SupportCenter Plus

    API Settings in SupportCenter Plus


    Before getting started with the API integration, the Support Reps need to be provided with login permission in order to generate the API Key. The API Key is essential while integrating SupportCenter Plus with other applications and web services.



    To access the API configuration wizard in SupportCenter Plus,

    1. Click the Admin tab in the header pane to open the configuration wizard page.

    2. Click API icon under Integration & Add-ons block.

      If you have enabled multi tenancy through Business Unit, click Global Settings tab - > API under Integration & Add-ons block. The list view displays the API keys generated in SupportCenter Plus.

    The API Key generated for the support rep are listed in this page along with the Support Rep name. From this page, you can email the API Key, regenerate, and delete the API key.



    Generating the API Key


    The API Key can be generated by the administrator after enabling login permission and assigning role for the Support Rep under Admin --> User and Related Settings --> Support Reps. To know how to generate API Key, click here.



    Emailing the API Key


    Once the API Key is generated, it can be sent to the concern developer though email. You can send the API Key using the Email API Key link available beside the key.





    Specify the Email ID in the text field as shown above. Click Send API Key button. The API Key is sent as an e-mail to the specified email address. Click Cancel if you do not want to send the API Key.


    Regenerating the API Key


    To regenerate the API key from the list view,

    1. Click More Actions drop down beside the API Key -> select Regenerate API Key option. A confirmation message to regenerating the API Key appears.

    2. Click OK to proceed. The regenerated API Key is displayed along with a success message.


    1. Specify the Email ID of the user to whom the key should be sent. Click Send API Key button. The key is generated and sent to the concern user.


    Deleting the API Key

    1. Click More Actions drop down beside the API Application to delete.

    2. Select Delete API Key option. A message confirming the delete operation appears.

    3. Click OK to proceed. The API Application is deleted from the list view.


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