73154 : Backup restore fails without the fileattachment zip in it. The issue occurs only if the previous backup has been manually terminated.
  • SD-73506 : Unable to change port number while installing ServiceDesk Plus in Windows machine.
  • SD-73562 : Incomplete backup files will have the .partial extension to distinguish from the complete backup files with the .data extension. Please note that the incomplete backup files cannot be restored.
  • SD-69306 : New indexes have been added to few columns in database tables for better performance.
  • SD-71578 : Application lag caused by logging and i/o delay.


(Released on 22, October, 2018)


  • SDF-70993 : Option to disable automatic delta scan. Admin >> Discovery >> Scan Settings.

Issues fixed in 9423


  • SD-71557 : XSS vulnerability found in success/failure message pop-ups is fixed.
  • SD-69428 : XSS Vulnerability in the Software Metering graph of the Software Summary page.


  • SD-70892 : In a certain scenario, issue occurs while viewing History tabs of some assets.
  • SD-71049, SD-71127 : Error occurs while Auto Assigning assets. The issue happens if the page has more than 150 workstations.
  • SD-71376 : Unable to update the WarrantyExpiry date in Diff scan while syncing the asset data from Desktop Central to SD.
  • SD-72560 : Org Serial Number field is getting duplicated in the CI details page of workstations and servers.
  • SD-72400 : Assets that are not associated to any site are not displayed for technicians without site association.
  • SD-71873 : There is no managed connection while uninstalling an agent.
  • SD-72411 : Agent information of the scanned XMLs from Desktop Central is now captured in ServiceDesk Plus.


  • SD-70632 : Unable to enter names with characters more than 30 in purchase orders.
  • SD-70798 : When an approver's name contains characters from a foreign language then these characters' encoded values are displayed in the Print Preview section of the corresponding purchase orders.
  • SD-69240 : Attachment names with commas cause page break in the Purchase Order form.
  • SD-70922 : Notification table entry undone after changing the PO status to 'Ordered'.
  • SD-71860 : Unable to delete an existing item and add new from PO edit page.
  • SD-72310 : Default Sales Tax Rate is not maintained in a PO once a vendor is selected.


  • SD-71128 : A technician with only "View" permission for contracts can attach documents to it.


  • SD-70941 : The scanned asset/workstation additional field values for a VM host get reset to default values, if configured.
  • SD-72376 & SD-74063 : While scanning CentOs machines with version above 7.2 and Red Hat machines with version above 7, the IP and MAC addresses are not captured.
  • SD-69033 : Custom CI type of workstations/servers is not preserved after a second scan.
  • SD-70950 : After the scan In SDP version9423, Network scanned status and last scanned time is not updated.


  • SD-69974 : Application freezes while clicking on the Add New Cost Centre button. The issue occurs due to loading of too many departments.
  • SD-70262 : Asset CSV import fails when a non-SD-Admin performs the import. The issue occurs if the username field is left blank and only the department name is filled in the CSV file.
  • SD-72303 : In Asset details page, the title is not in i18N.
  • SD-69147 : CIs under a child CI type is only partially preserved when the child CI is added to a different parent.
  • SD-69156 : Unable to access the Standalone Audit page by a technician who though is not an SDAdmin but has the "Scan Now" permission in Assets Module.
  • SD-73357 : Technicians (except admins) could not add/edit assets from the left panel in the Asset Home page.
  • SD-71861 : Global search under Assets now includes the value in Last Logged In User.
  • SD-73622 : UI glitch occurs on clicking expand icon in department field in Cost Center. Admin >> Purchase/Contract Management.


  • SD-70080 : Incorrect software information stored in the database.


  • SD-70564 : Under CMDB, unable to delete barcode if more than 100 CIs are deleted in one go.


  • SD-71612 : Security exception occurs during remote access by Web RDP for any non-English languages.


  • SD-73263 : GET API for CI Details using criteria is not working in the REST API Documentation tool.
  • SD-70008 : Applications installed in an Iphone scanned by Desktop Central and pushed into ServiceDesk Plus are not listed under the Applications tab.


(Released on 11, October, 2018)

New features in 9422

  • SDF-69532 : Advanced analytics integration for ServiceDesk Plus now supports two new modules - Projects and Solutions.
    • Project management analytics

      Track progress of all your projects simultaneously from a single console. These reports help you identify bottlenecks and closely monitor project activities using Burn-down and Burn-up charts.

    • Analytics on Solutions/Knowledge-base

      Keep your knowledge-base articles up-to-date by analyzing the usage patterns and measuring the relevance of your self-service solutions.

    • Analytics on Request transition history

      Analyze the transition history of a request such as,

      1. The number of times each request was re-assigned to a different technician.
      2. The amount of time a request was put in an on-hold state.
      3. The number of support groups that have worked on each request.
  • SDF-72903 : Support for Bulgarian language in ServiceDesk Plus

Issue Fixed in 9422


  • SD-68374 : When a vulnerable license file gets uploaded, no proper error message is shown
  • SD-69317 : Vulnerability: Credential information is hard coded in plain text format
  • SD-71558 : vulnerability in asset association field
  • SD-72592 : Script error pops up while changing the list view filter/personalization in projects/change list view pages.
  • SD-68703 : GET URLs replaced with POST URLs.
  • SD-72082 : Directory traversal vulnerability found in file upload.


  • SD-70986 : Time format configured in Personalize menu is not reflecting in My Reminder(s) widget in the home page
  • SD-73571 : 'Report an incident' widget contents are not translated for non-English languages.


  • SD-71616, SD-71420 : Technicians are not able to open pending tasks from their dashboard page if their name contains (,) comma


  • SD-68176 : Closure Code and Closure Comments added by a technician when resolving a request reset to a null value after the requester closes the request.
  • SD-68529 & SD-71431 : An exception is thrown while deleting a conversation in request
  • SD-70631 : Request couldn't be updated after deleting the user assigned as the request's Editor.
  • SD-70924 : A service request that's raised on a template configured with the approval condition Do not assign technician before Service Request is approved and converted into an incident request could not be reverted to a service request.
  • Please note that you can directly modify the template of a service request into a different service template.
  • SD-71888 : Query performance for shared list view filter is improved.
  • SD-72147 : Password Manager Pro Integration: Unable to view passwords for PMP resources from within SDP.
  • SD-72399 : Unable to select request group filter if there are special characters in the group name.
  • SD-73265 : Issue occurs while loading a resource question's pick list values in grid view.
  • SD-73303 & SD-73306 : Help card text is not wrapped properly in the request details page for requester logins


  • SD-70887 : Unable to add a technician in 'exclude list' under 'Technician Auto Assign' if the technician's email id contains a single quote (').
  • SD-70990 : In Professional and Standard editions, service category couldn't be deleted.
  • SD-71632 : Edited SSP message in incident and service catalogs get restored to the default message when PPM is applied
  • SD-71652 : HTTPS error message shown in ME integration page is not pointing to the right section in help card
  • SD-72795 : Closed option is not displayed for Status field in the criteria section of the custom trigger.
  • SD-73310 : Issue of field properties being editable from the requester layout
  • SD-73511 : Unable to add more than 100 values for incident/service request's pick list additional fields
  • SD-73536 : Inability to add more than 10 options for a resource question, under Service Catalog.
  • SD-73537 : Few customers, who configured the ServiceDesk Plus application in HTTP and simultaneously enabled the HTTP to HTTPS redirection, couldn't submit the surveys and encountered an 'undefined' error.
  • SD-73549 : Inability to add more than 10 questions for a resource, under Service Catalog.
  • SD-71212 : Users' email addresses are not merged if the user merge process is initiated from the requester list view.
  • SD-73496 : Advanced Analytics sync failure, caused by the addition of encrypted incident additional fields in configuration file, which resulted in breakages in 9418.
  • SD-69043 : Unable to add additional fields in Advanced Analytics Plus if the alias name has more than 60 characters
  • SD-65879 : For enhanced security, Zoho Reports will now be accessible only through TLS1.2 from Nov 1st 2018. Support for TLS 1.2 connectivity has been added in this release. Customers are requested to move to this version before Nov 1st 2018, to avoid Zoho Reports integration failure.
  • Chat

    • SD-72163 : Technician unable to receive chat requests if the technician is enabled for one chat group and excluded from other groups
    • SD-72593 : Technicians with 'Enable CMDB' role is not listed in Chat's 'All Technicians' list


    • SD-26644 : Query Report : Capitalized characters in the display name of a column in a table under query reports gets un-capitalized automatically.
    • SD-70145 : Deleted service catalog additional fields displayed under Available Columns in custom reports.


    • SD-73545 : Newly added and modified keys are supported in all languages.


    (Released on 04, October, 2018)

    Issue Fixed in 9421

    • SD-73564 :Cross site scripting vulnerability is present while viewing the asset details page


    (Released on 25, September, 2018)

    Issues Fixed in 9420

    • SD-73254 : Asset field is available in both incident and service templates of the standard edition.
    • SD-71359 : Configure Agent's TLS Protocols and Ciphers to secure communications from within the Agent side. Configure it under Admin >> Windows Agent Configuration >> Settings.
    • SD-73273 : Field and form rule configured with the "enable field" action for incident template does not get applied to request form.


