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Makes SharePoint Management and Auditing Easy
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    Manage. Audit. Secure.
    On-premise & Office 365 SharePoint Servers
    Ensure Seamless Information Collaboration
    • Complete Infrastructure Visibility
    • Component Level Change Auditing
    • Permission Change & Security Auditing
    • Reports for Content & Storage Management
    • Office 365 Server Management
    • Archive Audit Log Data
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    Making SharePoint
    management easy
    A single console control to monitor and
    manage SharePoint groups and permissions.
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SharePoint Management and Auditing Solution

SharePoint platform provides easy hosting and collaboration of business data both online and on premise. The flexibility and the ease of use made companies to adopt SharePoint rapidly to host their business data. However the high level of collaboration and dynamic nature of the content pose challenges to SharePoint administrators in managing and auditing the SharePoint servers. Every SharePoint administrators need for the hour is a comprehensive tool that can monitor, analyze and audit their multiple SharePoint deployments from a central console.

ManageEngine SharePoint Manager Plus is a tool that does all these and more. It helps you to manage, audit, report on both the on-premise and Office 365 SharePoint environments. It also allows you to monitor, track and analyze all the activities on your SharePoint infrastructure which facilitates informed, timely and accurate decision making and management.

What SharePoint Manager Plus can do?

Infrastructure Visibility

Get detailed hierarchical architecture view of your on-premise and Office 365 components with 'Explorer' option. Know about the properties and security attributes associated with the component.

SharePoint Management

Manage SharePoint groups and permissions of both on-premise and O365 SharePoint structures from a single console, at ease. Seamlessly grant or revoke permissions, create or delete groups, move or copy users across groups, and do much more.

Office 365 Management

Ensure seamless collaboration by effectively managing your online SharePoint server with SharePoint Manager Plus' out-of-the-box Office 365 reports. Get detailed and categorized information on site collections, sites, lists, document libraries, groups, users, permissions of your Office 365 server.

SharePoint Security and Auditing

SharePoint Manager Plus ensures security of on-premise servers by auditing component changes viz., critical changes to document libraries, lists & list items, and security level changes such as permission changes and changes to groups.

SharePoint Storage Management

Gain granular visibility into SharePoint inventories and storage spaces with out-of-the-box reports on content databases, site storage status, list and document libraries storage status, and more. Get detailed statistics reports for farms, content databases, web applications, and site collections.

Audit Log Archival

With SharePoint Manager Plus, archive the audit log data from the on-premise servers. The solution helps you to store the log data for customized time period and it also allows you restore archived log data for forensic analysis.

Why SharePoint Manager Plus?


No Server Side Installation

SharePoint Manager Plus is an agentless solution that doesn't require any installation on server side for analyzing and auditing SharePoint server data.


Supports both On-Premise and Office 365 Environment

The solution supports both on-premise and online SharePoint servers. SharePoint Manager Plus supports SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365.


Easy SharePoint Auditing

SharePoint Manager Plus provides detailed out-of-the-box reports on security level and component level changes which helps you to ensure server security and make SharePoint auditing easier than ever before.


Infrastructure Visibility

SharePoint Manager Plus allows to view the hierarchical architecture of your servers (both online and on-premise servers) using its simple yet detailed 'Explorer' option.


Effortless SharePoint Management

SharePoint Manager Plus provides a single console to carry out critical management tasks (grant & revoke permissions, create or delete groups and more) for hybrid environments. With its exhaustive out-of-the-box reports, the solution helps you to manage SharePoint server's storage space, content hosted on the server, track critical permission changes happening on servers and more.


Secured Audit Log Data Archival

SharePoint Manager Plus helps administrators to meet the compliance requirement that outlines audit log data archival for forensic analysis. The solution provides an option to archive audit log data securely for flexible time period. It also provides an option to restore the archived log data at any point of time to generate reports and alerts out of it for easy forensic analysis.

Editions Comparison

Trial Edition

Free for 30 days

  • All features of Professional Edition will be available during the trial period (30 days).
  • You can manage, audit, and monitor, - 3 farms or Office365 configuration - Unlimited site collections.
  • After the trial period, you can only view the collected data and generate reports from it.
  • To continuously collect, monitor, and manage data from SharePoint servers, migrate to Standard or Professional Edition.
Standard Edition

Starts at $795

  • 50+ prebuilt reports for on-premise and Office365 servers that help in managing, monitoring, and auditing.
  • 70+ audit reports for on-premise and Office365 SharePoint servers.
  • Schedule and create custom reports.
  • Get in-depth visibility into hybrid SharePoint architecture with 'Explorer' option.
  • Receive instant email notifications.
  • Archive audit log data for custom time period.
Professional Edition

Starts at $995

  • Includes all features of Standard Edition.
  • Offers capability to manage SharePoint permissions, groups, and users.
  • View operational logs for auditing purposes.
  • Manage site collection administrator accounts at ease.

Supported SharePoint Platforms

A single pane of glass for complete SharePoint management and auditing solution
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