Remote Control PC Software

A Remote Control PC software enables a user to remotely connect to and control a device that is situatued in a different geographical location. IT help desk technicians find this solution to be incredibly helpful in troubleshooting and fixing a remote device as technicians can remotely collaborate, chat with the end user and access their files securely.

How to remotely control a PC from anywhere using Remote Access Plus?

The first step is to install the Remote Access Plus server on a Windows machine, if you're using Remote Access Plus on-premise. If you've chosen Remote Access Plus Cloud, please sign up for it. After that, install the agent application in your client machine. This document helps in agent installation.

  • Once you have set up the server and the agent, please log into your Remote Access Plus server.
  • Next, type the target computer's name in the search bar and you will be able to view it in the drop-down list. Alternatively, you can switch to the Tools tab, click Remote Control and select the target computer.
  • Here, choose the Connect option to initiate a remote session. You'll also be able to choose other options, such as, text chat, etc.. Furthermore, you can switch to the Tools tab to take advantage of the System Manager tools like, Device Manager, Task Manager, etc..

Cross-Platform Support

Any third-party remote control software should support seamless remote connectivity between devices running on different operating systems. This is especially helpful in increasing the productivity of creatives as more often than not, they require collaboration. Furthermore, cross-platform compatibility reduces the need for physical presence. Using Remote Access Plus, you can take remote control of a device that is running on Windows, Mac or even Linux operating systems, such as, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, etc..

Frequently Asked Questions - Remote Control Software

What is Remote Control software?

As outlined earlier, a Remote Control software allows a user to take control of a remote device, that is, the user can create, edit or modify files, look into device manager, etc., and fix issues. This provides a superior support experience to the end user.

How does a Remote Control PC software work?

Say you're a technician and you're going to access a target end-user's computer remotely (Assuming all the client and server applications have been installed properly). Then, your computer establishes a remote connection to the end-user. The end-user accepts the remote control request. After that, inputs from your machine (the server machine) is transferred to the client machine and an intended task is performed. This is the framework upon which a remote control PC software works. The specific elements, such as, the protocol used and the locus of control establishment, differ from software to software.

Why do you need a Remote Control Software?

Remote Control software, as the very term implies, enables IT technicians to establish a connection between their computer and a target computer and allows them to take control of the device so as to fix a particular issue. Having a dedicated third-party software provides a better IT support solution to the end user, enriching their experience.

What are the benefits of a Remote Control PC software?

  • Troubleshoot and fix issues in a remote computer from anywhere in the world
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Platform independent seamless connectivity
  • Better remote collaboration
  • Saving precious time and energy of employees by eliminating commuting