    (Released on 19, September, 2018)

    Issues Fixed in 9419

    • SD-73208 : After upgrading to 9418, approvers are unable to approve incident/service requests in the Standard and Professional edition.
    • SD-73207 : Upgrade failure occurs if the notification subject and description in custom change status are empty. This issue occurs in those setups where mapping of old status to new custom status executed, after migrating from older versions to 9.0


    (Released on 17, September, 2018)

    Behavior Changes in 9418

    • SDF-63255 : Change workflow will be displayed only in Single view and not in Tab view anymore.
    • SDF-72086 : The application will function on free license after the acquired license expiry.
    • SDF-72909 : Duplicate additional fields will be automatically removed from the request template forms. To view the changes, go to the System Log Viewer.

    New Features in 9418

    • SDF-73175 : In service templates, ability to mark cost of individual resources along with the base service cost so that requesters get to know the over all service cost, and approvers can take action based on the cost involved. To learn more, click here.
    • SDF-45759, SDF-38935, SDF-47202, SDF-47573, SDF-53066, SDF-60260, SDF-61173, SDF-65154, SDF-45834, SDF-46616 : In request templates, add sections, search existing fields, preview the template, and provide help content for individual fields and for the template. In addition, you can bulk add pick list values and reorder them.
    • SDF-61033 : Field and form rules inclusion for each incident template will be indicated by an icon in the list view.
    • SDF-40475, SDF-47321, SDF-47888, SDF-46885, SDF-23574 : New field types such as Radio and Checkbox are available for incident additional fields.
    • SDF-36189 : You can now change the template of a service request. The new template can be from the same or different service category.
    • SDF-29892 : Archive requests by using the Any Completed Status criteria under Admin>>General Settings>>Data Archiving.
    • SDF-66881 : Files attached to a change in the Submission and Planning stages will be added to CAB recommendation email notifications.
    • SDF-65546 : SDAdmin can now mandate change roles in templates, and users can assign change roles while creating the change request.
    • SDF-63255 : Change roles to be notified for a given status is made specific to a change workflow. The Notify To field in a change status can be edited only within a change workflow.
    • SDF-65657 : In change workflow, configure auto-approval for changes recommended by all CAB members.
    • SDF-65114 : Define change custom triggers to be executed for recommendation, rejection, or any approval action by a CAB member. Also, you can set status change as a criteria to be fulfilled by changes for executing the trigger.
    • SDF-73177 : Share a Change Request with all technicians by selecting $AllTechnicians for SharedRole, or select specific technicians for the role.
    • SDF-60652 : User can view and perform approval actions on change requests from within iOS mobile application.
    • SDF-73179 : User emails and system notifications will be listed under Conversations inside a change. You can also reply to and forward notifications.
    • SDF-63637 : The Asset Loan feature enables you to mark loanable assets; track asset loaning, return, extension, and expiry; and configure asset loaning notifications. To learn more, click here.
    • SDF-61123 : Integrate ServiceDesk Plus with Mobile Device Manager Plus to track lost devices and perform various tasks, such as lock the device and wipe off data.
    • SDF-31037, SDF-45095, SDF-37001 : User import from Active Directory can now fetch Employee ID and 'Large Integer' type field accountExpires.
    • SDF-70656 : ADManager Plus integration, with a revamped UI, now offers the following additional user management actions through Active Directory :
      • Add to Group
      • Modify Department
      • Modify Manager
      • Remove Folder Permissions
      • Remove from Group
      • Set Folder Permissions
    • Configure from the application UI the fields to be displayed in the User Creation form. Map individual user domains with specific templates through which select fields must be modified in the Active Directory.
    • ADManager Plus version must be 6640 or above for the enhancements.
    • SDF-73176 : Configure a password, for both login and non-login users, to ensure secure access to files, such as exported reports, scheduled reports, and exported request list generated from within the application. Enable File Protection Password under Admin >> Privacy Settings. To learn more, click here.
    • SDF-65144 : Install the SSL certificate from the UI under Admin >> General Settings >> Import SSL. However, SSL certificate trusted by an internal certificate authority cannot be imported from the UI.
    • SDF-61199 : Under Sites, use the Inactive Sites filter to list the sites that are deleted, but used in the product.
    • SDF-73054 : Customize the Report an Incident widget in the requester home page by editing the HTML. Search option for templates is now available inside the same widget, making it easy and simple for users to raise requests and to report incidents.
    • SDF-69125 : The application login page gets a UI revamp. Post upgrade, default login page will be displayed. Under the self-service portal settings, customize the page by editing the HTML. You can also revert to the previous login page by inserting the corresponding CSS script. To learn more, click here.
    • SDF-76414 : Support for new language - Macedonian


    (Released on 10, September, 2018)

    Issues Fixed in 9417

    • SD-72858: Failure in sending system notifications for incoming requests and conversations in environments where Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange mailboxes are configured. This is because even the valid emails sent within these domains are marked as bounced as they don't have the 'Return-Path' header.
    • SD-72318: Under Admin > Support Group > Edit Group, the 'Notify to' option doesn't show up when the option 'Send notification to group technician when a new request is added to this group' is enabled.


    (Released on 27, August, 2018)

    Behavior change in 9416

    • If authentication is disabled in the outgoing mail server, do not enable it under Outgoing Mail Server settings. Otherwise, outgoing emails will be stopped.

    Issues Fixed in 9416

    Vulnerability :

    • SD-69292 : Vulnerability of an unauthorized user able to create, edit, and delete currency in the application is fixed.

    Requests :

    • SD-72110 : Purchase requests couldn't be associated with a service request from within the service request.

    Purchase :

    • SD-70963 : Purchase Requests with similar vendors are not listed in the Associate PR list when trying to associate a PR with a Purchase Order.

    Reports :

    • SD-72161 : Exception occurs in survey-based custom reports (tabular) if the 'Survey Type Name' is added into the column.
    • SD-72107 : Exception occurs when a technician with site restricted login permission tries to access survey reports.

    Admin :

    • SD-72372: Error occurs while trying to save the customized self-service portal draft. The issue occurs when we remove a widget from the portal and try saving it.
    • SD-71923: After upgrading to 9412, survey reports are projecting the wrong values.
    • SD-71937: Unable to edit the incident and service surveys created in Evaluation/Enterprise edition. The issue occurs when we try to edit those surveys after downgrading to the Standard Edition.
    • SD-72047: Unable to view older survey responses in some MSSQL (SQL Server) DB environments after migrating to 9412/9413/9414/9415.
    • SD-71945: Technician with SDSiteAdmin role is not able to trigger a survey from the request details page.
    • SD-72148: Exception occurs when an On Behalf of User (OBO User) tries to save a survey response.
    • SD-72426: Notification rules are cleared while editing the rules if VIP user or Department based survey exclusion rule is applied.
    • SD-72000: In MS SQL setups, an exception occurs if we click on Organize Business Rule under Admin>>Business Rules.
    • SD-68586: No alert message is shown while enabling mail debugger informing that the mail server's username and password will be printed in the logs.
    • SD-70794: In some environments, bouncing emails causes an indefinite looping of conversations as replies to such bounced emails triggers another loop.
    • SD-71608: Support group names are not fully displayed if the name of the support group contains more than 50 characters.


    (Released on 20, August, 2018)

    Issues Fixed in 9415

    Vulnerability :

    • SD-72109 : XSS vulnerability found in the asset details page is fixed.
    • SD-71576 : XSS vulnerability found in Change Calendar is fixed.
    • SD-72080 : Directory traversal vulnerability found in file upload is fixed.
    • SD-71495 : ZipSlip vulnerability found in distributed asset scan is fixed.
    • SD-72568 : Vulnerability in deletion of default license types is fixed.
    • SD-68282 : No alert message is displayed, warning about the impacted scan types when we enable "Stop uploading scanned XMLs via non-login URL" under the Security Settings.
    • SD-71928 : Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in project module Gantt view.
    • SD-69108 : Security response headers are missing in the login form.
    • SD-71704, 71703, 71702, 71676, 71675, 71674 : GET URLs replaced with POST URLs.
    • SD-71595 : Vulnerability : Able to create a table and copy data in MSSQL.
    • SD-66826 : Vulnerable HTTP method (OPTIONS) disabled.

    Requests :

    • SD-72141 : In the request history, Before Modification and After Modification sections with regards to Description changes are not displayed.

    Assets :

    • SD-71491, 71490 : Failure exception message displayed during network scan is fixed.


    (Released on 24, July, 2018)

    Issues Fixed in 9414 :

    Vulnerability :

    • SD-71123 : Vulnerability in the login page as domain filtering is not enabled.
    • SD-69907 : Vulnerability of a technician with request view only permission being able to add attachments and add/edit worklogs is fixed.
    • SD-68547 : Vulnerabilities fixed in requester search.
    • SD-65745 : Vulnerability fixed : Password has been encrypted in the Incoming Mail Server settings.

    Requests :

    • SD-71938 : 9412 Breakage : Service templates are listed under 'Incident Catalog' tab even if the "Combine incident and service templates listing for the service' option is disabled in Self service portal.
    • SD-71876 : Task filter name is not encoded in requests list view.
    • SD-71587 : If a request has a table in its description field, then error occurs while printing that request.
    • SD-71180 : Description field is left blank in some cases where requests are created through Mail.
    • SD-71122 : Images in email signatures are considered as attachments while sending a reply to a request.
    • SD-70481 : Admin requester history is not recorded when a technician spot edits any requester's field in the request details page.
    • SD-69187 : Archived requests are not listed up while performing a Request ID search using the global search bar.
    • SD-68277 : Typo in the request approval success message has been rectified.
    • SD-66339 : When a Technician with permission to a particular group changes the group of a request, the resulting page redirects to the requests list view.
    • SD-64098 : The requester's list view doesn't load completely while creating a custom view and in Advanced Search when there is a large number of Requesters
    • SD-70909, SD-70770, SD-70017 : FAFR : Unable to create a request when a mandatory field present under resource section is hidden through FAFR.
    • SD-71188 : Field and form rules are not applied for disabled fields in IE.
    • SD-68439 : Request Status Scheduler popup doesn't appear for a Technician if his/her role doesn't have the FGA "Reopening Request" enabled under Advanced Permission.

