Configuring Port Settings

Remote Access Plus requires a set of ports to be free to perform various remote troubleshooting operations. This document will help you configure the port settings for Remote Access Plus.

Ports Required

Port Purpose Type Connection
8443 Remote Control - SSL TCP & UDP In bound to server
8444 Remote Control - Non- SSL TCP In bound to server
8031 File Transfer - SSL TCP In bound to server
8032 File Transfer - Non-SSL TCP In bound to server

Changing the default ports

If you have the ports blocked or any other operation is running on the above mentioned ports, from your Remote Access Plus server, navigate to Admin tab -> Port Settings where you can,

  1. Select HTTP or HTTPS mode of communication
  2. Configure the ports for Remote Control, System Manager, Chat and File Transfer and save them.

Note: Ensure that the ports configured are not restricted by Firewall or Anti-Virus