Free Vmware Monitoring Tool

ManageEngine VM Health Monitor tool is easy-to-use and helps quickly monitor important attributes of a VMWare ESX/ESXi (all versions up to ESXi 5.5) and the Virtual Machines running on it.

Key Features

  • Real-time VMware server performance monitoring tool
  • Set critical and warning threshold limit
  • Monitor up to 2 Host servers
  • Network Rx/Tx

VM Health Monitor helps view the following parameters of VMware and Virtual Machines running on it. 

Parameters Monitored in VMware Server

Parameters Monitored in VMware Virtual Machines

CPU Utilization

Monitor CPU utilization of the host server and VMs installed in it with color coded alerts. The host server CPU utilization percentage in the tool is the aggregate of the host server and its VMs running in it. You can also view VMs CPU utilization individually.

Memory Utilization

This shows the percentage of VMware server and VMs memory utilized with color coded alerts. Memory utilization percentage is the aggregate of the host server and its VMs memory usage. You can also monitor memory utilization of each VM separately.

Disk Read/Write Rate

This parameter provides the average number of KiloBytes read/written to the disk each second during the collection interval.

Network Rx/Tx

This shows the average rate at which data was received/ transmitted across each physical NIC instance on the host.