    Changes :

    • SD-71192 : Option to allow a Change Owner to globally edit a Change Request.
    • SD-71572 : While printing request/problem/change list view using the browser print option (Ctrl/Cmd + P), request URL gets added to prints.
    • SD-71094 : After saving default values for all user roles, values do not get reflected in change template roles tab.
    • SD-69947 : Non-login attribute link added in the subject of a change template exposes the key in change details page. Also, the description after the non-login link is not displayed.
    • SD-69784 : Alignment issue occurs in change details page if there are a number of users in a change roles field.
    • SD-69046 : Performance issue occurs in Change Form if there are a large number of options (few thousands) in any of the select component (site, group etc).
    • SD-68375 : Error exception report thrown instead of error messages across product.

    Dashboard :

    • SD-71211 : Unable to open requests from the following dashboard widgets; 'SLA violated requests and requests', 'Requests received in last 20 days' and 'Requests closed in last 20 days'.
    • SD-71478 : Report widgets in dashboards page are not displaying custom reports.

    Projects :

    • SD-71877 : Requester with a project owner role is not able to view task link present in the notification email. An authorization error is thrown.

    Solutions :

    • SD-70665 : Public solutions are not displayed for requesters even if no user groups are selected.

    Reports :

    • SD-71377 : Incorrect report data gets exported if we have selected 'default reports' as the filer option. Issue occurs while exporting reports in HTML, XLS, and CSV formats.

    Others :

    • SD-71959 : Upgrade failure is not handled in foreign language setups for MS SQL databases.
    • SD-71188 : Field and form rules are not applied for disabled fields in IE.
    • SD-71177 : Mail fetching schedule does not function as per the fetch interval customization.
    • SD-70961 : While importing users from AD, notification gets triggered for the AAAUser table even if the username doesn't get changed.
    • SD-70932 : HTTP to HTTPS redirection settings are not retained after the upgrade.
    • SD-70917, SD-70881 : Loading screen doesn't get closed even after SDP gets started.
    • SD-70832 : Technician with SDSiteAdmin role with restriction to a specific site can edit requester accounts and provide all sites view permission to requesters.
    • SD-70822 : Application backup runs into an infinite looping condition if the primary key for the table is large.
    • SD-70777 : Login details appear even after selecting 'Don't show login details" option in the login page.
    • SD-70357 : In additional fields' pick list values, "+" symbol is getting replaced with space.
    • SD-70347 : When editing a requester's details who is also a purchase approver requester, site, and department data is not loaded.
    • SD-70222 : In a Multi-language license setup, where a requester login is personalized to Arabic, home page solution search throws an error (the same search works fine if the login is personalized to english).
    • SD-70213 : In SSO enabled setups, header tabs keeps reloading.
    • SD-70069 : While importing company logo under organization details, 'GIF Image' option is selected by default instead of 'All Files'.
    • SD-69952 : Department name gets duplicated during LDAP user import if the department name has some trailing space.
    • SD-69473 : Account lock option is enabled by default in fresh installations.
    • SD-68666 : UI glitch occurs near Available User Groups and Selected User Groups while creating a new announcement.
    • SD-68487 : Filter option "View Emergency Templates" under change template UI flows out of select box.
    • SD-67654 : Unable to log in to the application when domain filtering is disabled and there is no public domain.
    • SD-66169 : Alternative mail server configured under 'Outgoing' mail server settings does not work.
    • SD-40643 : User-defined fields are allowed to be imported using LDAP.


    (Released on 12, July, 2018)

    Behavior Change in 9413:

    • SD-71872 : Custom statuses, created before 9.3, displayed as system project filters are removed with this release.

    Issues Fixed in 9413:

    • SD-71818 : Upgrade failure occurs during migration if a PO had "null" value for the "item" field.
    • SD-71817 : Upgrade failure occurs due to non-synced entries in "changetoci" and "ciinfo_otherapps" table.
    • SD-71816 : While adding a new relationship to a relationship map, non-English characters appear as "??"
    • SD-71810 : Upgrade failure occurs if the personalization data is missing in "ACTABLEVIEWCONFIG" table.
    • SD-71808 : Upgrade failure occurs if a task comments owner value is 'null'.
    • SD-71800 : Upgrade failure occurs if both incident and service business rule have a same name under the same site.
    • SD-71796 : Task list view does not load properly after migrating to the latest version in certain cases.
    • SD-71783 : Projects custom filters added in versions prior to 9.3 are missing after migrating to the latest version.
    • SD-71782 : Webinar URL has been updated.
    • SD-71871 : Projects' private filters, created in versions before 9.3, will be visible in the "Manage Views" section only to users who created them.


    (Released on 05, July, 2018)

    Behavior Change in 9412:

    • SD-70724 : Actionable items in the Admin module are moved to the left side.
    • SD-70728 : 'Add new form' in business rule, SLA, custom filter has a revamped UI.
    • SD-71104 : Community tab is hidden for technicians (non-admins).
    • SD-71646 : Item price is mandated in purchase order.
    • SD-56821 : Links displayed for Project Title, Tasks, Milestones in the Associate Project pop-up in requests are removed.
    • SD-71027 : "More Fields" button is removed in the New project form.
    • The maximum character limit for command scripts in custom triggers has been restricted to 200.

    New features in 9412:

    • Privacy settings enhancement:

      • Encryption At Rest for sensitive data: Option to encrypt the confidential information collected in Incident/Service Additional Fields. Single or Multi-line and Pick List fields can be encrypted. Click here to know more.
      • Password protected backup data: The application backup is now protected with a password. The password is required to open the backup file / restore it. This password can be changed in the Admin-> Backup schedule page. click Edit Scheduling and input the backup password to change the backup password.
      • Anonymize deleted users: Option to anonymize deleted users from the Requesters list. Click here to know more.
      • Limitation :
        Reports, advanced search, custom filters will not display any of the encrypted fields.
        The MasterKey password cannot include non-English characters.
    • SDF-71766 : Password Manager Pro Integration: Option to remotely access privileged accounts in target machines (or resources) from within ServiceDesk Plus without account credentials. Find the feature at Admin >> General Settings >> ME Integrations. Click here to know more.
    • SDF-71759 : Do more with V3 API: Now you can perform the following operations using the V3 API: ADD, UPDATE, GET, GET ALL, DELETE, CLOSE requests. Add Resolution, pickup requests, associate requests, and link requests.
    • SDF-21131 , SDF-22400 , SDF-24334 , SDF-61555 : Enhanced Survey - Some of the enhancements include,

      Option to:

      • Configure different survey templates for different type of requests.
      • Send ad hoc surveys; the survey need not be associated to a request.
      • Send surveys periodically; in predefined intervals, such as once after 2 weeks or 4 months.
      • Configure different answers for different questions. Find these features at Admin >> User Survey. To learn more about this features. Refer to this.
    • SDF-63939 : Custom Scripts in BR: Option to invoke custom scripts in business rules. You can use this to completely abort operations or update field values (like additional field value). Find the feature at Admin >> Organization Details >> Business Rules. Click here to know more.
    • SDF-31605 , SDF-62977 , SDF-63517 : Request status is given under business rule criteria.
    • SDF-61713 , SDF-61890 , SDF-62294 , SDF-63690 : Business view: Option to view and manage the saved relationship maps of CIs from one place.

      Find the feature in CMDB > Business view. Click here to know more.

    • SDF-68798 : Chat enhancements: Option to interact easily with fellow technicians using the inbuilt chat. Click here to learn more.
    • SDF-65490 : User merge tool : Option to merge duplicate requesters. Find the feature at Admin >> Users >> Requesters. Click here to learn more.
    • SDF-65398 : Task custom filter: Option to create custom task filters.
    • SDF-51449 : Additional fields for Projects: Capture different types of alphanumeric information about your projects by adding different types of fields
    • SDF-71757 : Project Dashboard: Get projects related key information displayed in the dashboards page. Include project related widgets to display key information on the dashboard page. Click here to know more.
    • SDF-71758 : Enhanced comments for projects/milestones/tasks: Notify users in comments by using '@ mentions'; For e.g., use @John to notify John. Click here to know more.
    • SDF-49791 : Global search for projects: Find projects easily by using keywords, and also column fields, such as Priority, Owner, and other column heads in the global search.
    • SDF-50361 : Multiple associations between projects and changes: Streamline the change or project process by associating multiple changes to a project and multiple projects to a change. Click here to know more.
    • SDF-50266 : Project template creation made easy: Create project templates from already existing projects, saving the redundant effort involved in creating a project template similar to an existing template.
    • SDF-55327 : Notifications for comments: Option to have bell icon notifications for comments added on projects.
    • SDF-56887 : Option to customize projects list view to display the projects important to you by default. Mark filters as favorites and change the order of the filters as per your requirement.Click here to know more.
    • SDF-63244 : "Estimated Effort" column included in the custom report for Tasks.
    • SDF-23878 :Created time for tasks: Option to view the created time of tasks.
    • SDF-63515 : Personalized task filters will remain specific to each module (Homepage, requests, changes, problems, and projects).
    • SDF-63674 , SDF-63961 : Purchase order enhancements: Option to create a purchase order for non-asset purchases such as training and services. Find the feature at Admin >> Purchase/Contract Management >> Vendor Services. Click here to know more.
    • SDF-28658 : Resource state enhancements - Option to add custom asset state with the ability to enable/disable scan for assets in those states. Option to enable ownership for assets in these custom states. Find the feature at Admin >> Asset Management >> Asset State. Click here to know more.
    • SDF-70727 : Collapsible tabs introduced in header and sub-header of the application to avoid unnecessary scrolling.
    • SDF-71169 : Support for 'Lithuanian' language in ServiceDesk Plus.
    • SDF-70397 : Support for 'Greek' language in ServiceDesk Plus.
    • SDF-70722 : Community page inside the application sports a new look.
    • SDF-71948 : Desktop Central Integration : "Tools" introduced under Actions menu of requests for performing operations such as "Lock", "Hibernate", "Shutdown", "Restart" etc., on target machines remotely from SDP.

