How to enable two-factor authentication?

Security has always been a major concern when it comes to remote access tools. To weed-out unauthorised users from laying hands on remote computers, Remote Access Plus supports two-factor authentication for all the local and remote log-in attempts. Remote Access Plus supports two different authentication modes, e-mail authentication and Google authenticator. Once the TFA is enabled, users will be prompted for an OTP that is sent via e-mail or the Google authenticator during every log-in attempt.

Navigate to Admin tab -> User Administration -> Secure Authentication -> enable Two-Factor authentication.

E-mail Authentication

When you choose e-mail as a mode of two-factor authentication, an OTP will be generated on every login attempt by Remote Access Plus and sent to the user's registered e-mail address. The user will have to use the OTP in addition to the password.

Note: Every OTP generated is valid for 15 minutes from the time of generation. You can save the OTP for specific browsers for (n) days specified.

Google Authenticator

If you choose to use Google Authenticator, all you need to do is to install the Google Authenticator app on your smart phone. You will have to map Remote Access Plus server details on the Google authenticator, which is a one time process. You can use the OTP generated on the app, as the second password to login to Remote Access Plus. OTP can be generated anytime, anywhere, it does not require any connection to internet. Here is the simple procedure to download the Google Authenticator on your smart phone.

Scan the below mentioned QR Code using your smart phone and download Google authenticator:

  • iOS devices - App Storeios
  • Android devices - Google Playandroid
  • Windows - Windows Storewindows
  1. If the user has deleted the Remote Access Plus account on the Google Authenticator, then the user should contact the administrator to restore Two Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator. Administrator can re-send the QR Code to restore the Google Authenticator from Admin tab -> User Management -> Actions (Under the appropriate user) -> Re-send QR Code.
  2. If the Remote Access Plus administrator is not able to access Google authenticator, he/she can contact other administrators to send the QR code via e-mail. If there are no other administrators available, contact Remote Access Plus support.