SupportCenter Plus

    Search Contracts

    You can search for contracts based on the keywords and column wise search based on contract parameters like contract name, account name, support plan and so on.


    Search Contracts based on


    Search Contracts based on Keywords


    Contracts tab

    1. Click Contracts tab in the header pane to open the contract list view page.

    2. Enter the keyword in the search field provided.

    3. Click Search. All contracts that match the keyword provided by you in the search field is displayed.



    Performing a Global Search

    You can also perform a Global Search that searches the keyword in every module at one go. Advance search options such as, Wildcard search, phrase search, boolean search, field specific search and much more, can be used to make the search effective. To know more, click Search Tips.




    Column-wise Search


    To perform a column-wise search,

    1. From the contract list view page, click on Search icon searchicon. The search field opens just below every column that is visible in the list view.

    2. Enter the search string in the column of your choice. You can enter keywords in more than one column to perform a combined column search.

    3. Click Go. The search results matching the search string(s) are displayed.






    1. The search would return the results for any of the text fields of the contract.


    2. You cannot search for contracts based on any of the date fields.



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