Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Windows Remote Desktop is a simple process using which, as the very term implies, technicians remotely access a Windows device and perform a certain task, usually troubleshooting those devices. Windows has always been the Operating system for business for its affordability, ease of setup, maintenance and support. Operating systems have to be deployed, maintained, monitored, and patched. Microsoft Windows has all the infrastructures to do the trick across computers, irrespective of their range be them - 50, 500 or 50,000.

When it comes to supporting computers in an enterprise, technicians might have to resolve issues of endusers irrespective of their geographic locations to ensure productivity. This is where Windows remote desktop connection comes handy. Microsoft Windows (Windows Remote Desktop Connection) comes with the remote desktop services that can be used to remotely access and retrieve information from one computer to another computer around the globe.

How Windows remote desktop services work?

Windows remote desktop connection also known as terminal service runs using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) - a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft. The RDP servers and the remote desktop service software are built-in the Windows computers. The client computer initiates communication with the host using the Windows RDP server and the RDP server provides the graphical interface over a network connection while remote desktop service is the software running on RDP.

Features offered in Remote Access Plus's Windows 10 Remote Desktop

Remote Access Plus comes with a next-gen remote desktop sharing and a set of over 12 diagnostic tools that can be used to access and troubleshoot Windows, Mac, and Linux computers from a single screen.

Remote desktop connection

Remote Access Plus - remote desktop connection lets you connect to any computer across the globe and also is built with quick-launch tools, ability to switch between multiple monitors, record remote sessions for auditing purposes, disable end-user inputs to refrain them from interrupting the troubleshooting routines, automatic log-off settings for security, and more

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Wake on LAN

With Remote Access Plus, you can instantly wake computers that belong to same and different subnets. You can even have a wake on LAN scheduled as a task to automatically wake your computers while troubleshooting and productive hours.

Remote shutdown

Remote Access Plus lets you get the list of computers that are live with no active users and turn them down. You can turn-off computers in-bulk and also have a task scheduled to turn down inactive computers after productive hours.

Voice, video and text chat

The one trick to troubleshoot computers right away is to get to the root of the issue. Remote Access Plus comes with voice, video and text chat support to let you communicate with the end-user and understand the complete background information on the problem.

Diagnostic tool kit to troubleshoot without impacting productivity

Initiating remote sessions for resolving issues might have a huge impact on end-users' productivity. Remote Access Plus comes packed with over 12 diagnostic tools including, command prompt, task manager, event viewer, registry, device manager, file manager, and more to troubleshoot computers without initiating remote sessions.

How to set up remote desktop on Windows 10 using Remote Access Plus?

If you are opting for Remot Access Plus on-premise you should download and install the server. If you're choice is Remote Access Plus, then all you need to do is sign up for a server. The next step is to install agents in the client (target) machines. Using the Remote Access Plus server you can take remote control of any machine that has the associated Remote Access Plus agent in it. Once these steps are done, please follow these steps to take remote control of any client machine:

  • In the Home tab, you can search for the computer's name or directly select it from the drop-down list.
  • Once the target computer's name is listed, hover over it and select the Connect option.

You have successfully initiated remote control with the target computer using Remote Access Plus!

Frequently asked questions on Windows 10 remote desktop

What is Windows Remote Desktop?

Remote Desktop involves accessing and performing operations on a device that is located somewhere away from the IT technician. If you're taking a Remote Desktop using Windows OS, then it's referred as Windows Remote Desktop. Note: To take Remote Control directly using Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), you nust be running either Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise. The Windows 10 Home edition does not support RDP.

Is Windows Remote Desktop Connection free?

If you're using the standard RDP in Windows 10, then yes, it is free. Holistic Remote Support software - Remote Access Plus is available in free edition too!

Is Windows Remote Desktop Connection secure?

The Windows Remote Desktop Connection is usually established over an encrypted channel. However, RDP has also been vulnerable previously. So, ensure that your organization is well fortified with VPN and firewall to enhance security.

How to access other PCs remotely from my Windows?

You can effortlessly access and control remote PCs from your Windows 10 computer using Remote Access Plus in a few clicks. Please follow these steps:

  • Login to Remote Access Plus.
  • Select the target PC from the drop-down list or search for it.
  • Once the target PC's name is displayed, hover over it. A list of options will be displayed.
  • Please select Connect and you can directly view and control the target computer.

Which Windows OS does Remote Access Plus support?

Using Remote Access Plus, Windows Remote Desktop Connection can be established for the following Windows OS : 

Windows OS Windows Server OS
Windows 10 Windows server 2016
Windows 8.1 Windows server 2012 R2
Windows 8 Windows server 2012
Windows 7 Windows server 2008 R2
Windows Vista Windows server 2008