How to generate audit-ready reports?

Remote Access Plus comes with the set of comprehensive tools that meets the needs of every IT team. One of the great features of Remote Access Plus is the flexibility over the report content. You can export reports from various screens across the Remote Access Plus console.

Creating remote desktop sharing reports with the required columns

Whenever you initiate a remote desktop sharing session using Remote Access Plus, an entry will instantly be created under Reports tab. With the help of the column chooser available in the top right corner of the page you can enable or disable columns based on your needs.

Exporting the reports

Use the export button in the top right corner of the page to export reports in .pdf, .csv or .xlsx formats.

Protecting personal information while generating reports

While creating various reports and sharing it across the users there is a high risk of data leakage. To prevent this unexpected leakage of personal information, Remote Access Plus comes with an export setting that lets you mask the personal information such as the IP address, computer name, user name, contact number and more. To configure the export settings navigate to Admin tab -> Export Settings under Security Settings.

Note : With Export Settings, you can choose to mask the personal information, remove them or you also let the technician decide based on the scenario.