SupportCenter Plus

    Twitter Integration

    SupportCenter Plus keeps track of your support queries even through Twitter! Your Tweet Updates can be viewed from the application which can be converted into new requests in SupportCenter Plus application. You can also organize the tweets related to specific keywords for your convenience.

    To integrate SupportCenter Plus application to twitter, you need to create an application through the Twitter Developers page. Also you will need to select "Read and Write" option in order to allow posting to Twitter. Refer "Creating Twitter App" for more information.


    To access Twitter Settings configuration page,

    1. Click Admin tab in the header pane to open the configuration wizard page.

    2. Click Twitter Settings icon twitter-settings-icon under Integration & Add-ons block.


    Configuring Twitter Settings

    1. Enter your Twitter account details such as the Consumer key, Consumer secret, Access token, and Access token secret. These details can be optained by creating a Twitter application using your twitter account.

    2. If you do not have a Twitter Account you can use Sign up with Twitter link.

    3. If there is any firewall blocking the ports, then you need to provide the proxy server setting information. Select Proxy Settings link, enable Specify Proxy Server Settings radio button.

    4. Specify the IP address of the Proxy Host name.

    5. Specify the Proxy Port number.

    6. Specify your Proxy Authentication details such as the proxy username and password.

    7. Type in a keyword to follow all the tweets related to the keyword, say the keyword is 'acmePhone'. You can add upto 5 keywords and the specified keyword opens as a tab in Tweet Updates under the Request module.

    8. Click Save.



    Viewing Tweet Updates and Creating New Requests


    You can view the Tweet Updates in the request list view page.

    1. Click Request tab in the header pane.

    2. Click Tweet Updates tab. The Direct Message, Mentions, History and the search keywords are listed as header links.

    3. Each tweet has options to send Direct Message, Reply and Convert as Request.

    4. Clicking on Convert as Request opens the New Request form with the Name, Twitter Screen Name, Subject and Description as specified in the tweet. Add and edit the appropriate changes and click Add Request.

    Creating Twitter App


    To create a new Twitter application:

    1. Login to the Twitter Developers site, by typing the URL The Twitter Developers page appears.

    2. Login to Twitter using the user ID and password. Click Create an app link to create an application to start using the twitter API. The Create an Application form opens.


    1. Fill out the details in the form to create a new application.

    2. Click Create your Twitter application button. The application is created sucessfully and displays the consumer key and consumer secret.


    1. To create access token click Create my access token button. The access token and access token secret is created and displayed.


    1. By default the twitter access level is read only. To change the access level click the Setting tab.

    2. Under the Application Type, select the "Read/Write and Access direct messages" option and click Update this Twitter application's settings button. This permission will allow an application to read or delete a user's direct messages.




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