Integrates with organizational eco-system

Every organization has a host of applications that fulfill specific needs which in turn are directed towards the larger organizational goals. For example, typically in any organization, there would be a Mail application, office-suite applications, Customer database management software, Employee Management software, Product/Service Information database, a Billing software etc. And, in order for members of the organization to perform their daily tasks efficiently, it is very important that these software work well. And more important is the fact that these software co-exist and exchange information with each other.

We at SupportCenter Plus understand the importance of these integrations and therefore have provided SupportCenter Plus APIs. These APIs allow third party applications to either extract data from SupportCenter for it's purpose or write to SupportCenter database.

Integrates with organizational eco-system

A good example of an application that reads data from the SupportCenter database is a Billing software. Technicians log hours they have worked on customer tickets. These hours have to be pulled by the Billing software for monthly billing of clients.

On the other hand, a CRM system is a good example when information has to be written to the SupportCenter database. Organizations typically have a central location from where they manage the customer information. These changes can be propagated to SupportCenter using SupportCenter APIs.

For more details on API, refer "SupportCenter Plus API" topic available in our Admin Guide.