ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus is a comprehensive customer suppport management software that provides help desk agents and account managers, an integrated console to monitor and maintain the customer accounts and track the support requests from the customers. The customer support plays an important part in any product vendor or service vendor firm. It is very often the first contact the contacts have in their use of product / services when something does not work as expected. The customer support is a single point of contact for contacts who need help.

To make the process of reporting the issues to the customer support team easier, ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus provides you with a Customer Portal where you can log your complaints and issues online with the help of a web-based form. Once you have filed your issue, it gets listed in your request view page, where you can keep track of the logged issue. You can also update your personal information using the Customer Portal. In the Customer Portal, you will be able to access the following modules:

: You can create a new request and view the same. Also all the requests that you have raised till date will be saved in your requests module for future references.

: From the solutions knowledge base that has been developed and maintained by your IT help desk team, you can search for solutions for the issue that you are currently facing. If you do not find any solution for the problem at hand, then you can post your issue as a request to the help desk team.

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: You can view and edit your account details including your password. This updated information will be displayed whenever your information is requested.


In addition to this, you will also be able to see check the "presence" of the customer support support reps; that is, you can know which customer support personnel is currently available for you to contact him/her immediately.

ManageEngine SupportCenterPlus - Customer Support Software

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