Configure helpdesk integration

RMM Central lets you integrate with your helpdesk seamlessly using which, end users can raise requests effortlessly using single sign-on functionality. This integration empowers end users to attach an image or a video, and raise requests using predefined templates. Such a process in place will streamline the overwhelming helpdesk requests for IT technicians. Additionally, learn how to get the " From email address" when the email is sent from the agent tray icon.

Steps to integrate

  1. Navigate to Admin tab > UEM > Integrations > Help Desk settings. Tick the checkbox to enable helpdesk settings.
  2. Under Mailing options section, specify the "To email address" of the help desk and the "From email domain", which will be used when emails are sent from the agent tray icon.

    In case of integration with ServiceDesk Plus, the tickets are posted directly to SDP and the "To Email Address" will be removed from the settings.

  3. Enter the subject prefix for the mail; this will be prefixed to all the tickets that has been created from the agent tray icon.

    Did you know? Providing a prefix to the subject will help IT helpdesk technicians in automating ticket assignment based on the prefix which in turn will streamline and stabilize the inflow of helpdesk requests.

  4. Under the Attachment options section, you will be able to enable standardized image types for screenshots.
  5. Enable any of the given video recording option, to capture issues in video format. The video recording time will vary based on your screen resolution and rapid screen changes.
    1. Save video in server and send link: Enabling this option will save video in the server and the video download link would be sent to the IT helpdesk. Also, specify the number of days to retain the video files in the RMM Central server. Beyond this stipulated time period, the files will be deleted automatically.
    2. Send as attachment: Enabling this option will send the video as an attachment to the helpdesk request. In addition to this, specify the maximum attachment size that's supported by your configured mail server. If the video exceeds the configured attachment size, the recording will not be proceeded. At this stage, you can either send whatever is recorded or discard it completely.
  6. If you have enabled the options for attachment, it is recommended to inform the users that no private data will be shared, as the attachment might include end users' private data.
  7. Click OK to save the configured settings.

Raise requests from agent tray icon: When you choose to integrate with your helpdesk, the end users will have an additional menu as "Send Request to Help Desk" in the agent tray that is shown in the system tray of the managed computers. It may be noted that the agent tray settings should have been configured by the administrator to get this working.

Customization of a helpdesk request

RMM Central has a set of predefined request templates that will be available under Admin > Integrations > Help Desk settings > Tickets. The administrators have an option to modify the subject and messages to cater their requirements. This will help them in automating ticket assignment or channelizing helpdesk requests based on the mail subject. To add or modify a ticket, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Integrations > Help Desk settings > Tickets. This will list all the available predefined ticket templates.
  2. Select Add Ticket to add a new template or select a template and click Edit to modify.
  3. Specify the template's subject and message, and click OK. The templates specified here will appear on the end user's machine when they raise a request from product's agent tray.

How do we obtain the "From email address", when an email is sent from the agent tray icon?

Active directory based setup:

RMM Central will use the default email address of the user, which is associated with the username from active directory. If no email address is mapped for the user, then the "From email address" will be formed using the  "From email domain" that would have been specified by the administrator. RMM Central will use this Windows network domain name if "From email domain" is not specified. When an email is sent from the agent tray icon, the logged on user's  "active directory username" will be prefixed to the network domain name to form the "From email address". You can also choose to allow the users to modify the "From email address", when a mail is sent from the agent tray icon.

For example,
Windows domain is ""
Active directory user name is "abc-123"
Email domain is ""

When "From email domain is filled, then the sender's email address will be

When "From email domain" is not filled, then the sender's email address will be

Workgroup based setup:

When an email is sent from the agent tray icon, the email domain which is associated with the workgroup will be prefilled, and the logged on username will be prefixed to the domain name to form the "From email address". If this email address cannot be used to send emails, then the user will have the choice to modify the "From email address". It is recommended to enable the settings which allows the users to modify the "From email address".