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GDPR Phase 2 features, a powerful integration with Password Manager Pro, and more.
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ServiceDesk Plus is proud to introduce its latest release, version 9412 with new features to take your service desk to the next level. You can look forward to the second phase of GDPR-specific features, the all-new integration with Password Manager Pro for secure remote access to user accounts, achieving faster ticket resolutions, new scripts for business rules, and much more. Here are some of this version's highlights:

GDPR Phase 2 features.

Encryption at rest for sensitive data:

Protecting sensitive data is one of the key aspects of the GDPR. With that in mind, ServiceDesk Plus now allows you to encrypt sensitive information collected and stored from Request Additional Fields. Single line, multi-line, and pick list fields can all be encrypted.

Password protection for backup data:

ServiceDesk Plus' backup file will be password protected should anyone try to open or restore it.

Anonymize already deleted users:

Users that have been deleted from the application can have their information anonymized from the Deleted Users view.

GDPR Phase 2 features
Password Manager Pro integration

Password Manager Pro integration.

ServiceDesk Plus now integrates with Password Manager Pro, allowing technicians to step up their IT service management game.

  • Remotely access users' assets without manually logging in.
  • Get information on users' resources, corresponding accounts, and passwords.
  • Set templates for Password Manager Pro resources in the actions menu and control access to them.

Enhanced user surveys.

  • Create and launch general surveys or surveys related to specific request types (incident and service requests).
  • Design custom surveys with multiple types of questions, including rating scale, opinion scale, yes or no, and multiple choice.
  • Publish surveys to users based on multiple criteria, like support group and department, as well as ticket category and urgency.
  • Personalize your survey emails with details such as requester name, ticket ID, and ticket link.
  • Track and monitor the results of your survey with enhanced survey reports.
Enhanced user surveys
Business rules scripts

Business rules scripts.

  • Prevent users from creating or editing irrelevant requests that match a specific business rule.
  • Add specific reasons for negating a request to ensure that all technicians are on the same page.
  • Perform custom actions on incoming or edited requests using specific scripts.

Request status in business rules.

Business rules have a new field—request status.

Real-time collaboration.

Collaborate with your peers in real time using the built-in chat module.

Business views in the CMDB.

Manage your business services better with a consolidated business view of all associated CIs and their relationships.

User merging tool.

Easily detect and merge duplicate user accounts.

Easier change implementations.

Simplify change implementations by associating multiple projects to a change request.

UI enhancements and new features.

View the complete list of enhancements and new features here.

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