    Issue Fixed in 9412

    • SD-66006 : Vulnerability in the storage of private key for scanning Linux devices is fixed.
    • SD-67623 : Insecure storage of passwords in credential library.
    • SD-65170 : Business Rule's 'description' criteria such as "ends with" and " contains" does not work for requests with description size greater than the one configured in GlobalConfig DESCPSIZE. This issue occurs in requests added or updated through mail.
    • SD-70875 : Unable to save new content in scribble pad. An internal error also occurs while trying to close the scribble pad.
    • SD-22280 : When a ROBO Template is invoked through API, it does not perform the password reset function automatically. This issue is fixed in V3 API.
    • SD-24532 :Null pointer exception occurs while trying to open a survey without any answers.
    • SD-46249 : When a user submits a survey but fails to close the confirmation message and hits the back button, the user is not able to submit the survey the second time. A null pointer exception is thrown.
    • SD-56821 : On clicking Associate Project Button, the links for Project Title, Tasks, Milestones are present in the pop-up.
    • SD-61872 : Unable to save a password with special characters in credentials library.
    • SD-67496 : Chat module : Technician online/offline status is not considered when a chat is initiated to a technician.
    • SD-70325 : In / URL, the parameter 'form' is passed twice.
    • SD-70380 : Technician with request and project edit permission is unable to detach an associated project from a request.
    • SD-70600 : Private / Public filter icon is not displayed in the custom filters list view.
    • SD-71029 : After 9409, AD import doesn't start if more than 300 OU's are selected.
    • SD-71351 : Unable to access the technician availability chart and calendar from 'Quick Actions' menu.
    • SD-71713: With Zoho reports integrated, the application fails to start when internet connectivity is disabled.


    (Released on 28, June, 2018)

    Issue Fixed in 9411

    • SD-71715: Sometimes, when multiple threads or multiple users access Incident/Service templates or the Service Catalog simultaneously, the application may fail to create corresponding cache for the operations and crash.


    (Released on 20, June, 2018)

    Issues Fixed in 9410

    • SD-70610 : XSS vulnerability in add new request form's 'insert image' section is fixed.
    • SD-71186 : If PM tasks are created using templates with service catalog additional fields, then the back up (with 9404 data in particular) and restore operations on a fresh installation fails.
    • SD-70749 : Scheduled tasks are not getting triggered in certain environments after the latest framework update.


    (Released on 24, May, 2018)

    Issues Fixed in 9409

    • SD-71092 : An inappropriate message is displayed when a technician (with permission to view the group requests) reassigns a request to a different group.
    • SD-70972 : In some scenarios, a few business rules and custom triggers couldn't be accessed or executed. Also, the dashboard isn't loaded for some technicians.
    • SD-70978 : Non-login approval link isn't opened when another user has logged in to the application in the same browser of a system.
    • SD-71105 : Unable to create a group under Assets.
    • SD-70538 : In the MS SQL setup, when you upgrade a build to 9400 or above, service requests created using custom templates can't be archived or removed from trash.


    (Released on 14, May, 2018)

    Issues Fixed in 9408

    • SD-71056 : After entering a requester's name in the new request page, the requester's details are not fetched.
    • SD-70885 : Logged-in approver is not able to download attachments from the approval page.
    • SD-71098 : Blank page appears while accessing Gantt view under any project.
    • SD-71006 : Custom trigger's executor type is saved as "script" even when we have selected the executor type as "class".


    (Released on 07, May, 2018)

    Behavior Changes

    • SD-69982 : Beyond the Submission stage of a change, the Change Owner will no longer be allowed to globally edit the fields.
    • From the Approvals stage of a change, any global edit made by the Change Manager will be notified to all Change Roles associated. You can disable this under the Change Notification Rules.

    New feature in 9407

    • SDF-67777 : Option to choose the US/EU data centres for Zoho Reports under Advanced Analytics Configuration Wizard.

    Issues fixed in 9407


    • SD-69155 : Information exposure vulnerability in change notes.
    • SD-68759 : XSS Vulnerability in change stage status.
    • SD-68232 : XSS Vulnerability in problem's details page.
    • SD-68092 : XSS Vulnerability in problem's history tab.
    • SD-67954 : XSS vulnerability in custom reports.
    • SD-67928 : Information exposure vulnerability in change and status.
    • SD-67891 : XSS Vulnerability in scheduled reports.
    • SD-67786 : XSS Vulnerability in custom report's folder name.
    • SD-70829 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of generating requests.
    • SD-67696, SD-67693, SD-67692 : Information exposure vulnerability in change roles.
    • SD-67317 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in change dashboard.
    • SD-67373 : Privilege escalation vulnerability during a request merge.
    • SD-67142 : XSS vulnerability in "Manage Folder" section of reports.
    • SD-63223 : CSRF vulnerability in password reset form.
    • SD-70451, SD-70247: Privilege escalation vulnerability in custom reports.
    • SD-69912 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in change reports.
    • SD-69611 : SQL injection in query report.
    • SD-69261 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in change modules' non-login pages.
    • SD-70605 : CSRF Vulnerability while adding and updating the technician details.
    • SD-68568 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in the incident to service request conversion.


    • SD-67978 : In requests' Reply, Forward the Request and Email/SMS the Technician notifications, when you enter script tag in the Description field, the script is executed and an error message is thrown.
    • SD-68584 : When XLS files of requests with the custom status Completed are imported, the Completed Date field takes the current date rather than the pre-set values.
    • SD-70653 : Unable to add Service Requests from a requester login if the template has more than 24 single line additional fields with "Requester Allowed to Set" option unchecked.
    • SD-70142 : When auto-closure is enabled and all the tasks of the request are resolved, then status changes are not captured in the history.
    • SD-68996 : Values doesn't get displayed for the additional fields in the dependency list view of a request.
    • SD-68989 : Support groups' sender mail address is getting displayed as from address for the request which is assigned to that support group. Issue occurs if the requester replies through portal.
    • SD-68953 : Reply mail is triggered when pressing the enter key from subject column of the reply window.
    • SD-25343 : Clicking on choose button in the Advanced Filtering section under Add custom views page displays a pop up window in smaller size.
    • SD-69394 : Request description's edit history is not captured if the content is greater than the maximum limit.
    • SD-69753, SD-70167 : Requesters are not able to search requests using request ids.
    • SD-68778 : While printing a request of an actual half page content, it takes up two pages.
    • SD-67445 : In request details page, clicking on monitor icon under the requester's name does not open up the requester's asset pop-up as expected in the center of the page. This issue occurs only in Chrome.
    • SD-67527 : Unable to print in the Landscape mode while using Chrome after migrating to 9308.
    • SD-70889 : Requests: In combined tasks list view, the estimated effort field's value is shown in minutes.
    • SD-70929 : In request list view left side pane, task's subject has a bold font which is not pleasant.


    • SD-69758 : Default size of the Add Notes window in problems' create/edit page has been increased.
    • SD-68743 : Problem - While hovering over a problem in problems list view, associated incidents count is not shown even if there are associated incidents.
    • SD-69884 : In a case, where the application server runs on Windows and has Linux as the client, problem attachments with special characters in their names aren't saved properly and therefore can't be downloaded.


    • SD-69474 : In 9323 and the following versions, Assets Involved field value is not added upon adding/updating a change using API.
    • SD-69475 : When field names in change API contain forward or trailing space, the field values are not auto-populated in the change.
    • SD-69903 : When the maximum number of assets are added to a change, only the key is displayed rather than the message itself.
    • SD-69595 : When you create and associate a new change from within an incident or a problem, the assets associated with the incident/problem aren't added to the change.
    • SD-70143 : After you associate incidents or problems to a change, the incidents/problems selection window fails to automatically close.
    • SD-66044 : Error occurs while updating a Change through API when Group field is marked as mandatory.
    • SD-66292 : 'Not associated to any site' option is listed in alphabetical order instead of at top of the list in the Site field under Change details page' edit section.
    • SD-66868 : Unable to assign group for a change through API if the site is not provided along with the group.
    • SD-61895 : While clicking 'Send for Recommendation' in approval section of a Change, the pop-up that appears has a misleading title ("Submit Change For Approval" is shown instead of "Submit for Recommendation").
    • SD-70981 : Users not able to add approval comments using non-login URLs.
    • SD-68370 : Change owner without the create change permission is not able to edit a change.
    • SD-68708 : Change Additional Fields - Fields added using "Add new field" option in change template gets added to both the template and "Available Fields".
    • SD-68814 : Change - HTML content is shown in the print preview page.
    • SD-69132 : Change - Print view does not contain the Image attached in the 'Description' field of change in "Review" stage. The image's source is alone shown.
    • SD-68632 : Invalid request (in planning stage) is displayed under archived request for SDAdmins.


