Upgrade Service Pack


You can upgrade SupportCenter Plus application to a newer build. For ex, if you are currently running 7011 then you can upgrade to 7012 by following the procedure given below,

  1. Shut down the SupportCenter Plus server, if necessary.

  2. Take a Backup of Data to prevent any accidental loss.  

  3. Download the latest servicepack from our website



  4. From the [SupportCenter Home]/bin directory in the command prompt, execute UpdateManager.bat

    ex : C:\ManageEngine\SupportCenter\bin>UpdateManager.bat

    The Update Manager opens as shown below,

  1. Click Browse to locate the downloaded .ppm file from Select a File pop up window. The path of the .ppm file is entered in the File Name text field.


  1. Click Install to start the installation process. A backup message alert appears. Click 'Yes' to take a backup else click 'No'.


The upgrading process continues on taking the backup.

  1. The recommended disk space alert message appears. To ensure there is enough disk space and continue the installation click 'Yes'. Click 'Cancel' to stop the installation. Do not disturb the system until the upgrade process is completed.  

  1. On successful installation an "Installed" message appears. Exit from the window and start the service.  

Note: It is advisable that if upgrade fails, let the uninstallation process complete and install .exe/bin again. Restore the data which has taken as backup .

If 7011 to 7012 upgrade fails, install 7011 again and restore 7011 data which has taken as backup before upgrading from 7011 to 7012

For any further assistance mail to supportcenterplus-support@manageengine.com


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