Release Notes


Build No. 7512

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.5 (Build No. 7512 ) release includes the following :


  • Settings Page Configuration
  • Settings Page configuration is re-arranged into logical sections for easy accessiblity. Some of the customer portal related settings that were available as part of the Settings page have now been moved to the Portal settings
  • "SupportCenter Edition (Professional/Standard/Free) Selection" During Installation
  • In the installation process, we now have the option to choose the edition which the customer wants to try during evaluation. This will help customers get a feel of the application features before they go for the purchase.
  • SupportCenter Add-ons now available with the trial edition
  • The SupportCenter add-ons (CTI & Remote Assistance) are now available in the trial version (Evaluation) during which the customers can try the features.

Issues Fixed

  • Attachment Issue with Outlook 2003

Release Notes (Build No. 7511 )

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.5 (Build No. 7511 ) release includes the following :


  • Request closing option for contacts & the "auto-close" option
    • An email notification (if enabled) is generated to the contact requesting to confirm that the resolution has indeed helped him, using a link provided in the email.
    • The options to "Close" or "Re-Open" the request appears on the customer portal for the "Resolved" requests.
  • Once the resolution is provided to the problem reported by the customer, the Support Rep moves the request to the "Resolved" status. Two events are triggered once this happens :

    The contact can choose to close the request or re-open it providing appropriate comments. In case, the contact fails to confirm within a specified interval, then the request automatically moves to the "Closed" state (if the "auto-close" option is enabled)

  • Editing "Due-Date" Permissions
  • Ability to define role to allow/deny the edit option of "Due Date" field. Earlier the edit option was available only to the Support Reps with admin access.

Issues fixed

  • Unable to edit notification template in Plain text format setting.
  • When a user with admin role is imported from AD, the role is affected.
  • Ability to HTML editor does not appear when adding an Announcement in IE.
  • Allows Response DueBy Time to be set later than the Due Date.
  • Line spacing issue in the reply editor.
  • When creating a monthly scheduled report, it changes to the "Completed state" when the option "Every Month" is selected.
  • When inserting solutions in the reply editor using the "Insert Solution" link, the attachments are not automatically attached.
  • Duplicate entries in the time zone list in the accounts page.
  • Unable to edit the username & password for Remote assistance if the Business Units option is disabled.
  • Error when adding a Business Unit with a default configuration containing a set of Category
  • When the same email is addressed to two or more Business Units, and a support rep replies to one of the generated requests, a wrong "From Address" is set to the reply.
  • In the Japanese language, the search string gets garbled when navigating in the following way : Home -> Search Customers -> clicking on a contact or an account -> Back to search results
  • Asterisk CTI: Blind call transfer does not open the Call Alert pop-up

Release Notes (Build No. 7510 )

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.5 (Build No. 7510 ) release includes the following :

Issues fixed

  • Japanese translation issues addressed.

Release Notes (Build No. 7509 )

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.5 (Build No. 7509 ) release includes the following :


  • Twitter Integration : Twitter is fast emerging as a popular social networking site. And in the process, twitter has made inroads into the customer support segment. Customers can tweet (every entry on twitter is called a tweet) about your product or service on the twitter and it can reach hundreds or thousands of people in a flash. SupportCenter now provides the twitter integration, using which, you can track the customer tweets that concern your products/services. Support Reps can use SupportCenter to reply to these tweets or choose to convert them as requests and handle them.
  • Intelligent Response System : When customers try to raise Support queries using the customer portal, SupportCenter automatically suggests solutions that has matching keywords. This would help reduce the number of support queries to the help desk.
  • Insert Solutions In Reply Editor : When drafting a reply to a request, support reps often feel a need to copy an existing solution into the reply window. Earlier, to do this, the support rep had to switch tabs, go to the Solutions tab, search for the solution, copy the solution and then paste into the Reply Window. But, with the "Insert Solution" option, the support rep can do all these right within the reply window.

Issues fixed

  • When editing a request, the name of the user who added the resolution gets overwritten with the current user name.
  • Script error when saving Solution notification templates
  • Editing requests in bulk from the Request List View streches the window horizontally.
  • In Manage Topics, column name not in vertical alignment with the column values.
  • Solution topic names get truncated on the customer portal.


