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About ADManager Plus

Installing & configuring ADManager Plus

  • Installing and configuring ADManager Plus and describing its purpose.
  • Minimum hardware requirements.
  • Free ports for ADManager Plus to use.
  • Supported browsers.
  • Starting as Windows Service.

Template and CSV-based advanced AD user provisioning techniques

  • Create AD user accounts in bulk using the data in a CSV file.
  • Create users in specific OUs, with the desired group membership via CSV-import.
  • Populate users' custom attributes by fetching values specified in a CSV file.
  • Provision AD, Exchange & O365 accounts from a single window.
  • Standardize the naming formats used for users across the organization.
  • Make organization-specific attributes mandatory, without extending the AD schema.
  • Detect & handle forest-wide duplicates, while provisioning user accounts.

Streamline management of AD users, Office 365 licenses, & Exchange mailboxes

  • Enforce uniform naming formats, update users' primary & secondary SMTP addresses while merging domains.
  • Auto-update users' group membership whenever their departments are changed.
  • Move users' home folders while decommissioning file servers.
  • Identify and free up the licenses of inactive O365 users for efficient license management.
  • Migrate Exchange mailboxes in bulk, after upgrading the Exchange server.
  • Archive Exchange mailboxes of disabled Active Directory user accounts.

OU/role-based AD delegation and help desk business workflow for AD operations

  • Enforce attribute-level restrictions for error-free account creation/modification, as per organizational policies.
  • Create a user management console for HR executives/branch heads to create & manage their team's accounts.
  • Restrict the administrators of a location (OU) from modifying accounts of other locations (OUs).
  • Ticket-based execution of AD tasks with multi-level workflow.
  • Approval-based group subscription for enhanced security.
  • Auto-assign tickets to the right technicians & track their progress via email.

PowerShell-free AD reporting; efficient AD accounts, group membership, and NTFS permissions management

  • Identify the logon permissions granted to inappropriate users on DCs/file servers.
  • Force organization-wide user password reset; for example, immediately after a brute force attack or updates to password policy.
  • Report on, and manage your organization’s custom AD attributes.
  • Find and remove inappropriate/excessive permissions vested on users.
  • Find help desk groups that are linked to admin groups iteratively.
  • Identify and restrict users who have inappropriate access to business-critical data.

Automate critical AD tasks, configure iOS/Android apps, and gain troubleshooting experience

  • Auto-provision user accounts as per the new joiners' details given by HR executives.
  • Trace, quarantine, and clean up stale accounts from Active Directory.
  • Provide temporary access for users to business data, by modifying their group membership.
  • Perform important AD tasks ‘on-the-move’ using ADManager Plus mobile apps.
  • Troubleshoot Exchange mailbox/Lync account creation issues in ADManager Plus.
  • Ensure accuracy in multi DC (domain controller) reports of ADManager Plus.

Exhaustive search for permissions & objects

  • ACEs search.
  • Search users, groups, and computers.


  • Backup and restoration.
  • Upgrade process.
  • Support process.

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