Managing users in Remote Access Plus

As an administrator, many a times you would have felt mundane routines spill over crucial attention-seeking jobs of your network. Remote Access Plus answers this concern through its User & Role Management module by letting you delegate your routine activities to chosen users with well-defined permission levels. You can easily administer the users, and define their scope to manage a specific set of computers.

Navigation: Admin tab -> Under Global Settings -> User Administration.

Role Management

Some of the most commonly used Roles are specified as predefined roles. However, you also have the flexibility to define roles that best suit your requirements under the user-defined roles and grant appropriate permissions.  

User Defined Role

You can tailor-make any number of roles, using Remote Access Plus and give them permissions of your choice based on your personalized needs. These customized roles fall under the User-defined category. For a better understanding, let us quickly see how to create a User-defined Role in the following section.

  1. Navigate to Admin tab -> User Administration -> Role -> Add Role.
  2. Specify the name of the role and a small description.
  3. Define the module-wise permission levels you wish to grant for the specified user where,
    • Full Control : Lets the user to perform all the operations like an admin for the specified module.
    • Write : Lets the user to perform all operations with defined restrictions.
    • Read : Lets the user to only view the details on the module.
    • No Access : Hides the module from the user.
Note : The role you have created will now be available in the roles list in the User tab. Role deletion cannot be performed if that role is associated even with a single user. However, You can modify the permission levels for all the user-defined roles.

Predefined Roles

  1. Administrator : Can exhibit full control over all the modules.
  2. Guest : Has read only permission on all the modules. A user who is associated to the Guest Role, will have the privilege to view various information about different modules, although making changes is strictly prohibited.
  3. Remote Desktop Viewer : Has the privilege only to remotely control the computers. Other options will be hidden.
  4. Technician : Will be restricted from adding/removing computers, other admin operations and establishing remote control. Can perform Wake on LAN, system management operations etc.,