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Exchange Reporter Plus - Training

About Exchange Reporter Plus

This training will give you a clear picture about Exchange Reporter Plus and the best practices to follow when it comes to change auditing, monitoring, and analysing your Exchange Servers and Exchange Online environments.

Course Agenda

Getting started with Exchange Reporter Plus

  • Reviewing the system requirements checklist
  • Installation and configuration
  • Setting up data gathering tasks

Exchange components reporting and analysis.

  • Storage components reporting
    • Fetch Exchange mailbox size and growth statistics.
    • Identify inactive and orphaned mailboxes in your organization.
    • Find all the users who have permissions over specific mailboxes.
    • List the sizes of storage components (server, mailbox, & public folder databases) and track their growth trends over a period of time.
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA) & ActiveSync reporting
    • Find the reasons for OWA logon failure.
    • Identify stale ActiveSync enabled mobile devices.
  • Office 365 reporting
    • Monitor Office 365 mailbox sizes.
    • Report on Office 365 ActiveSync enabled mobile devices.
  • Others
    • Identify all the inactive distribution lists.
    • Locate emails based on keywords in their content.
    • Track the usage of room mailboxes.
    • Track the sizes of and permissions over public folders.

Real-time change auditing of Exchange components.

  • Receive instant alerts about non-owner mailbox logons.
  • Check users' access rights over mailbox folders.
  • Track storage quota changes of important organizational mailboxes.
  • Track changes to hub transport settings, connectors, and circular logging.
  • Audit changes to mailbox permissions such as send as and full access permissions.
  • Get real-time alerts when an Exchange database is mounted or dismounted.

Monitoring the health of your Exchange Servers and related components.

  • Monitor the health of Exchange services and client connectivity.
  • Get detailed information on email queues and mail flow.
  • Monitor storage components--database sizes and server volume.
  • List complete information about DAGs and database backups.
  • Fetch CPU and memory usage statistics.

Reporting on Exchange email traffic in real time.

  • Get statistics such as the number and size of all emails by sender and receiver.
  • View details about messages that were not delivered and the reasons for failure of delivery.
  • Track the response time taken by all mailbox users.
  • Track messages exchanged with external domains.


  • Migrating the built-in database to MS SQL.
  • License renewal
  • Installing updates
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Contacting the support team

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