  • Product name change from AdventNet ManageEngine SupportCenter to ManageEngine SupportCenter.

Release Notes (Build No. 7508 )

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.5 (Build No. 7508 ) release includes the following :


  • Ability to define Response time based SLAs.
  • Ability to define SLA actions (updating specific request fields) in addition to email escalations.
  • Icons have been added in the Request List view page to indicate if the SLA response time has been breached/violated or the SLA resolution time is overdue.
  • Log a call : An interface for the Support Rep or the Help Desk coordinator to quickly log a call for the caller. The Support Rep can search for the caller information and if the caller details are already available in the SupportCenter database, can log a call for the user. If the caller information is not available, then both the details of the caller and the request details can be added in the "First Call Report" form.
  • Ability to configure and schedule data backup from the admin interface.
  • Contact view page has a section that lists the recent requests from the selected contact.
  • Account view page has a section that lists the recent requests from the contacts of the selected account.
  • SIP User Login option for outgoing calls.
  • Included an image in the help card section explaining the overview of how the mail configuration works and how it should be configured.
  • Help for the icons displayed on the request list view page.
  • Help text in the SLA configuration page, mentioning that all escalations times are calculated from the "Due By Time"

Issues fixed

    General Issues
  • In certain cases, scheduled reports stop working when edited.
  • Contract does not take into consideration the last date (the end date) when applying contracts to requests
  • When editing a request, the contract details are not refreshed & displayed properly.
  • Once the outgoing mail server is configured with authentication, it is impossible to remove or disable the authetication.
  • Request History displayed the additional date field as a long value
  • Unable to email solutions using the option available at Solutions View Page -> Forward.
  • Removing a Support Service from the Support Plan deletes the Support Plan.
  • Support Reps with only Group based roles, were able to accsess requests belonging to other Groups
  • Support Reps not filtered correctly based on assigned Group when creating a request template
  • Script error when updating the information on the customer portal settings.
  • Once a user is imported from Active Directory and deleted, re-importing from Active Directory does not work.
  • Recent Items displayed the deleted entries & clicking on them led to a blank page.
  • Account & contact additional fields not getting updated when editing from the request view page.
  • In the Add New Request form, the product dropdown lists all products (does not adhere to the admin settings), if the contact is selected by clicking on the icon & searched, rather than typing.
  • Issue with Business rules, when additional fields or the "Group" field are used in the criteria section.
  • When a list of Support Services are selected when creating a Support Plan or Contract, the list changes when trying to edit
  • Issue with saving SMS notifications.
  • Missing time zone entries added to the list.
  • Issues with outgoing calls using Asterisk corrected.
  • The plus symbol on "Add New Announcement" & "Add New Task" links does not invoke the Add form
  • In a new build, the default data containing the dummy user email ids removed.

Multilanguage Issues

  • Unable to add new SLA - Link not working
  • Japanese additional field names got garbled when migrating to 7.5 series.
  • Garbling of characters in Japanese language - fixed in request attachments, solutions, time entry etc.
  • "Stop mail fetching" option does not work in certain languages.
  • Missing keys for internationalization included many languages.

Business Unit related issues

  • When deleting a support rep from one business unit, the requests assigned to that support rep in another business unit is unassigned.
  • The Support Rep roles are affected when the Business Unit option is turned on and then disabled later.
  • The product listing is incorrectly displayed in the "Add New Request" form, when a contact belongs to multiple business units.
  • When editing the request details using Bulk edit option in a newly created business unit, the requests become unassigned.
  • When a business unit is disabled and an administrator tries to configure the notification sender address in the Notification Rules, a script error occurs.

Release Notes (Build No. 7507 )

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.5 (Build No. 7507 ) release includes the following :

Issues fixed

  • Editor line spacing issues in IE - Fixed.
  • Configuring the additional fields in one Business unit removes the additional field values of another Business Unit.
  • Completed time is not reset when a email gets threaded to a closed request - Fixed

Release Notes (Build No. 7506)

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.5 (Build No. 7506 ) release includes the following :

Issues Fixed

  • Issues with non-english pages - fixed.

