ServiceDesk Plus 9.3 released

New features and enhancements to take your IT support up a notch!

We are happy to announce the release of ServiceDesk Plus 9.3, the latest offering from your beloved IT help desk management software! This release comes with exciting new features that are a result of integrating insights from our customers with our years of expertise in the ITSM industry. Let us take you on a tour to help you explore all the amazing new features.

Customizable dashboards

Customizable dashboards

Now you can control not only what you see on your dashboard but where, how and who sees it, too. You can create your own custom dashboard through simple drag and drop widgets that can also be re-sized and re-arranged. Access permissions allow you to create your personal dashboards or to share them with specific group of people.

Project templates

Project templates let you create a new project quickly and efficiently. Using templates, you can capture all the relevant information in the designated fields as you create a new project. This saves your technicians time and effort, resulting in higher productivity.

IT project templates
IT service requests

More additional fields for service requests

With an ever-expanding set of data points, IT help desks need more fields to capture them in a service request. With this new version of ServiceDesk Plus, you can now add as many as 50 additional fields (of any type), per category, in a service request form.

Custom schedules

We know that tracking and executing periodic tasks can be a bit tedious. But the risk associated with missing just one can be significant. The custom schedules feature gives you freedom from these issues. Simply create a schedule for any custom action that needs to occur periodically and let ServiceDesk Plus do the rest. The best part is, a custom schedule can also be created for a one-off event!

Custom schedules
End-user profile pictures

User profile pictures

Remove ambiguity and quickly identify users with profile pictures. Your users can now upload their pictures, up to 5 MB in size, in any of the four supported formats-.jpg, .png, .jpeg, .bmp.

ME integrations

This feature allows the administrator to add external links to custom and online applications that users can access from within ServiceDesk Plus. You can integrate these features with a plethora of ManageEngine applications to transform your help desk into the command center of all your IT operations.

ME integrations
Helpdesk security settings

Security settings

ServiceDesk Plus 9.3 comes with more robust security than ever before. Your help desk administrator can now proactively prevent security breaches and vulnerabilities. General and advanced security settings allow you to better safeguard your data against potential threats.

Duplicate service request

Why create a service request from scratch when a similar one already exists? Exactly our thought, too! This feature lets you create a duplicate service request from an existing one, with all its details copied. You can quickly edit the required fields and create a new request.

Duplicate service request
User-level request editing

User-level request editing

Incomplete or inaccurate tickets are a major factor that hampers technician productivity. Going back and forth with the user to piece together a ticket has become a thing of past thanks to ServiceDesk Plus 9.3. This feature lets your users edit their own request to fill out missing information or to correct it.

Manually record first response time

In service requests, first response time is only recorded the first time a technician responds to a ticket through email. However, technicians can sometimes respond to a ticket through a different medium, like phone. This new feature eliminates this problem by allowing technicians to manually enter the first response time while adding the worklog or notes.

First response time
Convert incident to service request

Convert a service request into an incident request

Users often mistakenly log an incident request as a service request, resulting in incorrect handling of the request by the technicians. Moreover, such requests cannot be linked to a problem or change. This new feature lets you easily convert service requests into incident requests, saving you precious time and effort.

Choose restriction type while sending approval emails

This feature allows you to control who can receive service request approval emails. If you have permitted only system users to approve requests, then you won't be able to send an approval email to a non-user. This feature helps prevent irrelevant emails from being sent. Neat!

Service request approval emails
Inactive support groups

Make support groups inactive

Are old support groups or "test groups" cluttering up your help desk? Does your team waste time correcting tickets assigned to such groups? Upgrade to ServiceDesk Plus 9.3 to mark support groups inactive, making them unavailable to use. A more efficient and organized IT help desk awaits you.

Resend conversation details

You no longer need to manually enter recipient details if you need to resend a conversation. Simply clicking on the "Resend" button will automatically populate the "To" and "Cc" fields, allowing you to resend the conversation with a single click.

Head here for more in-depth information on the new features and bug fixes.

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