    • SD-66579 : Project title is displayed as undefined in the project gantt view when the project doesn't fall on the selected time span but any of the milestones/tasks fall in the selected time span.


    • SD-61821 : On hovering over 'All Solutions' under Topics section of Solution module, the scroll bar flickers and becomes immovable.


    • SD-67899 : Error message is not shown properly while adding a duplicate Custom Triggers name with a script tag.
    • SD-67541 : Admin>> Advanced Analytics: Clicking on texts near the radio button in configuration wizard also enables the radio button. Also, option provided to close images under Reports-->Advanced Analytics.


    • SD-69615 : Print preview page in reports comes with large space between passages.
    • SD-69454 : In CI History and Audit reports, when you miss out From/To date and update them, an untranslated error message with just the key in it is thrown.
    • SD-35320 : Exception occurs when executing a query with ORDER BY clause under Reports--> New Query Report.
    • SD-60523 : Custom report output containing boolean and date fields are right aligned.
    • SD-67835 : Unable to generate "Audit History by Workstation" report.
    • SD-68477 : Reports - In matrix reports, clicking on the currently selected tab changes the tab but not the content.
    • SD-68512 : Reports - Exception occurs in custom report's filter if there is no value specified in the criteria's value field.
    • SD-68511 : Reports - Exception occurs when same column name is given in "then group by" select options.


    • SD-70391 : Users could save reminders across the product with just entering some space (without text/numeric entry) in the Summary field.
    • SD-70465 : Broadcast message option is displayed for requesters when the Quick Actions menu is enabled.
    • SD-69583 : In problems and changes, the notes icon appears distorted in notes the list view.
    • SD-70587 : The less privileged users are able to view the technician and the domain details.
    • SD-69304 : NullPointerException occurs when you integrate Analytics Plus (version 3120 and earlier ones) with ServiceDesk Plus.
    • SD-69327 : When one of the two technicians with the same login name in different domains executes a scheduled report, domain credentials of the other user (without the module/scheduled reports privilege) is loaded, at times, and an exception error is thrown.
    • SD-69990 : When you delete service catalog additional fields, they aren't removed from Zoho Reports integrated with ServiceDesk Plus.
    • SD-70123 : Performance issue due to high CPU usage.
    • SD-65752 : While clicking on Dynamic View for any Data Models under Reports, an error message pops up and disappears automatically.
    • SD-70496 : Issue in re-assigning category if subcategory is moved under another category.
    • SD-68281 : Zoho Reports - Special characters are sent in encoded form while sending an initial success mail.
    • SD-68317 : Zoho Reports - After saving zoho reports credentials, not able to change to Analytics plus as resetting the password is not possible.
    • SD-68628 : Zoho Reports - Nullpointer exception occurs while parsing change.xml and adding it in zrmemodules.xml. Issue occurs if change.xml entries are already present in zrmemodules.xml
    • SD-68954 : Incorrect 'Schedule Start' & 'Schedule End' time are shown in Change Calendar if the client and server time zone are different.
    • SD-62367 : Import now button has been provided at the bottom of the AD import window to avoid unnecessary page scroll down.
    • SD-68212 : Proxies will be skipped for locally installed Analytics Plus.
    • SD-68272 : Zoho Reports - Edit option for the 'host' field in Analytics Plus configuration is provided.
    • SD-70400 : Timer value is not shown properly for chats transferred to a different technician. Issue occurs if the technician to whom the chat was transferred hits refresh.
    • SD-70807 : Unable to see the Announcement settings section since upgrading to the latest version.
    • SD-70865 : Formatting in the chat box is not done properly.
    • SD-70915 : Announcements order is not proper in the latest version.


    (Released on 25, April, 2018)

    New feature in 9406

    • SDF-68872 : Auto delta scan: Automatic identification of hardware and software changes by the agent in the client machine and notify the application server to initiate the scan from the server.

    Issues fixed in 9406:


    • SD-69461 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in attachments section of assets.
    • SD-69294 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in default license types.
    • SD-69460 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in associating workstations.
    • SD-69302 : Privilege escalation vulnerability while editing the asset details page.
    • SD-58456 : The SSL handshake failure occurs if the cipher suite algorithm used by the server is not supported by the windows agent.
    • SD-66584 : Information exposure vulnerability in credentials library.
    • SD-68070 : XSS vulnerability in purchase order list view search.
    • SD-66403 : XSS vulnerability in add new contract page.
    • SD-68516 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in associating child contracts.
    • SD-56921 : Weak ciphers removed in Agent.
    • SD-66409 : XSS vulnerability in the barcode's history page.


    • SD-69056 & SD-67925 : Incorrect information is displayed in the asset dashboards' 2d bar graphs.


    • SD-70891 : Unread requests in the request list view are not bold enough.


    • SD-68985 : SMBIOS information is not getting fetched while scanning a workstation.
    • SD-68339 : Unable to fetch the "last logged in" user's information using script scanning in Linux machines.
    • SD-68056 : Sound card information does not get updated even though it is present in scanned XML for all XML scans.
    • SD-70119 : Distributed asset scan fails when the domain name contains space in the central server settings.
    • SD-70555 : NullPointer Exception occurs when processing OS information scanned and pushed from ManageEngine Desktop Central.
    • SD-66609 : Processor (CPU) changes are not reflected in the history tab during a scan.
    • SD-67320 : Unable to fetch the "last logged in" user's information during Mac machines scan.
    • SD-68136 : Based on the sysdescription, incorrect model names are assigned to snmp devices. Because of that unknown models are not listed in unknown OIDs list.
    • SD-70590 : Agent upgrade is delayed in build versions with the latest framework change.
    • SD-70606 : Able to configure the Windows agent by using the CSRF vulnerability.
    • SD-66809 : Web remote session continues even after logging out of the application.
    • SD-68137 : Permission Denied Error occurs while executing a linux script file for commands like "Dmidecode".
    • SD-70772 : Web remote is not working in exe,https setups in recent builds.


    • SD-66317 : Business impact data is only partially shown in the drop-down in add new CI type page.
    • SD-69531 : When you edit a child configuration item (an asset with OS unspecified) manually or through API, it is moved into the parent CI.
    • SD-69541 : Users are not able to update requester's login name and domain name through CMDB API.


    • SD-69053 : NullPointer Exception occurs while allotting CAL for users.
    • SD-67584 : Wrong warning message is shown while deleting software licenses.
    • SD-53608 : Multi Line License additional fields are not shown in the Software License CSV import page.
    • SD-67428 : Software suite is not getting deleted in a workstation's software list even if there are no software in the workstation.
    • SD-69431 : Software license keys are limited to hundred characters.


    • SD-69215 : When a PO is edited and the approval process is initiated for a second time, then the approval process faces a breakage.
    • SD-69017 : If a Product's Name contains '_' while creating a PO from PR, then that name does not populated in the New PO Form.
    • SD-68912 : In Purchase Requests's approval notification mail, values for udf-char variables are wrongly replaced.
    • SD-68659 : While creating a purchase order, the cost center lists names instead of the codes.
    • SD-68285 : If the default terms and conditions for purchase orders exceed 3500 characters, then the PO is not getting saved.
    • SD-68534 : Purchase requests display the Cost centre Name instead of the Cost Centre Code.
    • SD-67651 : Unable to approve the PR from the Approval tab if a comment is added with special characters.
    • SD-69876 : Search function doesn't work while choosing a technician in a purhcase request.
    • SD-69873 : '&' in a software name is replaced with 'amp' in purchase orders.
    • SD-69216 : When you add a product through a purchase order, and then edit its vendor details under the Admin setup, the vendor details are not updated until you specify the Warranty Period.
    • SD-69501 : Inline search doesn't work after searching a purchase order in the global search.
    • SD-69483 : When technicians are deleted while being associated to purchase requests, they continue to list in the Technician drop-down of new purchase requests.
    • SD-68662 : Unable to close the error message pop-up that appears when a purchase order is saved without filling the quantity field.


    • SD-69067 : If a contract has special characters as values in its pick list fields then they are changed to empty values while editing.
    • SD-68813 : Ampersand characters present in the description and support details fields of the add new contract form are not displayed properly.
    • SD-69442 : Pick list additional field values containing space or special characters are not displayed when creating/editing a contract.
    • SD-69632 : Users are able to add/remove assets to expired contracts after renewing them.


    • SD-69082 : Incorrect error message is shown for duplicate key exception while editing the name of an asset.
    • SD-69047 : Unable to delete workstations from the "Workstations failed during last scan" list view.
    • SD-68947 : Asset Probe data is not deleted from the central server after a successful import of remote data.
    • SD-68258 : Vendor names are not listed alphabetically in the Asset creation form and edit form.
    • SD-67078 : Unable to search Russian user names in the 'Choose User' field of the Asset state pop-up.
    • SD-65944 : Navigation message for the flexigrid view is not in I18N.
    • SD-70604 : Able to add and update requester details by CSRF vulnerability.
    • SD-70041 : When you remove assets from a static group, they are not detached until you refresh the page.
    • SD-70738 : Robo technician functionality does not work in exe setups.
    • SD-70743 : In IE 11, Impact page under Admin is not loaded properly.


    • SD-70771 : Duplicate Fields are displayed in reports after the latest upgrade.


    • SD-70806: Default font in the application is changed after upgrading to 9404.


    (Released on 16, April, 2018)

    Behavior Changes in 9405

    • SD-70241: Ntlm log accumulation is cleared during server startup.

