Configuring Remote Access Plus ports

For the agent-server communication to seamless, the Remote Access Plus port settings should be at place. This page lets you understand the ports required by Remote Access Plus, the significance of each one of them and how to configure.

Ports Required

Port Purpose Type Connection
7020 Web-server port - Non-SSL TCP Inbound to server
7373 Web-server port - SSL TCP Inbound to server
7027 Notification Server TCP Inbound to server
7333 Remote Control - SSL TCP & UDP In bound to server
7444 Remote Control - Non- SSL TCP In bound to server
7031 File Transfer - SSL TCP In bound to server
7032 File Transfer - Non-SSL TCP In bound to server
49152 - 65535
(Both viewer and side)
Voice and Video Chat UDP In bound to server

Remote Access Plus uses the above ports for the respective operations in default. However, you can change the ports and configure the ports of your choice for each and every operation. Use the below links to find the steps to configure the ports.

  1. Configuring web server ports
  2. Configuring Notification Server ports
  3. Configuring ports used for remote operations