SupportCenter Plus


    You can also use the Support link available at the top of the application to contact SupportCenter Plus Technical Support team. The various options available are:


    Request Support


    Request support from our technical support team from the application. If you encounter any issues with SupportCenter Plus, you can click the Request Support link which will redirect to the support request form. You can fill all the details and click Submit. An e-mail will be sent to SupportCenter Plus support mail ID.


    Telephone Number


    Call +1-888-720-9500 to avail telephone support.


    User Forums


    You can use this link to access SupportCenter Plusthis to go to the SupportCenter Plus user forums. Here you can discuss with other SupportCenter Plus users.




    You can share your testimonials with us using this link. On clicking this link opens the Testimonials form. You can fill the form and click Submit.


    Need Features?


    Use this link to request for a new feature in SupportCenter Plus and share your suggestions. On clicking this link opens the Need Features form. You can submit in our website.


    Thread Dump


    Use this link to generate a thread dump.


    System Log Viewer


    You can view the error logs generated by the SupportCenter Plus application online. Click here to know more.


    Support File


    When you click the Support file link, the latest support information file (zip file containing requisite log files etc.) will be created. You can save the file and send the file by e-mail to to enable us debug the problem.




    Click this link to view the latest list of Frequestly Asked Questions on SupportCenter Plus. 


    SupportCenter Forums


    You can also view the latest discussions under SupportCenter Forums. Click on the subject link to view the discussions.

    SupportCenter Plus Application Status


    Under Application Status, you can monitor the various happenings of the application like data count in the table, number of conversations added for request, number of replies sent for request, number of requests raised by contact, number of replies sent to contact, number of timer stops on a request, and list of scheduled activities running in the application.




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