    Issues fixed in 9405:

    Vulnerability Issues:

    • SD-70608: XSS vulnerability in the request list view is fixed.
    • SD-70609: XSS vulnerability in distributed asset scan's list view.
    • SD-70607: Able to add custom schedules by using the CSRF vulnerability.
    • SD-69186: XSS vulnerability in request collaboration.
    • SD-68638: Privilege escalation vulnerability in user roles.
    • SD-68373: Privilege escalation vulnerability in logs.
    • SD-69384: Information exposure vulnerability in log files.
    • SD-68230: XSS vulnerability in merge request pop-up.
    • SD-68214: XSS vulnerability in the logged-in technician pop-up.
    • SD-68125: XSS vulnerability in solutions' topic.
    • SD-68112: Privilege escalation vulnerability in archived requests attachments.
    • SD-68007: XSS vulnerability in reply template.
    • SD-67814: XSS vulnerability in importing projects.
    • SD-67802: XSS vulnerability in imported solutions.
    • SD-67533: Privilege escalation vulnerability in requester details.
    • SD-70382: Privilege escalation vulnerability in password reset configurations.
    • SD-69972: Privilege escalation vulnerability in generating API keys.
    • SD-69491: Privilege escalation vulnerability in problem attachments.


    • SD-68213: Characters ('<' and '>') are replaced by ('<' and '>') in the back up technician drop-down while a assigning back technician rule under Scheduler>>Back up Technician.
    • SD-66615: Exceptions occurs while adding or viewing tasks from the home page.
    • SD-70419: Error occurs while approving a request from the home page.
    • SD-69817: Task Owner is not displayed when the edit icon is clicked from Comments/Work log/History tabs under Home-->Tasks.
    • SD-70623: In the home page Scheduler, technicians with '&' in their names, when marked on leave continue to list in the backup technicians drop-down.


    • SD-70047, SD-70171 : Add worklog page is blank for requesters with add/view task permission.
    • SD-69024, SD-70440 : Description content in the task notification is displayed without line breaks.
    • SD-70720: Encoded characters are present in subject field of the task notification email.


    • SD-69131: Under service request's resource questions if the answers have a colon(':') between numeric values (E.g,10:30), then it is not getting saved.
    • SD-68115: Diff updates are not mentioned in the history tab if a resource section of a service template is updated multiple times.
    • SD-66739: In some cases, diff updates related to checkbox questions in the resource field of a service template are not captured in history.
    • SD-70454: Unable to create purchase request from service request when priority is High or Medium or Low.
    • SD-70413: When the approval configuration 'Do not assign technician before Service Request is approved' is enabled, then the original technician is assigned via service template instead of backup technician after the service request is approved.
    • SD-70385: When a signature variable is included in the 'Notifying for Approval' notification template through a non-login view, an approval notification is not send to next level approvers automatically after the current stage is approved.
    • SD-70356: Unable to perform a column search in request list view with two parameters.
    • SD-69880: Expand/Collapse option doesn't work in the History tab of any tasks under Requests.
    • SD-70752: When technicians who are not SDAdmins add/edit resolutions to requests, they are unable to select and use resolution templates.
    • SD-70741: When technicians who are not SDAdmins reply to requests, they are unable to select and use reply templates.
    • SD-70521: When incoming emails with images are addressed to two custom groups with different aliases, they are created as two requests, but images appear only in one request.
    • SD-70579: Requesters are able to delete approvers under the Approval tab of incident requests.
    • SD-69279 : Text wrap is not applied for archived log's description in the work log list view.


    • SD-70717: When a software, initially with unspecified CI type is edited and saved, the CI type is set to null.


    • SD-66855: Task description field is missing in the custom reports for tasks.


    • SD-69050: Alternative email ids of the requesters listed in the CI info tab are encrypted twice.
    • SD-68721: If any user group is saved without criteria, then user group specific service templates are not available for requesters.
    • SD-68139: Mail fetching is stopped while receiving a push notification.
    • SD-63913: If the TLS 1.0 is disabled in the mail server, then the mail fetching stops.
    • SD-70442: Closure code and closure comment values for Resolved status are not maintained when the request is auto-closed.
    • SD-70367: Support group's site ID in CI table of a referred site is updated as Null when default support group's site is updated.
    • SD-69449: Unable to import users from AD if all the required OUs are selected.
    • SD-69794: V1 GET_WORKLOGS API doesn't respond properly if the worklog field contains special characters.
    • SD-70708: In privacy settings enabled builds, when users try to delete technician accounts accommodating special characters, the names appear broken in the anonymizing window.
    • SD-70697: In privacy settings enabled builds, users are unable to delete technician accounts when their anonymous names hold the character, '%'.
    • SD-70533: Mail fetching is ceased in large environments.


    • SD-69436: While accessing AjaxServlet using an invalid argument, blank page with a 'null' text is displayed
    • SD-70620: Users are able to upgrade the build to a higher version while running the server which results in a partial upgrade error.
    • SD-70619: Users are able to proceed with the build upgrade after an exception error (for current and upgrade versions being the same) is thrown and this results in a partial upgrade error.


(Released on 5, April, 2018)

New Features in 9404 :

  • GDPR
    • User privacy management : Handle personal data of users (both technicians and end users) in accordance with privacy regulations such as the GDPR. In the Request module, you can now mark out all fields that contain users' personally identifiable information (PII), making it easy for admins to identify what PII is collected and stored in ServiceDesk Plus. In addition, when users exercise their right to be forgotten, admins can anonymize the deleted users' names to random text and delete the associated PII from the application. Find this feature under Admin >> Privacy Settings. For more details, Click here.
  • PM Tasks for Service Request - Plan your preventive maintenance tasks well in advance for service requests as well.

    Find the feature in Admin >> Organizational Details >> Preventive Maintenance Tasks.

  • Custom Trigger Enhancements
    • Execute custom trigger actions for requests that contain replies and for approved/rejected requests.
    • Groups defined under other sites are now listed under criteria.
    • Requester name, sites and technician will now be listed under criteria.
    • Create triggers without any criteria. By default, this option is disabled. To enable, follow the instructions from the link

    Find the feature under Admin >> Custom Trigger >> Execute Actions.

  • Technician Homepage Enhancements - Customize technician's home page by adding/organizing widgets, and changing the layout and background color.

    Find the feature under Home >> Customize.

  • Export Requests - Select and export requests right from the list view, in various formats.

    Find the feature under Requests >> Actions.

  • Organize Request Catalog - Easily sequence the templates under the request catalog to suit your requirements.

    Find the feature in Admin >> Service Catalog >> Reorder.

  • Scribble Pad - Make simple, hurried notes in a jiffy using the all-new inbuilt scribble pad.

    Find the feature at the top right corner of the header pane.

  • HTML Editor Enhancements - Edit email notification content as HTML and use $ to add variables to the content.

    Find the feature at Admin >> Notification Rules >> Customize template >> Edit HTML.

  • Health Meter - Assess your application's health metrics in just a glance from the community tab.

    Find the feature under Community >> Health Meter.

  • Unified Notification Rules - Customize and configure notification rules across modules under a single roof.

    Find the feature under Admin >> Organization Details >> Notification Rules.

  • Admin Search Enhancement - Experience the enhanced admin search functionality with the categorically listed searched items.

    Find the feature in the Admin section.

  • AMS Renewal - Be notified of the subscription expiry and apply for its renewal, right from the application.

    Find the feature under Technician Profile >> Get your new AMS.

Issues Fixed in 9404 :

  • SD-69036 : Custom triggers are not executed for duplicated requests.
  • SD-64060 : Custom triggers are not executed on requests that are generated from preventive maintenance tasks.
  • SD-61050 : XSS vulnerable "JQuery" framework version (1.8.3) has been upgraded to stable version (2.2.4)


(Released on 21, March, 2018)

New Features in 9403 :

  • SDF-69258 : Support for 'Georgian' language.

Issues Fixed in 9403 :

  • SD-69139 : XSS vulnerability in Request API.
  • SD-70508 : AD authentication doesn't work in the mobile client context.
  • SD-70395 : In recently upgraded setups, start server/ shutdown server shortcuts does not work properly.
  • SD-70341 : Due to the API calls restriction to Zoho Reports, the SDP-Zoho Reports integration fails.
  • SD-70211 : Under "Requests by" filter in the dashboard, we are not able to access open/onhold/overdue tickets of technicians with commas in their names.
  • SD-70148 : Field and Form Rules configured to modify resource sections do not work on the request details page for inline edits.
  • SD-70138 : When starting ServiceDesk Plus by using the desktop icon, the browser is not automatically invoked.
  • SD-70065 : For non-English language requesters, the request ID search throws an authentication error.
  • SD-70000 : When data related to requests are partially added in mssql database, archiving/deleting a request from trash is not possible.
  • SD-69808 : Under Quick Create, if we select a requester name and select a change template for that requester, the requester name gets swapped with the logged-in technician's name.
  • SD-69350 : While copying a service template's FAFR to another service template, incident templates associated to service categories are listed in the "Copy rules to template(s)" drop-down.
  • SD-69145 : When multiple API calls are made simultaneously in the request module, issues occur.
  • SD-68637 : Under workflow, the Notify stage change to users value is not set when you modify the Move to stage & status filter.
  • SD-65128 : In some scenarios, custom trigger list view disappears when a new custom trigger is added.
  • SD-70509 : Sending task notifications to groups takes a lot of time.


