Remote Control Settings

With Remote Access, you can configure various remote control settings to suit your needs. Following are the steps to follow to configure Remote Control Settings.

General Settings

  1. From your Remote Access Plus web console, navigate to SettingsĀ tab -> Remote Control Settings.
  2. Show Remote Cursor disabling this option will hide the mouse movements made on the end-users' computer
  3. Disable Wallpaper lets you disable the wallpaper set by the user during a remote connection.
  4. Disable Aero Theme lets you disable the Aero theme during a remote connection. This is only applicable for computers that have the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, and later versions, installed in them.
  5. Hide window contents while dragging enabling this option, will hide the window contents of the remote computer while dragging. This will optimize the bandwidth consumed in a remote session.
  6. Lock remote computer after each session enabling this will automatically lock the end-users' computer immediately when the remote session is disconnected. This helps in keeping a check on user privacy and security.
  7. Disable Clipboard Sharing limits the technicians from using the ctrl+c and ctrl+v (copy and paste) options. This can be applied on viewers' screen as well as the end-users' screen.

Idle Session Settings

You can enhance the security of remote control feature by using idle session time out feature. When no actions are performed on the remote computer, the session is said be 'idle'. You can specify a maximum time limit for the remote session to be idle. When the idle time limit exceeds the specified time, you can choose to disconnect the session and lock the remote machine automatically.