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Licensing entity

Pricing (billed annually)

Up to 25 users $10 per user / year
Up to 100 users $9.60 per user / year
Up to 500 users $9 per user / year
Up to 1000 users $7.50 per user / year
Up to 5000 users $6 per user / year
More than 5000 users Please reach out to our sales team at

Note: You can use up to five users after the free trial expires.

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Licensing model

We offer a subscription-based licensing model for your SaaS management software, with these added advantages:

  • Free trial without a credit card
  • Competitive pricing


The following features are provided in SaaS Manager Plus for all pricing tiers.


Discover all of the SaaS subscriptions used in your organization through different options within minutes.

Vendor management

Access detailed information about your SaaS vendors, subscriptions, and ownership details. Add vendors, licenses, and invoices in just a few clicks.

Vendor search

Search, sort, and delete vendors with ease.

User roles

Define user roles and permissions for better access control.

User management

Assign SaaS applications to users and invite users from various apps for better user tracking.

Okta integration

Integrate with Okta using single sign-on authentication to discover applications and users.

Seamless app integrations

Integrate with 23 applications right out of the box.

Accounting software integration

Connect with accounting software and expense tools, like Zoho Books, QuickBooks, and Zoho Expense.


Monitor spending trends, user adoption, and application usage to identify areas for optimization.

Export reports

Export various reports with password protection for better collaboration.

Email invoice extraction

Synchronize invoices and streamline communication with mail server settings.

Expiry notifications

Customize license expiry notifications and get timely updates to your mailbox.