(Released on 26 February, 2018)

Issues Fixed in 9402 :

  • SD-70246 : Application header does not load properly if the web remote configuration fails to fetch the server name from the DNS.
  • SD-70228 : DC tight-install in SDP is not getting started if the application is invoked as a service.
  • SD-69920 : Unable to save any change templates after upgrading to the 9332 build. The issue occurs when we select change manager and refresh the page.


(Released on 13 February, 2018)

Issues Fixed in 9401 :

  • SD-70135 : Issue post 9400: Unable to create service requests, merge requests, or convert incident requests to service requests if the default additional fields are deleted in the earlier versions of the product.
  • SD-70066 : Change module goes blank if the change type in a change has more than 22 characters. The issue occurs if the change type column is chosen from the change list view.
  • SD-70155 : Custom trigger scripts are not working when the application is started as a service after a restart.
  • SD-70210 : After the mickeylite update, when the Globalconfig category "mailfetching" has "RUNNING" as its value, then mails are fetched from both "MailFetcherService" and "MailFetchingTask" resulting in duplication of tickets.


(Released on 31 January, 2018)

Framework changes :

This upgrade removes the jBoss dependency from the framework, reduces security risk with jBoss, increased performance and quicker startup.

New SCCM Connector:

New SCCM to SDP connector (Mickey lite compatible) is updated in the resources section of the web page. Download the latest connector zip for integrating SCCM with SDP.

MySQL support:

MySQL will not be supported from this version.


(Released on 11, April, 2019)

Issues Fixed


(Released on 22 January, 2018)

Issues Fixed in 9335:


(Released on 8 January, 2018)

Issues Fixed in 9334


(Released on 2 January, 2018)

Issues Fixed in 9333


(Released on 21 December, 2017)

Issues Fixed in 9332


(Released on 19 December, 2017)

Behavior Changes in 9331

Issues Fixed in 9331

Vulnerability Issues:








Purchase Order





(Released on 6 December, 2017)

Issues Fixed in 9330

Vulnerability issues:










Mobile app Info:


(Released on 9 November, 2017)

Issues Fixed in 9329


(Released on 27 October, 2017)

Issues Fixed


(Released on 24 October, 2017)

Issues Fixed


(Released on 05 October, 2017)

Issues Fixed


(Released on 28 September, 2017)

New Featues

Behavior Changes

Issues Fixed

Vulnerability :

Dashboard :

Request :

Asset :


Purchase :

Contract :

Admin :

Reports :

Others :


(Released on 13 September, 2017)

Issues Fixed


(Released on 11 September, 2017)

New Features

Behavior Change in 9323:

Issues Fixed in 9323:


(Released on 6 September, 2017)

Issues Fixed


(Released on 30 August, 2017)

Issues Fixed


(Released on 18 August, 2017)

Issues Fixed


(Released on 16 August, 2017)

Behaviour change

Issues Fixed

Vulnerability :

Others :


(Released on 11 August, 2017)

Issues Fixed


(Released on 21 July, 2017)

Issues Fixed


(Released on 20 July, 2017)

Issue Fixed

ServiceDesk Plus 9.2 ReadMe

Issues Fixed in 9242 (Released on 12 April, 2019)

New Features in 9241 (Released on 31 January, 2017)

Issues Fixed in 9241

Work Stations




Purchase Order




Behavior Changed in 9241

New Feature in 9240 (Released on 19 January, 2017)

Issues Fixed in 9240









Behavior Changed in 9240

Issues Fixed in 9239 (Released on 12 January, 2017)

Issues Fixed in 9238 (Released on 29 December, 2016)

New Feature in 9237 (Released on 27 December, 2016)

Issues fixed in 9237








Behaviour changed in 9237

Issues fixed in 9236 (Released on 14 December, 2016)

Behaviour Changed in 9236:

Issue fixed in 9235 (Released on 1 December, 2016)

New feature in 9234 (Released on 28 November, 2016)

Issues fixed in 9234:

Request :

Problem :

Change :

Solution :

Purchase :

Admin :

Report :

Vulnerability :

Login Page :

Behaviour changed in 9234:

Issues fixed in 9233 (Released on 21 November, 2016)

Issues fixed in 9232 (Released on 3 November, 2016)

New features in 9231 (Released on 31 October, 2016)

Behaviour changed in 9231

Issues Fixed in 9230 (Released on 26 October, 2016)

Behaviour changed in 9230

New features in 9229 (Released on: 11 October 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9229 :

New features in 9228 (Released on: 29 September 2016)

Behaviour changed in 9228

Issues Fixed in 9228:






Purchase & Contract







Issues Fixed in 9227 (Released on: 7 September 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9226 (Released on: 22 August 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9225 (Released on: 11 August 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9224 (Released on: 05 August 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9223 (Released on: 27 July, 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9222 (Released on: 21 July, 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9221 (Released on: 20 July, 2016)

New features in 9220 (Released on: 14 July, 2016)

Behavior changes in 9220:

Issues Fixed in 9220:

Issues Fixed in 9219 (Released on: 11 July, 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9218 (Released on: 22 June, 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9217 (Released on: 16 June, 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9216 (Released on: 14 June, 2016)

New feature in 9215 (Released on: 8 June, 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9215

New Features in 9214 (Released on: 6 June, 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9214







Purchase & Contract





Native App

Issue Fixed in 9213 (Released on: 26 May, 2016)

New features in 9212 (Released on: 19 May, 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9212











Issues Fixed in 9211 (Released on: 3rd May, 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9210 (Released on: 21 April, 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9209 (Released on: 14 April, 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9208 (Released on: 11 April, 2016)

New features in 9207 (Released on: 31 March, 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9207

Issue Fixed in 9206 (Released on: 22 March, 2016)

Issue Fixed in 9205 (Released on: 16 March, 2016)

New feature in 9204 (Released on: 4 March, 2016)

Issue Fixed in 9204

New features in 9203 (Released on: 1 March, 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9203

Issues Fixed in 9202 (Released on: 18 Feb, 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9201 (Released on: 11 Feb, 2016)

Enhancement in service pack 9200 (Released on: 11 Jan, 2016)

Issues Fixed in 9200

ServiceDesk Plus 9.1 ReadMe

Issues Fixed in 9121 (Released on: 20 Jan, 2016)

Issues fixed in 9120 (Released on: 29 Dec, 2015)

Issues fixed in 9119 (Released on: 17 Dec, 2015)

Issues fixed in 9118 (Released on: 24 Nov, 2015)

Issues fixed in 9117 (Released on: 19 Nov, 2015)

Issues fixed in 9116 (Released on: 12 Nov, 2015)

New Features in 9115 (Released on: 05 Nov, 2015)

Note : The keyboard shortcuts are applicable only for technicians and can be viewed under 'Help' menu.

Issues fixed in 9115

Issues fixed in 9114 (Released on: 22 Oct, 2015)

New Features in 9113 (Released on: 20 Oct, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9113

Issues Fixed in 9112 (Released on: 8 Oct, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9111 (Released on: 28 Sep, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9110 (Released on: 21 Sep, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9109 (Released on: 15 Sep, 2015)

New Features in 9108 (Released on: 14 Sep, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9108

Features in 9107 (Released on: 03 Sep, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9107

Features in 9106 (Released on: 31 Aug, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9106

Issues Fixed in 9105 (Released on: 3 Aug, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9104 (Released on: 31 July, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9103 (Released on: 23 July, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9102 (Released on: 17 July, 2015)

New Features in 9101 (Released on: 9 July, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9101


New Features in 9100 (Released on: 22 June, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9100

ServiceDesk Plus 9.0 ReadMe

Issues Fixed in 9049 (Released on: 8 October, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9048 (Released on: 26 June, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9047 (Released on: 19 June, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9046 (Released on: 09 June, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9045 (Released on: 04 June, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9044 (Released on: 25 May, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9043 (Released on: 13 May, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9042 (Released on: 7 May, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9041 (Released on: 13 April, 2015)

New Features in 9040 (Released on: 2 April, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9040

New Features in 9039 (Released on: 16 March, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9039

New Features in 9038 (Released on: 10 March, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9038

Issues Fixed in 9037

New Features in 9036 (Released on: 26 February, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9036

Issues Fixed in 9035 (Released on: 04 February, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9034 (Released on: 28 January, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9033 (Released on: 8 January, 2015)

New Features in 9032 (Released on: 2 January, 2015)

Issues Fixed in 9032

Issues Fixed in 9031 (Released on: 23 December, 2014)

New Features in 9030 (Released on: 18 December, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9030

New Features in 9029 (Released on: 04 December, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9029

New Features in 9028 (Released on: 26 November, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9028

New Features in 9027 (Released on: 17 November, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9027

Issues Fixed in 9026 (Released on: 10 November, 2014)

New Feature in 9025 (Released on: 06 November, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9025

New Feature in 9024 (Released on: 29 0ctober, 2014)

New Feature in 9023 (Released on: 14 0ctober, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9023

Issue Fixed in 9022 (Released on: 6 0ctober, 2014)

Issue Fixed in 9021 (Released on: 18 September, 2014)

Issue Fixed in 9020 (Released on: 08 September, 2014)

New Feature in 9019 (Released on: 3 September, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9019

New Feature in 9018 (Released on: 12 August, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9018

New Feature in 9017 (Released on: 22 July, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9017

New Feature in 9016 (Released on: 14 July, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9016

New Feature in 9015 (Released on: 2 July, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9015

Issues Fixed in 9014 (Released on: 23 June, 2014)

New Feature in 9013 (Released on: 16 June, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9012 (Released on: 06 June, 2014)

