SupportCenter Plus

    Support Reps

    Support Reps handle and resolve the various incoming requests from customers. Support Reps are defined with access privileges and roles to execute a set of tasks on a daily basis. You can add support reps manually or if their details are configured in the Active Directory, you can import their details into the application.

    1. Click on the Admin tab in the header pane to open the configuration wizard page.

    2. Click on Support Reps icon technicians-admin under Users and Related Settings block. The Support Rep list view page opens where you can add, import, edit and delete support reps.


    Add New Support Rep

    1. Click the Add New Support Rep link.

    2. Specify the Personal Details of the support rep such as the Name, Employee ID and Job Title. The Name is a mandatory field.

    3. Enter the Contact Information of the support rep like, Email ID, Phone and Mobile number. You can also enter the SMS Mail ID if the support rep has one.

    4. Enter the Cost Details of the support rep in the Cost per hour field.

    5. While configuring Telephony Server Settings, you can enable incoming call alert as a screen pop up by selecting the check box beside Enable Screen Pop.

    6. Enter the SIP User along with the Extension Number. The SIP User is account name registered in the IP-PBX.

    7. If you have configured any additional fields for the support rep then the same is displayed under Additional Support Rep Details block. Enter the relevant information.

    8. Provide login access to the support rep by selecting Enable Login for this Support Rep. This displays the Assign Role block jus below the login name and password fields.

    9. Enter the Login Name and Password. Enter the password again in the Re-type Password field. All these fields are mandatory if login is enabled. Also note that the login name needs to be unique.

    10. Only on enabling login for the support rep the Assign Roles to the Support Rep drop down appear. Choose the role from the drop down. The support rep can be assigned with Administrator privilege, Business Unit Administration privileges or with the roles configured in the application.



      If you have configured multi tendency through Business Units, please note that a support rep can be assigned with only one role for a Business Unit. To assign Support Reps to multiple Business Units and assign roles to the same, configure the Support Reps under Admin -> Global Settings -> Support Reps.


    11. The API key is essential while integrating the SupportCenter Plus with various other applications and web services. To generate the API Key, click the Generate API Key button. If a key is already generated for the support rep, a Re-generate button appears.

      NOTE: The API Key can be generated only after enabling login permissions for Support Reps.

    12. Click Save.




    Import Users from Active Directory


    You can import all your Support Reps instantly if their details are configured in the Active Directory.

    1. From the support rep list view, click Import from Active Directory link. The Import from Active Directory page pops up as shown below,



    All the fields are mandatory and should be configured.

    1. Select the Domain Name and Domain Controller from which the support rep needs to be imported.

    2. Specify the Login Name and Password to the domain.  

    3. Select the fields to be imported from the active directory. The unselected fields will not be imported.

    4. Click Next. The import wizard page opens, which displays the various Organizational Units (OUs) available in the domain.

    5. Select the specific OU to import users by enabling the check box.

    6. Click Start Importing button to import the users. After importing the users you get a report on successful and failed import.

    7. Click Close Window.

    On importing users from Active Directory, the Login permissions (either AD authentication or Local authentication) should be provided from the List View.



    Enabling AD Login

    1. From the support rep list view, select the check box beside the name of the support rep.

    2. Click Enable AD Login button. The AD Login permission is enabled subjected to your licences.

    On enabling Active Directory Authentication option under Settings in the Admin module, support reps can log into the application using their AD Login name and choosing their Domain from the drop down.   




    Edit Support Rep


    While editing a support rep, apart from modifying the support rep details you can provide login credentials to support reps, reset their password and remove login permissions. To edit the support rep information,

    1. Click the Edit icon edit-icon-oldof the support rep to be edited.

    2. From the edit support rep page, modify the details and Save the changes.


    Reset the Password

    You can also change the password of the support rep from the Edit Support Rep form.

    1. Click the Reset Password link under Login Details block. The Reset Password form opens.

    2. Enter the New Password in the field provided as shown below,


    1. Select Reset Password button. If you do not wish to change the password, click Close button.

    2. Click Save in the Edit Support Rep form.


    Removing Login Permissions


    You can also choose to remove his/her login permissions.

    1. In the Edit Support Rep form under Login Details block, click the Yes link beside Remove Login field. A confirmation window appears.

    2. Click Ok to proceed with the operation. If you do not wish to remove the login permission, click Cancel.

    3. Click Save.


    Delete Support Reps

    1. Click the Delete icondeleteiconbeside the support rep's name to delete from the List View. A confirmation dialog is opened.

    2. Click OK to proceed with the delete operation.



    The Delete icon will not be available beside the name of the support rep who has currently logged into the application.


    To delete that support rep, you need to log out and log in as a different support rep and then delete the details. Also, the administrator details can be deleted only by another support rep with administrative privileges.


    To delete bulk support rep from the application,

    1. From the support rep list view page, enable the select all check box beside the Name field.

    2. Click Delete button. A dialog box pops-up confirming the delete operation.

    3. Click OK to proceed with the deletion of the support rep information.



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