Real-time collaboration

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Collaborate to resolve issues faster.

AlarmsOne integrates impeccably with team collaboration and help desk tools so you can share your alerts, raise tickets, and effectively discuss and resolve incidents.

Collaborate to resolve issues faster.

Say no to miscommunication.

Thanks to outbound integrations, you can automatically share your alerts with team collaboration tools such as Slack, Hipchat, and FlowDock. Consolidate all your discussions and decisions in one place to eliminate miscommunication.

Create tickets from alerts.

You can share your alarms with major help desk tools such as ServiceDesk Plus and Zendesk. Automatically log a ticket when an alarm is raised to enhance your workflow automation and service management.

Submit alerts as bugs.

Integrate AlarmsOne with project management tools like Atlassian Cloud, Zoho Projects, and Trello so you can submit an alert as a bug and track the follow-up actions to resolve an event.