Understanding the Client UI

RMM Central client presents complex desktop management information to administrators in a clear, well organized, and easily understandable manner. The Client is a multi-pane interface with tabs and quick links on the top pane, tab-specific links on the left pane, and object-specific views on the right pane. The home page looks similar to the one shown below:

RMM Central


Tabbed Pane

Tabs provide easier navigation between various modules/features of RMM Central. Each tab represent a specific module/feature in Endpoint Central MSP. The content of the left pane varies depending on the tab selected. The following are the tabs present in the product:

  • Home: The home tab provides a quick summary of the configurations defined in the form of charts. Apart from the configuration summary, it also provides Inventory summary and the health/patch status of the network.
  • Configurations: The configurations tab provides the core functions of the product. It has links to define configurations and collections and view the defined configurations based on the type and status.
  • Patch Mgmt: This provides the details of the available and missing patch details along with options to install them.
  • Software Deployment: Provides options to create MSI and EXE package repository, which can then be used to deploy software to the windows machines in the network.
  • Inventory: Provides the details of the software and hardware inventory of the network. It allows you to manage software licenses and prohibited software.
  • Tools: The Tools tab provides ability to share a remote desktop and control it through a Web browser. You can also schedule a task to run various system tools like Disk Defrag, Check Disk, and Disk Cleanup on different machines in the network.
  • Reports: The reports tab provides a comprehensive reports of the defined configurations based on users, computers, and type. It also provides ready-made reports of the Active Directory components. For more details about the available reports, refer to Viewing Reports topic.
  • Admin: The admin tab helps you to customize the product to your environment. It helps you to define the scope of management, manage inactive users in your domain, manage MSI/EXE files and scripts, apart from other personalization options. For further details, refer to the Configuring RMM Central section.
  • Support: The support tab helps you to reach us for your needs, such as getting technical support, requesting new features, participating in user discussions, and so on. It also provides self-diagnostic details about the product.

Apart from the tabs, it also has the following links on the top right corner:

  • Contact Us: To reach us to support, feedback, sending logs, joining web conference to troubleshooting, etc.
  • Personalize: To customize the skin, password, and session expiry time.
  • License: To upgrade to the licensed version of the software and to view the license details.
  • About Us: To view the product version details.
  • Help: To view the product help documentation.
  • Sign Out: To sign out the client.

Quick Links

Quick links enables you to navigate to the frequently used pages instantly.

Left Pane

The navigation links in left pane enables navigation across the various features in the tab. The left-side navigation links changes dynamically according to the tab selected.

Content Pane

The content pane displays the specific view of the currently selected item from the tabbed pane, quick links or the left pane.