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Network Configuration Manager Training

About Network Configuration Manager

The primary objective of this course is to enable you to effectively manage the configurations of your network devices such as switches, routers, firewalls and others with ease using Network Configuration Manager.

The duration of the course is two days, with a seven-hour session each day and can be extended subject to consultation and implementation needs if any.

Course Agenda


  • Network Configuration Manager - Challenges
  • Network Configuration Manager - A Pragmatic Solution
  • What you can do with Network Configuration Manager
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Supported Device Models

Getting Started

  • Connecting Web-Interface
  • Arrangement of Web Interface

Performing Configuration Operations

  • Backing up configuration
  • Viewing Device Details
    • Hardware Details
    • Basic Device Properties
  • Viewing Device Configuration
  • Creating Baselines
  • Editing Configuration
  • Creating Drafts
  • Uploading Configuration
    • Uploading Full Device Configuration
    • Uploading Select Lines
    • Uploading a Snippet
    • Uploading Configuration to Multiple Devices
  • Comparing Configuration Versions

Setting up Change Detection

  • Detecting configuration changes
    • Real-time change detection
    • Scheduled Change detection
  • Capturing information on 'who changed' the configuration

Compliance Management

  • Defining Compliance Policies
  • Creating Compliance Rules
  • Running Compliance Check
  • Generating Compliance Reports

Audit & Reports

  • Operation Audit
    • Details captured by the trails
    • Viewing the audit records
  • Schedule Audit
  • Generating Reports
    • Network Reports
    • Configuration Reports
    • User Reports
    • Policy Compliance Reports
  • Reports in different formats

Setting up Disaster Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery Options
    • Backing up the device configuration files
    • Backing up the entire database
  • Restoring backed up data

Installation & Basic Settings

  • Supported OS
  • Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • Supported Browsers
  • Components of Network Configuration Manager
  • Installation Procedure
  • Installation as server startup service
  • Ports used by Network Configuration Manager
  • Mandatory Settings

Setting up Inventory

  • Ways of Adding Devices
    • Discovery
    • Manual Addition
    • Importing Devices
  • Providing Credentials
    • Choosing Protocols
    • Verifying Credentials
  • Creating Credential Profiles
  • Grouping Devices

Performing Actions on Devices

  • Executing 'show' commands
  • Launching telnet connection

Enabling Change Management

  • Managing Configuration Changes
  • Defining Change Management Rules
  • Notifications on configuration changes

Role-based Access Control

  • Defining roles for users
    • Administrator
    • Power User
    • Operator
  • Assigning Devices to Power Users & Operators
  • Configuration upload approval

Automating Configuration Tasks

  • Automation through scripts & templates
  • Creating Templates
  • Creating Scripts
  • Schedules
    • Creating scheduled tasks for
      • Configuration Backup
      • Report Generation and
      • Compliance Check
  • Audit of scheduled tasks
  • Managing Schedules

Miscellaneous Operations & Tools

  • Searching Devices
  • Searching Configuration
  • Exporting Configuration Files
  • Database Administration


  • Upgrade Process
  • Support Process


Troubleshooting Tips

Best Practices

Course Objectives

At the end of this course you will be able to optimally use Network Configuration Manager to:

  • Retrieve and maintain versions of all your device configurations
  • View, compare, edit and upload configurations from a centralized web-interfac
  • Monitor configuration changes in real-time and generate notifications
  • Prevent unauthorized changes and approve genuine changes
  • Define standard practices and policies and automatically examine configurations for compliance
  • Generate reports on compliance status
  • Automate all device configuration tasks
  • Get complete record of 'who', 'what' and 'when' of configuration changes

Who Should Attend

IT Managers looking to

  • reduce network outages occurring due to faulty configuration changes,
  • ensure that configurations comply to a defined set of standard practices, polices & Government regulations
  • automate device configuration tasks to reduce operation costs

Network Administrators / Engineers looking to

  • maintain versions of device configurations in a secure, centralized repository and manage them from a single interface
  • monitor configuration changes in real-time
  • automate time-consuming, repetitive configuration tasks
  • carry out configuration changes to large number of devices with precision and ease

Network Security Professionals looking to

  • ensure that their network devices remain perfectly secure
  • prevent unauthorized configuration changes
  • keep track of 'who', 'what' and 'when' of configuration changes
  • ensure that configurations comply to the security policies of the enterprise

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  • US : +1 888 720 9500
  • US : +1 800 443 6694
  • Intl : +1 925 924 9500
  • Aus : +1 800 631 268
  • UK : 0800 028 6590
  • CN : +86 400 660 8680