• ManageEngine Certification

About ADSelfService Plus

Installing & configuring ADSelfService Plus

  • System requirements
  • Free ports for ADSelfService Plus to use
  • Installing ADSelfService Plus
  • Starting as a Windows service
  • Domain Settings
  • Permissions required for each self-service action

Enabling self-service features for end users through self-service policy configuration

  • OU/group-based configuration of self-service features
  • Self-service policy advanced settings

Securing password reset and account unlock processes through multi-factor authentication

  • Duo Security
  • RSA SecurID
  • RADIUS Authentication
  • Google Authentication
  • Email and SMS-based verification codes
  • Security questions and answers

Enrolling users for self-service password reset and account unlock

  • Automatically enrolling users by importing enrollment data from a CSV file or from an in-house HR system or database
  • Sending enrollment reminders via email and push notifications
  • Forcing users to enroll using logon script

Password reset and account unlock from Windows/Mac logon screen

  • Installing the logon client software
  • Customizing the logon client software
  • Automating installation and customization of logon client software on newly added computers
  • Let remote users reset cached credentials over VPN

Password expiration notification

  • Send password and account expiration notifications via email, SMS, or push notification
  • Increase notification frequency as the expiration date nears
  • Send notification summary reports to administrators and managers

Granular password policies for different users in the same AD domain

  • Use self-service policies to enforce OU and group-based password policies
  • Customizing the password policy rules
  • Customizing the password policy messages displayed to end users

Automatically sync passwords between Active Directory, and other IT systems and cloud applications

  • Cloud apps: Office 365 / Azure AD, G Suite, Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, MS Dynamics CRM
  • On-premises servers: IBM i Series, HP UX, Oracle Database, Oracle E-Business Suite, AD LDS, OpenLDAP

Password sync agent configuration for real-time password sync and password change notifications

Mobile Apps

  • Accessing self-service features from mobile app
  • Customizing the features available to end users in mobile app
  • Configuring mobile app with ADSelfService Plus server settings
  • Automatically deploy mobile apps to end users' devices from ADSelfService Plus

Self-directory update, employee search and mail group subscription configuration

  • Choose the attributes that users can update and make them mandatory or read-only
  • Choose the attributes to store photos
  • Set up modification rules to auto populate attribute values based on other attributes
  • Choose search criteria and the information that will be displayed as search result
  • Enable organization chart and configure advanced search settings
  • Embed employee search box in any website of your choice
  • Allow users to subscribe to or unsubscribe from mail groups of their choice

Active Directory-based single sign-on (SSO) for cloud applications

Logon Settings and customization

  • Restricting access to the admin portal of ADSelfService Plus
  • Enable NTLMv2 SSO for logging into ADSelfService Plus
  • Using any unique AD attribute for login
  • Set up two-factor authentication for end users logging into ADSelfService Plus
  • Rebranding and personalizing ADSelfService Plus

License management

  • Restricting inactive, disabled, account expired and other users to free up license
  • Setting up schedulers to automatically restrict or unrestrict users


  • Track locked out users, soon-to-expire password users, and password expired users
  • Track enrollment status of users, licensed users, security questions details and devices registered for push notifications
  • Track all activities by end users, technicians, and also notification delivery status
  • Customize, export, and schedule reports


  • Defining users as technicians and delegating ADSelfService Plus administration to them
  • Synchronize with AD at scheduled intervals to update object details
  • Set up site-based DC for updating self-service operations on select DCs
  • Accessing ADSelfService Plus from OWA, SharePoint, and Citrix Web Interface
  • Integration with ADManager Plus, ServiceDesk Plus, and AD360


  • Update process - applying service packs
  • Automatic backup and restoration of built-in database
  • Migrating the built-in database from PostgreSQL to MS SQL or MySQL
  • SSL implementation
  • License expiration notifications and usage details
  • Support process

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