Changing RMM Central Server's Name/IP/Port Details in Agent


Agents not communicating with the server after migration.


The new server details like FQDN, IP, Port numbers are not available with the agent.


Changing the following details in the RMM Central Agents:

  • The Name or the IP Address of the RMM Central Server
  • The HTTP and HTTPS ports that are used by the RMM Central Agents to communicate with the Server
  • The mode of the communication as HTTP or HTTPS

To change the values, either a GPO or a cscript can be used. This page explains about using cscript/commands to achieve the same.


  1. For Windows - Download the configureDesktopAgentServerCommunication.txt and rename it to configureDesktopAgentServerCommunication.vbs.
    For Mac - Download the configureDesktopAgentServerCommunication_mac.txt and rename it to
    For Linux - Download the configureDesktopAgentServerCommunication_linux.txt and rename it to
  2. Copy the script to the client computers where the agent is installed.
  3. Open a command prompt/terminal.
  4. To execute the script for Mac & Linux agents, add executable permission by running the command 'chmod +x'
  5. Execute the command given below:

    For Windows - cscript configureDesktopAgentServerCommunication.vbs <DCServerName> <DCServer IP Address> <DCServer HTTP Port> <DCServer HTTPS Port> <DCServerAgent Comm Protocol>

    Example: cscript configureDesktopAgentServerCommunication.vbs 8090 8091 http

    For Mac - sudo ./ <DCServerName> <DCServer IP Address> <DCServer HTTP Port> <DCServer HTTPS Port> <DCServerAgent Comm Protocol>

    Example: sudo ./ 8090 8091 http

    For Linux - sudo ./ <server_name> <server_ip> <http_port> <'http'/'https'> 

    Example - sudo ./ 8090 http

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