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SharePoint Usage Analytics

One of SharePoint's many features is an intranet platform to share content within organizations. But the key to harnessing its full power lies in understanding the intricacies of its users and their behavior.

SharePoint Manager Plus offers you insight on user engagement with detailed reports on traffic and searches. This information lets you assess productivity levels and consequently set goals for improvement.

Piece together your data puzzle

SharePoint Manager Plus collects all individual user actions in reports. You can save this data and even filter further so you can quickly and easily find what you need.

Search reports

Sharepoint web analytics reports

  • Display a list of users' most popular search keywords.
  • View the frequency of specific object searches for each user.

Traffic reports

  • Trend reports
    1. Site Collection Web Analytics: View site collections based on the total number of page views and unique visitors.
    2. Site Web Analytics: Display each site's view and unique visitor counts.
  • Rank reports
    1. Top Sites: View sites ranked by hits.
    2. Top Pages: Display the most popular pages based on page views and unique visitors.

Analyze user engagement, identify trends and gain insights on SharePoint site traffic and site searches

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