Remote Device Manager

Remote Device Manager lets technicians access the Windows Device Manager of a target device from a central location. This allows for remote and faster resolution of issues, such as, updating the driver, manage printers and the like. Remote Access Plus Device Manager is designed with the ability to remotely manage hardware devices installed in any computer in your network.

Remote Device Manager

Capabilities of Remote Access Plus' Remote Device Manager

Manage devices and drivers

  1. Get complete details on the devices attached and drivers installed in any remote computer.
  2. Enable/Disable drivers.

Manage Printers and Shares

  1. Obtain the list of all the printers configured in any computer in your network.
  2. Get the list of files and folders shared across the network and restrict a file from being shared.
  3. Determine and configure the maximum number of users who could access the shared file/folder at a given instance.
  4. Get complete details on the end-users accessing a shared file or older such as the user name, computer name, IP address, the privilege with which they are accessing the file (Read, Write or Full) and the other files accessed by the same user.

Remote Device Manager Windows 10

Manage Users and groups

  1. Capture the list of all users associated with any computer in your network including the information on the user name, account type, domain information and more.
  2. View the local groups created during OS installation and also the once created by the end-user.
  3. Create/delete groups and also add/remove group members.
  4. Export all the above details as reports.

 Remote Device Manager Tool

Manage Software

Explore the list of all software installed in any network machine and get to uninstall software remotely from computers in just clicks.

What is remote device manager

How to remotely connect to a device manager?

Remote Access Plus will let you access device manager of a managed computer without initiating a remote session. Follow the below steps:

  1. Open your Remote Access Plus web console.
  2. In home page search for the computer whose device manager you wish to access.
  3. Hover over the computer name and click on System Manager.
  4. List of options will be displayed, click on Device Manager.
  5. A new windows will open and the device manager of respective computer will be displayed.

Alternate Method:

  1. Open your Remote Access Plus web console.
  2. Navigate to Tools -> System Manager.
  3. List of managed computers will be displayed. Now click on Manage button under Actions column corresponding to the required computer.
  4. List of options will be displayed, click on Device Manager.
  5. A new windows will open and the device manager of respective computer will be displayed.

Remote Device Management

FAQs about Remote Device Manager

What is remote device manager?

Device manager is an application that holds complete overview of hardware coupled with a computer. A remote device manager will let you access a device manager of a remote computer without remotely accessing the desktop.

Why do you need a remote device manager?

IT environment is dumped with endless computers and laptops. It can be a handful for an administrator to manage the hardware in every endpoint. A remote device manager will simplify the task by giving access to device manager of all the endpoints from a single console.

How does remote device manager work?

From Windows device manager you will be able to view all the hardware details in your computer. When you invoke device manager of particular device, the hardware details will be fetched and displayed on your console.

Benefits of remote device manager

  • Streamline the process of managing enterprise computer hardware from a unified console.
  • Within minutes you can have extensive access to all the internal and external drivers available in the endpoints.
  • Enable and disable hardware and drivers in one tap.
  • Access device manager of any managed Windows computer from remote location.