How to get started?

  1. Remotely connect to your AWS instance.
  2. Start the Remote Access Plus Server by using the Remote Access Plus shortcut from the desktop.
  3. After starting, you can access the Remote Access Plus web console using the public DNS address: http://<public DNS address/public IP>:8020
Note :
  1. Your "Public DNS Address" changes when the instance is stopped or terminated.
  2. Remote Access Plus works based on Client-server model, it is recommended to use an elastic IP address to ensure seamless agent-server communication. Refer here for more info on elastic IP address

How can Remote Access Plus help me resolve issues?

  1. Advanced remote desktop sharing to troubleshoot Windows, Mac and Linux computers.
  2. Multi-monitor support, user confirmation, ability to record remote sessions and more.
  3. Voice, video and text chat support for seamless communication with end-users.
  4. Wake on LAN and remote shutdown options to manage and cut-down production costs.
  5. Over 10 handy diagnostic tools including remote command prompt, registry, file manager, event viewer and more.
  6. Audit-ready and real time reports.

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