Release Notes (Build No. 7505 )

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.5 (Build No. 7505 ) release includes the following :

Issues fixed

  • Collation issue related to non-english mssql database identified & warned. The issue will be fixed through a backup & restore and then upgrade procedure.
  • Deleting a sub account in turn deletes parent account


  • In all list views, the maximum number of rows per page set to 100
  • Custom Views are moved to the left of the page.
  • The column list in the list views that are configured previously will not be retained & needs to be reconfigured.

Release Notes (Build No. 7504 )

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.5 (Build No. 7504 ) release includes the following :

Issues fixed

  • Issue with the list view pages in languages other than English - Fixed
  • Issue with some contacts not able to login - Fixed
  • Search in non-english language not working - Fixed
  • Some links in the non-english languages not working - Fixed

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.5 ReadMe

Welcome to ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.5 ReadMe document. SupportCenter Plus is an easy-to-use, web-based customer support software that improves productivity and efficiency of your Support Team, thus lowering IT costs and administrative expenses.

This ReadMe is divided into the following sections:

  1. Release Notes
  2. Contact Information

Release Notes (Build No. 7503 )

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7.5 (Build No. 7503 ) release includes the following :


Business Units

  • Ability to manage the customer support queries of multiple Business Units of an organization using the same installation of SupportCenter
  • Ability to define different configuration like Category, Priority, Level, Custom Fields, Operational Hours, Holidays etc for each Business Unit
Customer Portal Enhancements
  • A completely configurable web portal
  • A fully redesigned admin configuration for better usability
Customer Reports
  • Ability to Support Reps to create reports for contacts
  • Ability for Support Reps to share a single report to multiple accounts. When contact runs the report, the data that is returned is based on the account and also his own role (ordinary contact, primary contact etc)
User Registration
  • Users to register themselves from the customer portal
  • Automatic validation to check the user email
  • Option to enable Administrator approval in the process
Computer Telephony Integration
  • Asterisk Integration
  • Ability to display the caller history & his requests to the Support Reps when a call lands on the line for Asterisk PBX
Request Module Enhancements
  • Support for secured email fetching (POPS, IMAPS protocols with TLS enabled)
  • Support for secured email sending (SMTPS with TLS enabled)
  • Ability to configure multiple incoming email ids
  • Enhanced option to search contact, account or contract information to create a request
Custom Views
  • Custom views for all modules
Remote Assistance
  • Ability to troubleshoot remote clients
  • Share the desktop
  • View remote desktop
New UI & usability enhancements

User Management

  • A user will be uniquely identified by his email address in all parts of the application.
  • Option to automatically detect mail loops & mail storms and proactively prevent them.
  • Ability to auto-cc own support team when a reply is sent.
  • Account Manager field added to Time Entry Reports
  • Ability to create reports based on Solutions
  • Ability to show/hide the "Solutions" tab for the contacts.
  • Ability for user to set timezone & datetime format preferences
  • Option to search Request IDs directly and go to the Request directly
  • Contract expiry related summary information in the Home page.
  • Ability to import Account Manager using the Account/Contact Import CSV option.
  • Option to view the number of mails to be fetched in the Mail server settings.
Issues fixed
  • Extra spacing in the editors fixed
  • OutOfMemory when contact uses the reply option from the web portal
  • Custom Views not working in the Russian version
  • Option to delete CSV schedule.
  • Email Fetching Issues
  • Issue when editing the date in reports
  • Email fetching thread stops after certain amount of time.
  • To/Cc not displayed in the Request View Page when the contact
  • Request Title was termed uniformly as "Subject" in all places
  • Formatting Issue in displaying the contract services list in contracts
  • Attachment icon in conversations missing.
  • Custom Views filters based on text fields were case sensitive.
  • Unwanted Javascripts that were loading is cleaned up.
  • Formatting issue in Admin - Industry icon
  • New custom filter screen loads the previous filter criteria
  • Notifications, Business Rules & SLAs do not work when the contact logs a request without logging in (but provides his email)
  • Formatting issues in displaying announcements fixed.
  • In the Italian version, the issue wit the condition section of Business Rules.
  • Issue of displaying the author of a solution to the contacts when viewing the solutions.
  • Announcement set for a future date was being displayed to the contact.
  • Wrong solution opened when clicking on the solution link.
  • In Solutions, when two or more solutions have the inline images with the same name, the latest images overrides the others.

Contact Information

For any queries or product-related support, contact us at

For more information on SupportCenter Plus, visit