New Feature in 9011 (Released on: 21 May, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9011

Issues Fixed in 9010 (Released on: 12 May, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9009 (Released on: 7 May, 2014)

New Features in 9008 (Released on: 29 April, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9008

New Features in 9007 (Released on: 21 April, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9007

New Features in 9006 (Released on: 14 April, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9006

New Features in 9005 (Released on: 8 April, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9005

New Features in 9004 (Released on: 31 March, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 9004

Issues Fixed in 9003 (Released on: 12 March, 2014)

Behaviour Changes:

Issues Fixed in 9002 (Released on: 03 March, 2014)


Issues Fixed in 9001 (Released on: 25 February, 2014)


New Features in 9000 (Released on: 11 February, 2014)







Issues Fixed in 9000








ServiceDesk Plus 8.2 ReadMe

Issues Fixed in 8217 (Released on: 16 January, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 8216 (Released on: 6 January, 2014)

Issues Fixed in 8215 (Released on: 16 December, 2013)

Issues Fixed in 8214 (Released on: 19 November, 2013)

New Features in 8213 (Released on: 22 October, 2013)

Issues Fixed in 8213

New Features in 8212 (Released on: 17 September, 2013)

Issues Fixed in 8212

New Features in 8211 (Released on: 28 August, 2013)

Issues Fixed in 8211

New Features in 8210 (Released on: 7 August, 2013)

Issues Fixed in 8210

New Features in 8209 (Released on: 29 July, 2013)

Issues Fixed in 8209

New Features in 8208 (Released on: 8 July, 2013)

Issues Fixed in 8208

Issues Fixed in 8207 (Released on: 18 June, 2013)

New Features in 8206 (Released on: 10 June, 2013)

Issues Fixed in 8206

Issues Fixed in 8205 (Released on: 27 May, 2013)

Issues Fixed in 8204 (Released on: 20 May, 2013)

Issues Fixed in 8203 (Released on: 10 May, 2013)

Android app for ServiceDesk plus has been released (Released on: 6th May, 2013)

New Features in 8202 (Released on: 3 May, 2013)

Issues fixed in 8202

Issues fixed in 8201 (Released on: 19 April, 2013)

New Features in 8.2

Issues fixed in 8.2

ServiceDesk Plus 8.1 ReadMe

Issues fixed in 8127 (Released on: 21 March, 2013)

Issues fixed in 8126 (Released on: 14 March, 2013)

Issues fixed in 8125 (Released on: 22 February, 2013)

New Features in 8125

Issues fixed in 8124 (Released on: 20 February, 2013)

New Features in 8124

Issues fixed in 8123 (Released on: 1 February, 2013)

New Features in 8123

Issues fixed in 8122 (Released on: 31st December, 2012)

New Features in 8122

Issues fixed in 8121 (Released on: 13th December, 2012)

New Features in 8121

Issues fixed in 8119 (Released on: 3rd December, 2012)

Issues fixed in 8118 (Released on: 29th November, 2012)

New Features in 8118

Issues fixed in 8117 (Released on: 20th November, 2012)

New Features in 8117

Issues fixed in 8116 (Released on: 24th October, 2012)

Issues fixed in 8115 (Released on: 18th October, 2012)

New Features in 8115

Issues fixed in 8114 (Released on: 18th September, 2012)

New Features in 8114

Issues fixed in 8112 (Released on: 4th September, 2012)

Issues fixed in 8111 (Released on: 31st August, 2012)

New Features in 8111

Issues fixed in 8110 (Released on: 31st July, 2012)

New Features in 8110

Issues fixed in 8109 (Released on: 3rd July, 2012)

Issues fixed in 8108 (Released on: 29th June, 2012)

New Features in 8108

Issues fixed in 8107 (Released on: 12th June, 2012)

Issues fixed in 8106 (Released on: 1st June, 2012)

Note : The agent version has been updated. So customers using agent for scanning need to update their versions.

Issues fixed in 8105 (Released on: 9th May, 2012)

Issues fixed in 8104 (Released on: 7th May, 2012)

Issues fixed in 8103 (Released on: 3rd May, 2012)

Issues fixed in 8102 (Released on: 3rd May, 2012)

Issues fixed in 8101 (Released on: 26th April, 2012)

Features in ServiceDesk Plus 8.1 (8100) : (Released on: 24rd April,2012)

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

The CMDB provides a complete view of the business critical CIs, their relationships with other CIs and the business impact caused due to malfunction of a CI.

  • Support to define various Configuration Item Types (CI Types) and Relationship Types.
  • Support a parent- child hierarchy for CI Types.
  • Each CI Type is defined with attributes and relationships. The Child CI Type will inherit the attributes and relationships configured for the Parent CI Type.
  • Configure Relationships between the CIs. The relationships can have relationship attributes.
  • Visualization map providing a detailed view of the CI relationships which will help in identifying the dependencies and impact of CIs before performing any changes or in case of any problems.
  • View the pending requests, problems and changes raised for Assets, Business Service or IT Service from the relationship map.

Service Catalog Enhancements

  • Support multi-level approval stages for service requests.
  • Support for request approvers to be shown with approval information of other service request approvers.
  • Option to display Approvals tab (in the Requests module) for Requesters.
  • The ‘Agreed upon time’ (SLA) for a service request would be displayed to the requesters before creating the Service Request.
  • Ability to select a requester to edit and fill-in the required information for a service request.

Asset Depreciation

  • Calculate the depreciation of assets and components.
  • Provide four methods declining balance, double declining balance, straight line and Sum of the Years digits - to calculate asset depreciation.

Other Enhancements

  • Self-Service Portal UI changes:
    • Option to combine and display the Incident Templates and Service Request Templates under Request Catalog in Self-Service Portal.
    • Option to disable the default request template ('New Request' link) for requesters.
    • Option to include a static html file in the Self-Service Portal.
  • Support to move Technicians as Requesters.
  • Execute scripts from ServiceDesk Plus to ManageEngine Desktop Central.
  • Ability to scan the VM Host machines and also determines the VMs running on the host.
  • Leave Types can be denoted with the help of color codes.
  • Inclusion of Group and Technician in the Archived Requests exclusion criteria.
  • Support to translate the display text from the application client.
  • Ability to associate the change due to which a request was created from the Request details page.
  • Next/Previous navigation buttons is available for Requests, Problems and Changes details page, provided the details page is accessed from the corresponding List View.
  • Option to add attachments from the Actions menu in the requests details page.
  • Inclusion of a new field to track the last updated time of the request. This field will be set when a request is updated, or when a note is added to the request, or when a reply sent by the technician.
  • Support to search requests based on service request common additional fields.
  • Apart from selecting technicians for contract expiry notification, you can also configure E-mail IDs to be notified before the contract expires.
  • Option to send multiple expiry notifications for a contract.
  • Option to add attachments for Purchase Orders without editing it.
  • While scanning MS SQL server software from the machine, the edition of the software is also fetched.
  • Support for sending notification to user(s) upon installation of prohibited software.
  • Support to identify workstations with duplicate 'Service Tag' and 'MAC Address' from Admin tab --> General Settings.
  • Support to enable or disable the Scan option (permission to scan workstations from the workstation details page) while creating/editing a role.
  • Public key authentication support for scanning Linux machines.
  • Support for scanning Linux machines using shell script. The script can be used for scanning Linux machines which are not in the network, or to push inventory data from the remote machines to the server.
  • Date fields in all the Asset forms can be edited manually without choosing the calendar.
  • Option provided for additional comments while changing the state of assets or assigning it to a user/department.
  • Scan script for Mac machines.
  • Users configured in a workstation will be fetched and listed in 'System' tab of workstation details page.
  • Support to access Self-Service Portal (for requesters) from Mobile Client.
  • Support to access application from iPad browser client.
  • Right to left support rendered in the browser for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and so on.
  • RAM frequency in Windows OS is fetched during workstation scan.
  • Supported web browsers: Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome.
  • Support additional 5 new display languages namely, Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Slovene and Icelandic.

Behavioral Changes

ServiceDesk Plus 8.0 ReadMe

Issues Fixed in 8027 (Released on: 23rd April, 2012)


Backup Restore

Issues Fixed in 8026 (Released on: 29th March, 2012)


Issues Fixed in 8026

Firefox Browser v11


Issues Fixed in 8025 (Released on: 27th March, 2012)


Issues Fixed in 8024 (Released on: 19th March, 2012)


Remote Control

Remote Data Export and Push

Enhancement in 8023 (Released on: 9th February, 2012) Internal release


Issues Fixed in 8022 (Released on: 12th January, 2012)


Enhancements in 8021 (Released on: 21st December, 2011)


Issues Fixed in 8021






Issue Fixed in 8020 (Released on: 29th November, 2011)

Iphone App

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New features in ServiceDesk Plus 8.0 (8000) : (Released on: 27 October, 2010)

Thank you for installing ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 8 - a comprehensive and affordable IT Help Desk and Asset Management software. ServiceDesk Plus 8 release includes the following features below,

Service Catalog

This module enables IT Administrators to create, maintain and monitor Service Catalog.

Agent based Scanning

Apart from agentless scanning, agent based scanning would be supported. The agent needs to be installed in the remote machines and would be used for inventory scanning and remote desktop. The agent would support delta scanning too i.e.,only the difference in the inventory data between subsequent scans would be sent to the SDP server. This enhances the speed of the discovery process as well as reduces the bandwidth usage.

Integration with Desktop Central

Other Enhancements

Behavioral Changes

Issues fixed in 8.0

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