Two-Factor Authentication (TFA)

Recent security breaches around the world have called for the need to be more cautious about securing customer data in their environment. The majority of these breaches are due to compromised passwords and unused account privileges.

Since Remote Access Plus plays a major role in troubleshooting the endpoints in a customer's network, we have enforced our customers to enable Two-Factor Authentication which provides an additional layer of security to validate the user's authenticity.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

When you enable Two-Factor Authentication, all the users will be required to provide an additional security code to login and access Remote Access Plus. To enable TFA,

  • Log in to Remote Access Plus
  • Navigate to Admin tab -> User Administration -> Secure Authentication

  • Enable Authentication and choose the mode of authentication using which you want to be authenticated

Using an Authenticator App

The authenticator app can be Zoho OneAuth, Google Authenticator, MS Auth, DUO Auth, etc.

If you choose to use an authenticator app, please install the authenticator app on your smart phone and map the Remote Access Plus server details to the authenticator app, which is a one time process. You can use the OTP generated on the app, as an additional layer of security, to login to Remote Access Plus. OTP can be generated anytime, anywhere.

Here are the download links to a few commonly used authenticator apps: