Remote Access Plus follows client-server architecuture i.e, for you to be able to access and troubleshoot computers using Remote Access Plus, you need a light-weight non-intrusive agent installed on the target computers. To configure the agent settings, navigate to Admin -> Agent Settings

Remote Access Plus - Agent Settings

General Settings

The General Settings tab is selected by default. You can furnish the following details here:

  1. Server IP Address - The IP Address of the computer where Remote Access Plus server is installed is displayed here. The agents residing in the client computers communicate with the Remote Access Plus server using this IP Address. Remote Access Plus server IP is automatically detected whenever the server is started. If you wish to automatically detect and save the IP Address, select the Automatically detect and save the IP Address change option.
  2. Enable Secured Communication - Select this option, if the communication between the Agent and the Remote Access Plus server should be secured with HTTPS protocol.
  3. Restrict Users from Uninstalling Agents from Control Panel - Selecting this option will prevent the users from uninstalling the Remote Access Plus Agents from their computers.
  4. Restricting Users from Stopping Remote Access Plus Agent Choosing this option will prevent your end-users from uninstalling Remote Access Plus agents from the control panel. However, administrator can stop the Remote Access Plus agent service from the Manage services in the System Manager.

MAC / Linux Agent Settings

Remote Access Plus comes with the ability to tap into computers running on Mac and Linux operating systems. Configuring Mac / Linux agent settings aids in installing agents directly from the Remote Access Plus web console.

    1. Specify the domain / workgroup under which your Linux computers should be grouped.
Note: If a Linux computer is manually installed with an agent, the computer will automatically be grouped under the domain / workgroup specified here. For mac, the domain is automatically detected.


    1. Specify the credentials for the domain / workgroup.
Note: If you want to push the Remote Access Plus agents directly from the web console, ensure you provide the root credentials to facilitate seamless installation.