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Applications Manager Training

About Applications Manager

This training is designed to equip users with the knowledge to work with Applications Manager. In this training, you will learn about the best practices that helps you get started with Applications Manager.

The duration of the course is two days, with a seven-hour session each day and can be extended subject to consultation and implementation needs if any.

Course Agenda


Applications Management Plan

  • Inventory by application type
  • Resources to be monitored
  • Protocol to be used for monitoring

Set up monitoring for your resources

  • Creating New Monitors for various applications
  • Ports to be opened in a secure environment
  • View performance details of the application

Setting up monitoring for custom applications

  • Monitoring Protocols supported
  • Determining Availability
  • Monitoring additional parameters

View and export reports

  • SLA Dashboards for Availability
  • Top N Reports
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Generating custom reports


  • Backup and Restoration Applications Manager
  • Upgrade Process
  • Support Process

Deploying Enterprise Edition

  • Installing and Starting Admin instance
  • Installing and Starting Managed instance
  • Configuring ports for Applications Manager in firewall

Installing Applications Manager

  • Supported OS
  • Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • Supported Browsers
  • Installation procedure
  • Free ports for Applications Manager to use
  • Starting as Windows Service

Configure Threshold and Actions

  • Creating and associating Threshold
  • Creating and associating various types of Actions
  • Bulk configuration of Alerts

Creating and managing Monitor Groups

  • Creating Monitor Groups and Sub Groups
  • Associating monitors to groups
  • Configuring alerts for groups

Administrative options

  • Global Settings
  • Configuring retries
  • Configuring Alert Escalations
  • Scheduling Monitor Downtime
  • Configuring Trap Listener
  • Integration with ServiceDesk Plus
  • Integration in to Enterprise Portal
  • Creating Users and Defining Scope

Applications Manager Enterprise Edition

Applications Manager Enterprise Edition Architecture

  • Need for Distribution
  • Advantages of Agent-less Distributed Architecture

Monitoring Distributed Customer

  • Creating monitors
  • Alerting and Reports
  • Support


  • Mistakes that can be averted
  • Tips to Troubleshoot
  • Useful Links

Course Objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to :

  • Install Applications Manager
  • Set up monitoring for your resources
  • Configure Threshold and Actions
  • Set up monitoring for your custom applications
  • Create and manage Monitor Groups
  • View and export Reports
  • Use administrative options

Who Should Attend

If you are an IT Manager, System Administrator, or an Operator going to deploy Applications Manager in your environment for monitoring. Basic knowledge about the applications or devices to be monitored by Applications Manager is required.

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