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NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition Training

About NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition

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This training is designed to equip users with the knowledge to work with NetFlow Analyzer. In this training, you will learn about the best practices that helps you get started with NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition .

The duration of the course is two days, with a seven-hour session each day and can be extended subject to consultation and implementation needs if any.

Course Objectives Who Should Attend Course Agenda

Course Agenda


  • Overview of NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition
  • Installing Central Server and Collectors
  • Implementing a traffic analysis solution with NetFlow Analzyer
  • Backup and maintainane procedure

Installing Central Server and Collectors

  • Determining the network architecture and size
  • Assessing the likely flow rates in your network
  • Determining the number of collectors needed
  • Installing the Central Server - Know How
  • Installing the Collectors - Know How

Implementing a traffic analysis solution with NetFlow Analzyer

  • Troubleshooting
    • Drill down to the source of the incidents rapidly
    • Do faster troubleshooting with all the data needed readily available
  • Application performance tracking
    • Monitor the performance of the applications in your network
    • Ensure vital applications get the optimal bandwidth at all times
    • Categorization and reporting on custom applications
  • Network security
    • Track host-based and user-based network activity
    • Track application-wise and port-wise network activity
  • Efficient capacity planning
  • Department / Division based traffc analysis
    • Department / divisiton based traffic analysis
    • Advanced filtering available in IP groups
  • Proactive monitoring
    • Setting user defined thresholds
    • Automated report generation
  • Previlege based user access
    • Create user roles and assign appropriate access rights
    • Restrict access based on user role to ensure security

Data Storage, System Maintenance and Backup

  • Store aggregated flow data forever
  • Vital parametes to check in NetFlow Analyzer installation
  • Backup and restore procedures

Overview of NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition

  • NetFlow Analyzer overview
  • Benefits of NetFlow Analyzer
  • Features in NetFlow Analyzer



Other Training Agenda

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